Hands on Review with the Amazon Echo Show with Dr. Brian Friedlander – HGG317

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Jim Collison is joined by Mike Wieger and Brian Friedlander for show #317 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.

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Amazon Echo Show – http://amzn.to/2tS7Fau

Would you like to see how Echo Show works?  Hands free and with a screen.

Music, shopping lists, movie trailer, alarms–learn about these features and more. Watch now

I have been on the fence about the new Echo Show.  Not sure if I really need it with a screen.  Been listening to Dave McCabe video review it over at maccabe.io and can see the benefits of it both ways.  At $229, the price is a little steep for me.  Might wait till I can find a $199 deal in a few months.  What about you?  Would you buy a 2 pack to get the better price?


Amazon Dash Wand is now available from Amazon.  Catch the link below.  Right now you can get it for $20 with a $20 Amazon credit.  If you choose the slow shipping, you can get an additional $5 credit off your next order.


And a Review


The Wand is now on order and is shipping next week.  Will try it out with Sarah and see if it can make a difference in our food orders.  I have not really trusted the Dash buttons in the past due to the fact that I can’t see the price.  Not sure if this will change anything.


eBeam Smartmarker – Interactive Digital Whiteboard – No Special Markers – Portable – Create a Digital Copy of your Whiteboard Notes


Great examples on how to use these in the show.  Very expensive for just a toy.  Would be great for work.

C- Pen Card Reader – http://amzn.to/2u1DY7A

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