A Home Tech Podcast Mention in the Wild!

You have to love it when out of the blue you show up on a top list of anything!  I was hoping for best looking, but the Home Tech podcast recently showed up on favorites list over at www.techandlife.com.  Mentioned with some other pretty good podcasts is our little project.  Jump over there and give the others a look.

The Tech and life blog has a very similar mission to this one.  When I started this blog in 2009, my purpose was to document all those little helps that I did when the average guy came to me with PC issues.  He writes:

I’m aiming this blog at the beginner or intermediate PC user, rather than the PC enthusiast, techie or geek. I’ll be blogging about PC tips and troubleshooting, my essential PC software and pointing out useful and interesting internet sites, blogs and services.

While in the last year I have moved away from the written blog and have moved more into the spoken content, we now call podcasting, the mission is still the same.  Help people with their technology issues.  Pure and simple. 

Thanks Tech and life for the mention and I look forward to following your blog in the future!