Hubitat Elevation Unboxing, Stridekick, Shopify and Samsung Galaxy Fold Issues – HGG399

Jim purchases a Hubitat Elevation from show 398 and does a quick unboxing. We have a new community fitness App called Stridekick that will allow most of the fitness trackers to be used for competitions on steps. Mike talks about Shopify stores vs Amazon FBA and impulse purchases made on both. We wrap the show with a quick discussion on the issues they are now having with the Samsung Galaxy Fold Phones and why you would even need a phone that folds.  I think you will enjoy the show.

Join Jim Collison / @jcollison and Mike Wieger / @WiegerTech for show #399 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Happy Avengers Endgame day!

Hubitat Unboxing –

Stridekick – new community fitness app –

Shopify Drop shipping: An interesting internet trend that shows how business has changed and how it is battling Amazon FBA.

New Laptop?



Samsung Galaxy Fold having issues –




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