Lowes IRIS Shutdown and Payday, Amazon Alexa FTW – HGG391


Dewain Robinson joins us again (might be a guest record) to talk about the Lowes IRIS shutdown of service and what you need to do RIGHT NOW to get a refund on products that are covered.  We also catch up with his work at Microsoft.  All this and more! Join Jim Collison / @jcollison  and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech  for show #391 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.

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  • Lowe’s Iris
    • Service is being decommissioned 3/31/2019
    • www.irisbylowes.com
    • You can get a refund on your equipment that doesn’t work in other places (Ends 3/31/2019)
      • I got $404 in refunds from Lowe’s in a Visa Debit Card
      • Took about 2 weeks to get the payment
      • You will have to sign for it
    • Don’t take to the store!
    • Logon online and follow instructions.  It will look at devices connected to your hub and calculate payment.  SO DON’T UNPAIR OR DELETE DEVICES FROM YOUR HUB!!!
    • Iris is going open source and renamed Arcus
      • So, don’t throw out your HW as it may be interesting
  • Why did Dewain choose Iris?
    • Security System
    • Pin Pads
    • Monitoring Service
    • Zwave and Zigbee support
  • So, Iris is dead now what?
    • Evaluate your devices
      • Do you need ZigBee and Zwave?
      • What Hubs support your devices?
      • How much does it cost to replace?
      • Thermostats and Locks are high dollar ones
    • What are your needs now?
      • Cameras – (Arlo and Ring Doorbell)
      • Security – (Iris)
      • Home Automation – (Iris)
      • Voice Control – (Nothing had an old Echo and Cortana Invokes)
      • Integrations – (Nothing really)
      • Music – (Sonos)
    • Systems Evaluated
      • Samsung Smartthings
      • Vera
      • Ring
      • Alexa
      • Google Home
      • Apple (Laugh)
  • What did I learn?
    • Where to use what for what?
    • Alexa is the future (Hub of Hubs) – Google isn’t even close
    • Alexa custom intents
    • Arlo Cameras working but Ring Doorbell camera doesn’t
    • Alexa Drop In – In House and Out
    • Alexa Integration to Sonos
    • Careful what you call things in Alexa – Example: Front Door Lock vs. Front Door ; Kylie’s Echo vs Bedroom 1 Echo
    • Alexa Announcements
    • Set rules from top and then go to the bottom
    • Samsung Smartthings ain’t so smart
    • Schlage Door Lock PINs need to be supported at the Hub
    • It’s a shame that Lowe’s Iris is dead (or is it…..)

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