Social Engineering, Windows 8 Enterprise, Raspberry Pi and USB Monitors – HT085

Home-Tech-Album-125x1253Jim, Andrew and Christian are joined this week by Nathaniel Lindley and Bryan Auer for Show 85 of The Home Tech Podcast.

Nathaniel talks about how Mat Honan from Wired was hacked through social engineering security flaws in Apple and Amazons’ password reset mechanisms.

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Some interesting reading is available at: How Mat Honan was hacked and How not to become Mat HonanThe guys talk about the measures they take to ensure their passwords are secure, and that not too many accounts are linked and using the same passwords.  Arstechnica have a good article about password strength.  The guys talk a bit about password repositories such as 1password, LastPass, Roboform or hardware solutions such as Yubikey.  Mat Honan’s situation also brings home the importance of regular backups using cloud services or products such as Windows Home Server.

The guys talk about the Release to Market (RTM) of Windows 8, which was released in the last week.  If you don’t have a TechNet or MSDN account you can download the Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation as a 90 day trial.  The guys talk some more about their experiences with Windows 8 thus far, and what they do and don’t like about it.

Christian talks about his RaspberryPi plans, as his unit has now been confirmed to be on its way to him, which will incorporate the Deal of the Week, being a DoubleSight USB monitor to build a remotely controllable robot.  Bryan talks about his development plans to integrate the RaspberryPi into his home irrigation system

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