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Self-Driving cars

The Promise of the self-drive car.

Safety, convenience.

Smart Cars are “dumb cars”; can’t work in all conditions.

Rain, Sub-par Roads, off-road, complex decisions.

People skills.

Power systems

Hybrid (McLaren P1/ VW XL1 super-diesel hybrid)

Power fill, performance

VW diesel hybrid 250+ mpg

Plugin Hybrid (Cadillac ELR/Chevy Volt)

EPA 93 mpg, no range anxiety

Camless engine (Koenigsegg)

SAAB poc car gets 100 mpg with better performance. Can run on any fuel.

Electric Drive (Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, Tesla Model S)

Range anxiety, MB vehicle dynamics

Old Tech Engines.

Gas engines 4+ times more efficient than 30 years ago. 2x mpg with 2x power.

Diesels have match Prius is MPG.


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