AI-driven Smart Homes and Smart Security Systems in the 2020s

Monitored security was revolutionized in the 1970s with the combination of the CCTV security cameras and VCRs, but was also complicated to set up and not practical for home use. We also remember the dream of having complete home audio, with speakers in every room and an intercom to top it off. Because of cost and complexity, it was out of reach for most.

Since then, and with the advent of cheaper and more convenient digital storage methods, as well as smaller and less expensive cameras and speakers, new technology has made it easy for the average consumer to install these systems at home. Today, with the rise of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, many industries have joined in and added to the ecosystem at a pace me may not have expected.

One of the top-selling products on Amazon last year was the Amazon Echo, a smart speaker and communication device that is capable of doing almost everything around the house. It can control lights, plugs and appliances through voice commands and can be connected with any device that has internet access.

This home gadget is powered by Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence and it quickly becoming the go to device in most homes. It’s not the only one on the market, though. Google and Apple, as the main competitors of Amazon in this field, also have their AI software.  It been discussed a bunch on Home Gadget Geeks 428 with the Ring Video Doorebell and Stick up Cam powered by Alexa and Home Gadget Geeks 427 when we dug in to smart speakers.

The artificial intelligence statistics say that this market is going to continue to grow with tremendous speed. The predictions are that by 2025, the industry will be generating $31.2 billion in revenues thanks to this technology alone. 


Why do people need more Smart Speakers?

According to stats, there are more than 60 million in the US that qualify to be called smart homes. In those homes are some 157 million speakers. That almost 3 speakers for every household!  It seems like Americans love new gadgets and new technology because it is both fun and useful. 

The smart speakers help people get an answer to almost everything they need to know at any given moment by simply asking the smart speaker. At the same time, it controls the appliances around the house. In a way, everything’s accessible with just two words spoken to the smart speaker, and they’ll respond in a second.

Now smart speakers are coming with screens. Check out Erin Lawrence’s video comparing the Google Net Hub to the Amazon Echo 5 Show.



Smart speakers are way smarter than just music and the weather. They can now control your home automation, bundle together to play music to the entire house, make face to face video calls, guard your home when you are not there and even help you announce your arrival or relay a message when you are not there.  They are quickly becoming the go to device for control over the entire house.

While there is still some debate just how much AI really goes into a smart speaker, the fact is, we are falling in love with them. Amazon and Google will continue to add new feature and new capabilities that will make our little tech companions more and more useful in the years to come.  


How did CCTV cameras turn into super smart security systems?

The security systems today are way more than just a few cameras connected to a computer that records what they see. Today’s AI cameras are capable of recognizing faces, situations, and events

Installing a system like this means being protected not just from unwanted intruders, but also from situations inside the house that might hurt the people living there. It scans and detects threats such as gas leaks, floods, electricity problems, but also possible health problems. 

For example, if a senior person is living in the house, the system will realize if they’re experiencing a problem. Seeing them falling down the stairs will instantly be recognized as unusual behavior and the AI software will call 911 immediately. It will also inform the people whose contacts are entered as an emergency.

When we speak about security cameras, we’re mainly thinking about recording people that are trying to intrude and steal our belongings. The biggest fear is the assault. The modern AI security systems are now capable of preventing this without weapons.

How? By simply alarming the authorities before the attackers even come inside the home. The system is equipped with special cameras that are able to see in the dark, have thermal sensors, and many other features that can detect an unwanted person on your property. 

They are also able to recognize faces. You can set a person as a friend, and whenever the cameras see them coming, they’ll know there’s no need for alarming. What’s more interesting and important is that the system can recognize weapons. Detecting a gun, a knife, a rifle, are all items that are immediately going to pound the alarm and send a call to the police. In a way, there’s no chance for anyone to get inside uninvited. 


These are all technologies and features that are not expecting us in the distant future, but now. UCH cameras and smart speakers are widely used in the States and around the world. In this decade technology will only advance, and we can only imagine what the next exciting feature that will make our lives better will be. Just let your imagination thrive, anything’s possible.



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