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Cyber Frontiers is all about Exploring Cyber security, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future Through an Academic Perspective!   Christian Johnson, a student at the University of Maryland will bring fresh and relevant topics to the show based on the current work he does.

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This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim take a hands on approach to standing up honeypots in the cloud! We discuss no-cost and low-cost methods for the average guy or up and coming security researchers to design and deploy basic honeypot configurations to the cloud in a safe manner. We discuss why honeypots are used in the enterprise today, how to consider safe and ethical practices when utilizing honeypots, and provide a brief introduction to analyzing data results from honey pot collection. We outline one of many example frameworks that can be safely used in a non-enterprise setting to learn how to use and leverage honeypots for personal learning or to augment enterprise network defenses.

An Academic History Lesson in Honeypots: The Seminal Work

Software of Choice: Kippo

Basic Installation Guide

[This guide loosely follows our approach, but we’ve provided our command list below as there are several deviations discussed on the show]

Basic Port Configuration

sudo iptables –list

sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

sudo systemctl reload ssh

sudo -s

apt-get install python-dev openssl python-openssl python-pyasn1 python-twisted

apt-get install subversion

useradd -d /home/kippo -s /bin/bash -m kippo -g sudo

apt-get install authbind

touch /etc/authbind/byport/22

chown kippo /etc/authbind/byport/22

chmod 777 /etc/authbind/byport/22

su kippo

apt install python-pip

Basic Kippo Install

svn checkout ./kippo

cd kippo

cd trunk

ls -lA

mv kippo.cfg.dist kippo.cfg

pip install -Iv twisted==15.1.0


cd log

tail -f kippo.log

cat kippo.log | grep “attempt”

cat kippo.log  | grep “login”

Further Reading: Analytics and Configuration In Kippo

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