Virtual Private Servers, Toyota Tundra, HP MicroServers, and the Power of Social Media – HT053


Jim, Andrew and Christian are joined this week by Mike Howard from jpeg2RAW for this weeks’ installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

The show starts off, with Christian telling us about the trials and tribulations of hitting the limit of an unlimited web-hosting package, and the experience of choosing a new Virtual Private Server Provider (VPS), finally setting on Virpus, where he has even dealt with the CEO.

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Jim tells us about his Thanksgiving Turkey Post, about wrapping the turkey in bacon to retain the moisture within the turkey, and bring the flavor of bacon and turkey together!

GoogleThe guys move on to talk about the new Live features in Google Analytics, where you can see in real time traffic visiting your website.  If you have a website that receives a lot of traffic, this is an excellent way of determining where your traffic come from, and how it reaches your site, be it Twitter, Facebook or other social media sources.

imageMike gets the petrol heads amongst us drooling as he tells us about his new Toyota Tundra CrewMax TRD, and why he purchased the car, and the technology that is in the car, as well as some of the other technology that Toyota is putting into their new vehicles.  The guys go on to talk about some of the social behavior that is exhibited on the roads, and if changes in in-car technology would change the way some of us behave on the roads if the technology in our cars was more advanced.

Christian talks about some of the challenges with extracting a file with a .gz extension with 7-zip, when trying to extract a file that wasn’t compressed using 7-zip.  for those with similar issues, try WinRAR, as it may save your day!

Christians’ Deal of the Week is the Creative Labs Fatal1ty Gaming Headset from Tiger Direct for $29.99.  If these headphones live up the legacy of the Creative Labs products, they should be a great headset.

Jim talks about the latest bargain he picked up, being the HP ProLiant MicroServer N40L, sold in a Shell Shocker for $249, including 2 GB of RAM, and a 250 GB hard disk.  These little servers have a very low power consumption, and perfectly suited to running Windows Home Server.

Christians’ Tech Tip is WinCDEmu, a virtual drive mounting utility that lets you mount image files without having to burn to CD or DVD.

Andrew talks about enabling the new Google interface, by editing a cookie used by Google Chrome.  A quick modification if you want to enable the new look before it reaches you!

Mike talks about the power of social media, as he relates a good news story of a Camera Lost at Sea Returned with the Help of Social Networking.

The guys briefly discuss what they consider to be the most powerful social media platforms, being Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter

Mike tells us about the recent changes to Adobe’s upgrade policy, which means that only owners of the most current version of the Photoshop family will be able to upgrade to the new Creative Suite 6 when it is released.  The guys talk a bit about the cameras they use, and the editors and workflow management software they use for managing and processing their digital photographs.

For those of you who have a Facebook Page, and you don’t understand the data about your viewers, the Non Profit Facebook Guy explains how Insights works.

The guys close out the show, talking about the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and if they picked up any bargains, and what they have their eye on if it comes on sale.

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