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Some obvious ones?

  1. Self Driving Cars – How far will they progress
  2. Drones – Will Amazon get its wish?

What about some of the battles?

  1. What will we see in Home Automation?  Lights, Cameras and Action (Home Security), IFTTT
  2. Will the watch evolve even further? Apple Watch, Microsoft Band, Samsung Galaxy Gear
  3. Augmented Reality v Virtual Reality?  Who will come out ahead in this battle for eyeballs

Robots – is this the year we actually see some helpful robots?

Who will win the the area of Virtual Assistant?  Siri, Google or Contana.  What about Facebook M?

What happens with Home Computing?

Five predictions IBM Made in 2011

So, on top of mind reading machines what tech does IBM think will change our lives by 2016?

  • You will make your own energy: Anything that moves has the potential to create energy. Your running shoes, your bicycle and even the water flowing through your pipes can create energy.
  • You will not need a password: Your biological makeup is the key to your individual identity, and soon, it will become the key to safeguarding it.
  • Mind reading is no longer science fiction: Scientists are researching how to link your brain to your devices, such as a computer or a smartphone, so you just need to think about calling someone and it happens.
  • The digital divide will cease to exist: In five years, the gap between information haves and have-nots will narrow considerably due to advances in mobile technology.
  • Junk mail will become priority mail: Think about how often we’re flooded with advertisements we consider to be irrelevant or unwanted – it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

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