Open Everything: Adopting Cloud in the Enterprise w/ OpenSource, OpenStack, and OpenFlow – CF022

This week on Cyber Frontiers Kevin joins us to bring to a close a fantastic three part series on how cutting edge technologies are being received and adopted in the enterprise. In this segment, we take a look at how current cloud computing solutions are powering the enterprise. We evaluate different solutions, what communities are currently driving the market, and the roadblocks associated with implementing certain architectures. We also tie in key conversations from the previous two episodes to see how other technologies like SDN are playing a major role in re-designing the cloud and the data centers they operate on. We have some good laughs, some tongue twisters, and a lot of great conversation around an expansive topic!

Cyber Frontiers is all about Exploring Cyber security, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future Through an Academic Perspective!   Christian Johnson, a student at the University of Maryland will bring fresh and relevant topics to the show based on the current work he does.

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OpenStack has been getting a lot of grassroots IT support. Will it make it in the long run?

What is Next Generation-Agile-Converged-Private Cloud datacenter? Why do I care?

What is OpenStack?

What HyperVisors are supported?

What about storage Block vs Object?

Network environment:

OpenStack predictions:

Their growth reflects a hearty appetite for public cloud computing, while Red Hat peddles private clouds to CIOs that still believe they must run behind their firewalls. It’s a growth business for Red Hat, but given private clouds’ dismal success rate, it’s unclear for how long.

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