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NEI Global provides a client-facing dashboard that delivers the right information to their customers in a branded, personalized web portal. The clients’ information is delivered securely over the web in a fun interactive visual experience that empowers customers to do their own analysis. Learn how visualization can improve your clients’ experience while decreasing your internal efforts to provide clients what they need and want. Gain an understanding of the tools, technology and processes it took to develop the dashboard and the future direction to give customers an empowered experience with the right information.

Michael Simpson

Company:  Catch Intelligence

Short Bio: Michael Simpson, Managing Consultant, Catch Intelligence

Michael Simpson is a Managing Consultant for Catch Intelligence and has been with them for more than 7 years.  Michael has been helping clients with their BI vision while leveraging his knowledge of the BusinessObjects suite of products to help define the right combination of tools for the job.  Michael’s background goes beyond Information Technology with years of work in business that have allowed him to see business and information from a different perspective from development reporting solutions to helping business define their BI Vision.



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