Ken Carnes from OPPD talks about Leveraging the New Cybersecurity Framework – Infotec 2014


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Kenneth Carnes from Omaha Public Power District intends to get you questioning how you plan and communicate cyber response and risk. By converging risk management, incident response and organizational communication into the recently released Cybersecurity Framework he feels you can manage it all. Ken will focus on cyber risk from the practitioner to the board room, and ask the question “Is it time to consider a ‘counter-blitz’ of how we look at and perform risk management, incident response and communication of your cyber program?”

Ken is an IT professional that has spent his career designing and implementing technology to enable business. Ken has made the full cycle through IT roles on his route to Cybersecurity, he currently manages Cybersecurity at Omaha Public Power District. Ken spent his career focused in the utility business spending time at both the state’s nuclear generation facilities. He currently focuses on organizational cyber risk by keeping a business perspective on all cyber controls. OPPD has regulatory oversight from various entities including PCI (Payment Card Industry), NERC (North American Electric Reliability Corporation) and NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) as a significant support system for various other CPI (Critical Physical Infrastructure) OPPD focuses on service delivery and quality of service. OPPD is constantly looking for methods to improve security as the threat scope finds new avenues to be destructive or damaging.

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