4 Gadgets That Now Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence may simply sound like another tech buzzword, but it’s very real, and it’s here. Unless you actively pay attention to tech news, you may not notice how companies are slowly integrating AI-based features into everyday home products, but like this blog article says, it’s easy to underestimate new technology until it actually arrives.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some cool new gadgets that are using artificial intelligence to deliver their features.


Mycroft – Open Source AI Smart Home Controller

Mycroft is a voice-activated device that connects to and controls other smart devices in your home. Being an open-source software, it has a good development community that releases third-party extensions and plugins for enhancing Mycroft’s capabilities and interactions with your smart home devices.

What makes Mycroft so cool is that it utilizes artificial intelligence to interpret the commands you’re giving, and instead of listening for simple utterances of keywords, it uses an intent parser to figure out the intent of your commands. This basically means that, though speech learning and recognition, it is less prone to interpretation mistakes than other devices.

It uses a Raspberry Pi 2, and being open-source, you’re able to modify and develop your own features for Mycroft. This gives you a great incentive to join some online courses on artificial intelligence and programming. So whether you want it to wake you up in the morning with personal messages, or automatically locking your house up when you leave, or using the speakerphone feature to control other devices around your house, it can pretty much do anything, and makes an excellent portal for all of your smart home devices.

Find more on Mycroft at https://mycroft.ai/




CHiPK9 Robot dog

Robotic toy pets are certainly nothing “new”, as we’ve seen plenty of robot pets over the years such as Pleo (from the creator of Furby), RoboSapien, Sony’s popular Aibo robot dog, and more. But the CHiPK9 is no simple robot dog, because it’s packing an advanced artificial intelligence that allows CHiPK9 to learn new commands, map out the rooms and obstacles around your house, and more.

CHiPK9 also comes with a SmartBall that he’ll chase around, and with the companion CHiP app for mobile devices, you can access new games and learning activities for the robotic K9.

Find more on ChiP the Robot dog at https://wowwee.com/chip




Ambi Climate 2 AI Gadgets

Ambi Climate is an AI-powered accessory for air conditioners in your home. It uses equipped sensors to regulate the temperature in your home, and with AI-based machine learning, it will adapt to the temperature you prefer, by taking into account under what conditions you adjust the temperature, and automatically performing those adjustments in the future.

Basically, you’ll never need to constantly fiddle with the settings on your air conditioners again, raising them when it feels hot and lowering them again when it gets too cold. The AMBI Climate 2 will automatically do this for you, creating a climate that is optimized for you personally.

Find more on Ambi Climate 2 at https://www.ambiclimate.com/




Netatmo Welcome

The Netatmo Welcome is a security camera which uses AI machine learning to recognize your face (and other people it’s configured for). This basically trumps the standard motion detection technology in most security cameras, as the Netatmo Welcome isn’t going to raise any false alarms for objects or animals rolling past the monitoring areas.

Because of its facial-recognition technology, the Netatmo Welcome security camera can also be used for family safety, such as letting you know when children have arrived home from school and other events like that.

Find more on Metatmo at https://www.netatmo.com/





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