SPNM: Fireshark, Viirt and Filimin best of 2015

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The Silicon Prairie News Minute, featuring Ryan Pendell, the Managing Editor of Silicon Prairie News.  Host Jim Collison from theAverageGuy.tv – Highlighting the best startup news in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.  Recorded on January 7, 2016

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Jim: hey Ryan, since we started SPN Minute started last fall, and we thought this would be a good time to take a look back at some of the stories from early in 2015 before we move forward to 2016.  How do you want to start us off with the best of 2015?

Ryan: The Fireshark gaming theatre was invented by Kent Johnson, based out of Wichita, Kansas, and it’s basically a empty box where you can play multiplayer games with your friends, all along the floors and walls. It uses 10 Android tablets and 18 projectors, and all the games are created specifically for the Fireshark platform.


Jim: That sounds interesting, but when will we get one near us?

Ryan: The first gaming theatre opened this summer, but they hope if it becomes really popular they can expand to other cities.

If you’d like to know more, visit http://siliconprairienews.com and search for one word, “Fireshark.”

Jim: With all the hail and wind damage we get here in the midwest, sure would be great if we had some tech that would tell me when my roof needs to be replaced

Ryan: Viirt is one of the most clever companies to come out of Omaha in the past couple years. Their “clicky tool” uses Google satellite imagery to estimate the size of your roof for roof repair jobs. By using satellite imagery instead of typical roofing estimates, they can save customers thousands of dollars.


Jim: So can I do this right now?

Ryan response and Call to Action: Currently, Viirt is available in Omaha, Portland, and Vancouver, but anyone can try out their clicky tool on their website.

To read more about the “clicky tool” and Viirt’s story, go to http://siliconprairienews.com and search for Viirt, V-I-I-R-T.

Jim: So what was your favorite story of the year?

Ryan: Filimin was one of personal favorite for this year. The Filimin light, based out of Wichita, Kansas, is an Internet-connected lamp that you can buy in sets and share with loved ones. At any time you can tap the lamp to change the color, and it will change for that person, wherever they are. Think of it as a softer, gentler Facebook Poke for the IoT era.

Filimin successfully completed their Kickstarter campaign earlier this year and are scheduled to ship their first orders in early 2016.


Jim: Sounds great, how much to get one?

Ryan: They are currently available for $60 each off the Filimin website. For more information about the Filimin story, visit http://siliconprairienews.com and search for Filimin, F-I-L-I-M-I-N.

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