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Google Pixel

Google’s Pixel Phone:

I got my hands on a pre-release Pixel XL phone and much t my Apple-loving surprise I LOVED it.  Maybe because it’s a twin for my iPhone.  Either way, it’s got an amazing camera — said to be the best you can get in a smartphone— and some other useful features.

iRobot Roomba

What’s new with iRobot Roomba? 980 is all new

There are three primary upgrades to the autonomous vacuum robots: navigation, cloud connectivity, and a new motor that does better on carpet.

Flo Smart Thermometers

Thermometers are kind of gross if you think about it. They go places that are filled with germs, and you have to wonder if they’re ever truly clean. Now, you can thank technology for the ability to get an accurate temperature without having to stick anything anywhere.

Thermometer works touch-free

The Flo thermometer from Zeraph is a contact-free thermometer that allows you to take temperatures without touch.

Smart Charging Cables and Accessories

Skross Buzz Cable

10-foot cables  and gorgeous heavyweight docks from Native Union and Grovemade


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