Flash Memory Crash Possible, Car Diagnostics with Hum, UNRAID and a Look at Zmodo Snap Pro – HGG367



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Analysts say we are headed for a flash memory price crash

Jim Handy, a market analyst with Objective Analysis, predicts that the flash memory industry is headed for a “downward pricing correction” in 2019, if not a full-on collapse. If prices crash, we could be looking at NAND prices as low…


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I saw an ad for this today and checked it out. Had never heard of this service, but maybe you have?


Car Diagnostics Tools: A More Connected Car | Hum by Verizon

Translate and diagnose engine issues with Hum’s car diagnostic tools & car health app. Hum helps make driving safer with upgraded vehicle diagnostics and more.



News – Could see a new Apple Watch with smaller bezzle.

Ubiquiti AP’s – you can now set the management VLAN so they work properly with Cisco switches.


Reviews – Backupper – a high quality free backup utility for windows.

Plex Camera Upload – using for Hannah and I to back up our photos locally.



Jim – Zmodo Cam update – https://www.zmodo.com/ – Good look at it this week.  More to come


Mike – “New” UnRaid box named UnVault (thanks Renny for the name). Loving it. Currently have 2 4TB drives, 2 2TB drives, 1 500GB SDD and 1 120GB SSD. Total usable space 8TB and 310GB cache. Using TimeMachine through AFP to backup my Mac and Backupper Standard to backup windows machines to the UnRaid Box.

Why I like UnRaid so far – 1) EXTREMELY easy to setup 2) TimeMachine compatibility 3) very low RAM requirements, I am using only 4GB which it barely touches when not using Docker or VM’s 4) low power as it only spins up the drives it needs 5) space saving with only one parity disk needed 5) smart and easy use of SSD’s for cache.

Jim- Still selling those 8TB drives.  $100 each plus shipping


Jim – Took Stroj down.  Too much BW

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