Cord Cutting, Internet Weaking Social Communication, Banking with Number26, Sonar Treadmills, Email Bag – HGG210

Andy Sokolovich from and on Twitter at and Mike Wieger from and the Open Mike Night Podcast joins Jim ( for show #210 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network, part of community.

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Is cutting the cord really worth it now? – email from Eric Janofsky

Let’s add it up?

Typical Cable bill is $90.  How much are you paying?

I pay $77.99 a month for just internet.

Add TV from $25 to $158 per month and $20 for phone

Packages run $205 for full bundle

Andy’s stuff:

If it weren’t for technology I’d never be able to…

  1. Interview people from all over the world via my podcast
  2. Video chat with my wife from Iraq
  3. Send massive files from point A to B with a link
  4. Design awesome stuff for free using Canva, Pic Money
  5. Capture history in HD with my phone


Pose the question: “Is the increase in tech based communication dissolving the important skill of direct person to person social engagement?”

I have one more thing regarding play-doh – will hit you at the end

Mike’s Stuff:

Complete online bank Number26 raises 10.6 Million

  • German and Austrian customers only
  • Number26 did not fundraise. All interest was inbound.

New Treadmill Tech Provides more realistic running

  • Sonar detects where you are on the belt and can automatically speed up or slow down

From Jim’s Email box:

  1. Canva just crossed over the 2 million member mark.  Tried it yet?
  2. This month’s Kindle First books are available to download through April 30, 2015. Kindle First is a free benefit of your Prime membership. Read next month’s new releases today.
  3. Chatwing much have got blasted.  Dropped price this week from $20 to $11.20.  Weird amount.  Still tough to go from $1 to $11.  Thinking it thru


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