Linkedin Disaster, LastPass, Hangout Lower Third, NASA, Flight Aware – HT076

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim, Andrew and Christian are joined this week by Greg Welch, and Paul Braren (from an interstate flight) for Show 76 of The Home Tech Podcast.

The guys start off trying to have a quick chat with Paul, who purchased some air time with gogo in-flight WiFi on a flight between JFK and LAX.  Even though the upload performance isn’t great, for those of us who have always wanted to be online during a long flight, the dream is here!

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Not only did the guys manage to talk with Paul during his flight, they also tracked the flight using Flight Aware, which allows you to track flights in real time!

Christian fills us in on the some of the work he is doing during his internship at NASA, and tells us some of the exciting goings on happening around him, as well as filling us in on some of the technology that is available to the tech folk at the facility he is working at.

Jim talks about the new Google Hangouts Add-In called Lower Third developed by one a Google employee, which lets you put a news-style banner across the bottom of the Google Hangouts video window (as seen in this shows You Tube video)

imageAndrew talks about the hacking of LinkedIn, and points listeners who use LinkedIn across to the utility that LastPass have published to let you know if your password has been compromised and should be changed.  If you are a LinkedIn user, check your password here, and if you need to, be sure to change your password!

imageThe guys about their password utility of choice.  Christian uses Roboform, Greg doesn’t use anything in particular, and Andrew uses a combination of KeePass with the database file saved into Dropbox, so that it is accessible from all PCs with the KeePass application installed.

imageJim and Greg talk about Windows Phone 8, following Jims trial of the Nokia Lumia 800, in particular the recent Nokia Map update, and how the Windows Bing Maps are powered by NAVTEQ.

Christian talks about the recent Verizon FiOS upgrades being offered to subscribers, with most subscribers receiving free plan upgrades!

Christian’s Deal-of-the-Week is a bit of a Deal or No Deal (you decide) this week, with Christian having been inspired by the 2GB Ironkey that all NASA employees are to use on company machines.  The USB key has inbuilt encryption, and runs out at $121.99 from Amazon.  The guys talk about the various types of encryption you could use as an alternative such as the McAfee Encrypted USB Drive, of which some variants have an onboard antivirus engine, or using a Free Encryption product to protect your data whilst using a regular USB key.

Andrew talks about some of the bargains to be found in the End of Financial Year sales, namely the Logitech Wireless TouchPad, that we spoke about some months ago, a bargain at $30 including shipping!  Andrew also talks about the tech search site Static Ice, an Australian tech search engine used by many to find great tech prices online.  Similar to Tech Bargains in the US, but available in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and starting to roll out in the USA.

imageThe guys talk about some of the note taking applications available across the various mobile phone platforms, including Microsoft OneNote (laptop and mobile edition), and the popular and ever growing Evernote.

Jim closes out the show, asking the listener base what would be the most viable method for selling a large collection of postage stamps, that belonged to his fathers, and has collected over many years.  Jim has started a discussion over on The Average Guy Facebook Page to discuss the sale of the collection.

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