CES 2012, Exercise Technology, Lightroom 4 Beta, Internet Addiction Disorder and the End of the Digital SLR – HT058

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1With everyone back on decent Internet connections, Jim, Andrew and Christian are joined this week by Mike Howard from jpeg2RAW.

After some updates from the guys, Dave McCabe, from the Home Server Show, joins the guys live from CES, and gives an update on the ioSafe demonstration, and the week at CES in general.

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Jim tells us about how he and Dave have produced a lot of videos from CES to put onto the Home Server Show, using Google Plus Hangouts and LiveStream.  The guys talk about their observations of CES 2012, and what they expect from CES in 2013.

imageAndrew talks about this New Years Resolution to lose some weight – 20kg (44 lbs), and how he intends to use technology to track progress.  Andrews’ tools of choice are the Couch to 5k Podcast, by Robert Ullray, a 9 week program that Andrew is going to team up with Run Keeper and the music player on his Android phone.  The Podcast walks you through an interval program, designed to get you from walking to running 5k in a 9 weeks.  Run Keeper lets you “geek out” your training regime, and gather some good statistics to show how your level of fitness should change throughout the 9 week journey and being able to run a 5k.  Andrew has set a goal of running 28 k in the Two Bays Trail Run in 2013.  The guys talk a little about exercising technology including Run Keeper, and various GPS devices such as the Garmin Forerunner and Polar Heart Rate Monitor watches.

Logo of ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and NumbersChristian talks about the ICANN decision to allow generic top-level domain names, as covered by Reuters.  Although an extremely exciting announcement, the guys all decide that the pricing is well beyond any of their means.

Christian also tells us about the research performed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences who performed MRI scanning on a test group of 5 adolescents, and have concluded that it is possible to develop Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD).

The guys talk about some Internet usage statistics, which you can check out yourself, using Alexa.

Mike brings us news of the Adobe release of a new beta for version 4 of their Lightroom product.  The guys talk about the differences between the Lightroom and Photoshop products, and discuss the features between various versions of Photoshop, and the pricing structure that Adobe have with relation to upgrading their Photoshop and Creative Suite products.

imageMike also talks about Trey Ratcliff’s article from Stuck in Customs, DSLR’s Are a Dying Breed, and the future of the 3rd Generation Cameras such as the Sony NEX and Samsung NX cameras.

The guys wrap up the show, discussing the iRig Microphone which Dave used for covering CES.


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