Home Tech Podcast Special Edition: Raspberry Pi, In the Beginning


Jim is joined in this special by John Zajdler and Chris Barns of the Digital Media Zone and host of thEndUsr Podcast.

Chris and John spend some time talking about their experience with the new Raspberry Pi in this hour long podcast.

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Raspberry Pi Specs:
Broadcom SOC
700 MHz ARM11 with a Broadcom GPU
RAM: 256MB
HDMI, Composite Out, 100 megabit Ethernet, SD cardslot
Debian, Fedora, Arch Linux and RISC OS
SSH using username:pi and password:raspberry (Use PuTTY)
What is the Raspberry Pi and where did it come from?

  • Original alpha used ATmega644 (8 bit RISC) and was intended to get children into programming. Now uses ARM11 family (32 bit RISC)

Why use the Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi goals;

  1. Interesting. (1080p)
  2. Programmable. Languages, Python, Debian…
  3. Robust. Easy and convenient to carry around.
  4. Cheap. Inexpensive.

Applications of the Raspberry Pi


Updated to Hexxeh firmware

4 Gig SD image (will not fit in 2 G cards!)

I2C and hardware SPI support

I2C/SPI modules initialized on boot

sshd on boot

ssh keygen on first boot

runs avahi daemon (Bonjour client) and is called raspberrypi.local

Issues with the Raspberry Pi

  • Power Supply
    • Need to have > 700mA of current over microUSB, which is not guaranteed with all cables
    • Demo Video: Best Power Supply for the Raspberry Pi
    • Ensure that voltage between TP1 & TP2 is greater than 4.7 to run properly
  • None so far for Chris, although Chris has low power consumption

Hardware Hacking and Arduino

Where to purchase?


  • Adafruit
    • Occidentails from Adafruit, Linux distro from Adafruit