Plex, Windows Media Center and Podcasting Equipment for the Average Guy – HT153

Chris Barns (@chrishalebarnes) from of the Digital Media Zone ( and host of thEndUsr Podcast ( Anthony Raynor (@awraynor) join Jim (@jcollison) and Christian Johnson for show #153 of Home Tech Podcast brought to you by the Average Guy Network.

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WHS 2011 with DVD rips and MyMovies managing them

  • one set in folders
  • the second in mp4 format

2011 box is also running Plex Media Server which has folders for

various media types such as:

  • home movies
  • music
  • photos
  • above mentioned DVD’s

Also use PLEX on web, iPad, PC and Android

Jailbroken Apple TV2; small instant on, low power, simple remote which 5 year old runs flawlessly

  • native ATV functions
  • ability to play folder rips natively
  • iTunes Media and iCloud Match music
  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • PLEX
  • XBMC and so much more

Tried WMC, but required real PC and not as easy for kids to operate.

Still using the Zune software and my 30GB brown Zune. X-Box music on the

Android phone.



WMC + WHS2011 (9TB)

Native rips (VIDEO_TS) on the WHS2011 of all DVDs

two OTA tuners for DVR

HTIB 5.1 blu ray player


Story of how I found a core i7 in the trash room and recycled my desktop into the WHS?

I also want to talk to Chris about his podcasting set up.  What can the average Guy learn from us podcasters

Is there a better camera than the C920 for Skype/Hangouts?

  • Chris is using the Microsoft Lifecam Studio, you be the judge

Podcast Setup

  • Audio Technica ATR 2100 on a Rhode mount
  • MBox 2 preamp + Pro Tools
  • VAC + Skype + XSplit
  • Cheap mixer to switch between Pro Tools and Audacity


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