Battling Tech Fatigue in Lock Down, Folding Updates and New Work Processes – HGG439

With work habits potentially changing, how are you managing your time now? How are you managing exercise and sleep? Jim and Mike talk about a few things that might help. We have an update on the Folding at Home Team project (join the Home Gadget Geeks Team at 243306) and we talk about new process that might be happening to you now that you didn’t use before. More 2FA, Jim is using Sticky notes for task planning. Finally, we look at a very spooky picture of Flighttracker24 and maybe Nebraska is not the flyover state any longer?  I think you will enjoy the show.

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With spring on the way, it might be time to be thinking about improving that golf game. We have partnered with Dan over at Birdie Crazy Golf on the ultimate guide to perfecting your golf swing. If it interests you, click on the link below.

While on the site, I found that they had a golf gadget guide. Have you seen one of these?

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder


How to battle tech fatigue?  

  • The “Micro” Workout
  • Maybe time to break out that fitbit?
  • Are you using all the apps you can?
  • What about sleep?



Update on Folding at Home Team project



Folding at Home


Mike – Ordered a GTX 1660 Super for folding and gaming – This is the best average guy graphics card to buy


What new processes have we using for work now?

  • 2FA on the Watch all the time
  • Back to using sticky notes on my desk top
  • Brought the big monitor home from work. Dell UltraSharp 34 Curved Monitor: U3419W


Have you seen this site with all the new traffic sites are getting?


Flight tracker update – crazy to watch now.




Jim Collison  [0:00] 
This is The Average Guy Network and you have found Home Gadget Geeks show number 439 recorded on April 2 2020.

Jim Collison  [0:22] 
Here on Home Gadget Geeks we cover all your favorite tech gadgets that find their way into your home news reviews, product updates and conversation all for the average tech guy. I’m your host Jim Collison broadcasting live from what was a beautiful Bellevue Nebraska, Mike, Have you’ve been outside? Like I think it dropped 40 degrees.

Mike Wieger  [0:38] 
It Yeah, yesterday, banner day, right like one of the best days we’ve had in Omaha. Right It is was the best day and then today just kind of rainy, a little bit colder. It’s still not too bad. But for the last week or so I haven’t had my AC or heat on day will will turn I will turn it back on to my little bit and

Jim Collison  [0:55] 
actually at the air on a little bit. We’re going to cut it back over to heat. tonight. I think it’s going to skip down to the third So a little below freezing and but that’s okay it’ll warm right back up again. We got on the deck last night had we made ourselves a really fantastic Hellofresh spaghetti chicken spaghetti meal. So delightful. why people don’t do Hellofresh I do not know by the way during this pandemic, they are still delivery.

Mike Wieger  [1:19] 
I thought you said white people don’t do Hellofresh know why I was at first I was really confused like oh he said why people

Jim Collison  [1:27] 
why are you a racist

Mike Wieger  [1:28] 
now like that’s that’s an interesting way to put it all right.

Jim Collison  [1:30] 
You likes this now hella fresh. So anyways, made a great Hello. Hello Fresh meal and enjoy that bottle of Josh wine. Have you had Josh one? Yes. Loved it. Yeah, yeah. So read, read blend, and then a bottle, a bottle of wine. It never ends. Well, for me. It’s just the wine is so good. And then it’s like oh, I got to have a cigar. And then Sarah made some old fashions with we had some Jefferson’s oceans, which is Which is a Ocean which is a bourbon really nice bourbon, very, very delicious, very expensive but some of the best that may be the best old fashioned I’ve ever had. It’s a $25 old fashioned at any place here in town that makes it with ocean which is a little expensive for a cocktail. But we enjoy that on the deck last night weather was beautiful. Not so beautiful out there but the show notes will be really beautiful this year. So this time, head out to the average four slash h gg 439 grade my transition there How is that A B C or D on the transit pretty

Mike Wieger  [2:32] 
I’ll give you a B plus.

Jim Collison  [2:34] 
Okay. So don’t forget you can also download the show or actually you can stream it on our mobile app. How to do Home Gadget download that just good to have on your phone. You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to. It doesn’t download but it just streams but it’s the easiest way to listen to a streaming Spreaker is right up there and it’s streaming on that right now. Maybe you’re doing something and you just can’t get to the podcast or you haven’t haven’t downloaded or or you want to listen live best way to do That is on the app. Home Gadget Big thanks to Dave McCabe who came on last week by the way, we’re bringing Dave back in just a couple weeks 3456 weeks something like that for a big launch show. So he’s he kind of touched on it a little bit and he’s like Dude, I’ve got so much more so we’ve got Mark coming on I want to say is look at the dates here. We’ve got next week john from Unraid is back so that’s pretty cool and oh enrage show Yeah, next week all on raid. Then mark is coming back barbecue so we’re gonna be talking kind of the big spring BBQ show and holy cow nothing like a pandemic to get guys barbecuing by Oh kidding grilling smoking. Have you seen like it? Well, one up on Facebook for you? Cool

Mike Wieger  [3:47] 
because I talked about it all the time at work. And so all sudden, my boss has was text me like, hey, like, send me some of those recipes. Like how do I do this? He just starts he’s had a trigger for a year but never really got into it. And so he just started last week. So I gave them the basics you know, a pulled pork and a rack of ribs start off easy and we had so much fun messaging back and forth although you know all this texture is making my mouth water and that made me want to get into it and all my new parts for my Green Mountain grill came in so I’m going to get it all cleaned out redone this weekend and like getting fired back up it’s been killing me Nashville to smoke in the last few months. I’m pretty sure big meat smoking is the most economical way to do it right and so during a pandemic, why would you not want to you know, get pulled pork or brisket or something along those lines right and the best part about the pulled pork is you can make so many things out of it. You don’t get tired of it because you make pulled pork sandwiches. Then you make tacos The next night, you can put in a case idea you can put it in a breakfast burrito. You can just do all sorts of things with pulled pork so I don’t get tired of it. I make tubs of it and just it stays around. It’ll last for a while to in the fridge. Or you can put in the freezer. We’ll put a whole bunch in the freezer.

Jim Collison  [4:52] 
Yeah stays even better. We did we did pulled pork for Sarah’s birthday a couple weeks ago. So delicious. We ended up giving away a bunch to the kids Just not enough for us to eat that that many times. So yeah marks coming in on the 16th 23rd Aaron Lawrence’s back she’s been doing some great stuff on that. I posted it in on Twitter she did a no need bread reps recipe which is super famous. Everybody done it before but maybe appropriate for the time so Aaron Lawrence is back. The Daniel, Emily’s coming back on we’re gonna talk a little bit about what’s going on in the world of education and technology though their whole world has changed.

Mike Wieger  [5:24] 
That’s gonna be extremely interesting conversation right now.

Jim Collison  [5:27] 
I think so. And as we get to the end of April, I think we’re going to know even more,

Mike Wieger  [5:32] 
right? Well, even even my blood right there are two in there three, their school is doing zoom class in the morning for their normal daily routine from nine to 10. They call it line time. And so we zoom them in every morning nine to 10. And they sit there and they interact with our class or two and three, the weirdest part. They don’t even bat an eye at that. That’s a weird thing to them. Yeah, just video call. Why? Why wouldn’t I mean I FaceTime my grandma, my grandparents all the time, my face on everyone like this is just normal me. It’s weird for him and I They think it’s totally normal. So it’s been really cool to see. So I’m really excited for that conversation.

Jim Collison  [6:04] 
Yeah, so Nathaniel’s coming in, I’m working on Chris Nessie. Chris has been on before but he also does House of Ed Tech. And so another tech guy by then we should have a really good idea of kind of what’s working and what’s not where the schools are going, what kind of things are going on. So that’s coming up on the 30th may 7, Dave is back. Dave McCabe is back to talk a little bit about lawn tech. And so we’ll take a maybe shift away a little bit from what’s going on in the world tomorrow, what’s going on in your yard. And then on the 14th, the rich hay is back and so excited to talk about him. Mike, the whole world has changed around conferences, as we think rich usually comes in after a Microsoft conference and we talk like that whole world. Different, right? There’s no conferences, everything’s virtual. Everybody’s trying to figure out how to do these virtual conferences, right. And I think it’s different than just streaming it. That’s like, you can’t take a stage presentation and stream and and make that a virtual conference. I think we got to do things different, right.

Mike Wieger  [6:59] 
100 We’re in the same boat we do a lot of First of all, we host a lot of events for our advisors all over the country and then we have our big annual conference that is in April got cancelled obviously, but now we’re moving a lot to webinars. But exactly what you just said the marketing team is like, okay, can’t just take what we’re going to do and put it online it’s got to be a different format and make sure it rolls better because it’s not going to be it’s just different right it’s it’s it’s still a very capable medium, but you have to approach it in a different way. Yeah, yeah.

Jim Collison  [7:27] 
So stay close to what’s going on here. We got a bunch of interesting things. Everything’s booked solid between now in the middle of May. So regardless of what’s going on, if you’re locked in or you’re having to go in if you’re still listening on the road, or you had to figure out we’re going to talk about this a little bit fat at figure out how to listen now that you’re not on the road that’s kind of become a big challenge. We’ve still got shows for you going on. We’re going to we’re going to be keep doing this for you. I should say I also appreciate our Patreon subscribers who this month have continued to be faithful. I know some of you may need to take some time off. No pressure, no stress whatsoever from a Patreon perspective, probably more important now than ever for what we’re doing here on the network. So if you want to, you want to contribute to what we’re doing here, how to the average slash Patreon and you’ll see some options. There’s a $5 option if you just want to jump in and help join and support the network and the things that we do here. Mike, you golf guy at all,

Mike Wieger  [8:20] 
big golf guy. Well, I wish I had more time for let’s just say that so I played on my high school team. But ever since probably around the end of college, that’s the time for it has has gone down but love golf whenever I can get out there. It’s my favorite thing to do just played a beautiful course actually, in San Diego, up in Temecula for my buddy’s bachelor party. I mean, it’s you can put a golf course anywhere in that area of California and it’s just gorgeous. The scenery makes it Yeah, right. You could be in a guy’s backyard like man, this is gorgeous. Most of the time. It was it was pretty cheap. Like compared to a course here like to get that beauty here. I mean, I think it was only a 45 bucks around for 18 with a cart that’s hard to do in Omaha. And this was I found a pretty gorgeous course

Jim Collison  [9:02] 
apparently it was the macula right exactly yeah yep

Mike Wieger  [9:05] 
and that pet a little bit apparently it was more like the low end course there you could have fooled me like maybe in California maybe California used something different but gorgeous scenery which just made it

Jim Collison  [9:14] 
a lot of yeah but yeah golf guy well yeah well springs on the way right and and a lot of a lot of golfers especially here in the Midwest you know in California maybe golf around but it’s it’s we start thinking about golf you know it’s gonna be interesting to see like if they’re if they’re ever going to let us back on the courses but maybe it’s time to improve your golf swing in the backyard just right it just may go out there and hit a few practice balls we we’ve we are partnering with with Dan over at birdie crazy golf. They’re birdie crazy golf calm. They put together a kind of a Ultimate Guide for protect for perfecting your golf swing. And I’m gonna drop that in the show notes there. I’m not a big golfer. I went through the guide I was like man, this lot. I’m a skier so you know, maybe I need to find the ultimate skiing. I you you like golfing. If this is how You know, maybe got a little extra time on your hand. We’re going to talk a little bit about micro workouts a little bit later in the show. You know, if you’re a golfer and you’re missing it, maybe this is the time to get out in your backyard. So every every hour, pop out there, swing that Golf Club a couple times, right? Just kind of work on it. Wouldn’t it be a great time to work on technique? What do you think

Mike Wieger  [10:18] 
I do in the basement? Actually, I have my golf clubs right over here. And I just have a little tiny pad. I just practice my swing. I can’t hit it here in the basement. Don’t have a net setup or anything. But I do the same exact thing right here. My basement. Yeah, it’s a perfect time to be to be doing that.

Jim Collison  [10:32] 
So one of the things when I was over, over at a site, one of the things I saw was this push now tour, jolt golf laser rangefinder and like, I like everything else. I was kind of like, Oh my God, have we gotten crazy on the technology and Mike, I haven’t followed this at all. I’m sure when you were golfing, maybe all this stuff was there. But the technology around this stuff is crazy.

Mike Wieger  [10:55] 
It’s super interesting. Well to see. So just for a little bit of context here. So this is a laser range. finder, you look through a magnifying glass under the telescope and you press the button and it laser finds it. You used to in the old school, you would look through a, like a telescope, right? Little tiny monocle. And it would have like imprinted in the actual telescope was like, you know, almost like you would see on a rifle scope. So you would have to line up the T with the top of that you have to line it up, and it would give you a distance of where you’re at. These are really cool. But then, you know, the crazy part is so all these golf companies have golf courses, spent a bunch of money putting GPS is into the carts themselves. So your cart has GPS. And so you just pull up next to a ball. It tells you how far away you are. Usually it has a map of the course it’s really nice. So that was the first time that these started to take a hit as far as does it make sense for you to spend $200 when most courses, especially if it’s a course you play with time has the range. Then the next step though, that really these guys took a hit was when now I mean I have three different apps on my phone that are Golf GPS apps. And then I have my watch and I golf with my watch and I just look at my watch how far away am I? I don’t even need to look at anything. I don’t need a laser anything. Look down at my watch, I can see exactly how far away I am distance to bunker. I do my whole scorecard on my watch. I never write any more on the scorecard. So these have become It’s crazy, like the technology in golf. And first of all, golf is also a sport that the technology catches on really fast because it’s usually it attracts right higher income players who are willing to just mean that the money people throw at golf is crazy. So all these tools are extremely cool. But what I like about the whole watch app and everything is it’s forcing Bushnell and some of those guys to really innovate and it brings the price down a little bit there used to not be any competitor though, so they used to be even way more expensive than $200 especially with like Garmin golf watches. They used to be like thousand dollar things. So it’s causing a lot of competition which is really cool in the markets. I’m very intrigued. I’ll be heading over to birdies, crazy golf comm to check out some other other So they have an Ultimate Guide to the perfecting your golf swing yeah looks like is a one of the things we’ll probably check out and see if any practice tips for my basement swinging during quarantine

Jim Collison  [13:09] 
yeah check out the site there’s some there’s some gadgets there as well I was kind of interested like again I’m not into golf so I spent some time looking through the gadgets and I was like holy crap I need to like yikes Now it could be a while before we’re back on the on the you know on the course

Mike Wieger  [13:24] 
I think most courses are still open or you think so? Yeah, I saw snapchats of super easy right super easy you’re not playing you just go up by yourself. There are groups of four is the most they allow anyway so it’s less than 10

Jim Collison  [13:37] 
birdie crazy golf comm check it out. There’ll be a link in the show notes as well if you want to check it out. And if you’re a golf guy, let us know in our in our discord group, the average guy TV slash discord or on the Facebook side of the average slash Facebook. It’s that time of the year and if you’re into the I’m not, but if you’re into that, we’ll have it you know, what I’d love to know is what kind of tech you’re using around that because I had no idea until we started Having mark and Mike on the show and we started talking about grilling, I had no idea like grilling and smoking was as technical as it was. Yeah. And I have I have, I’ve learned a ton. Kevin says Kevin scoot over in chat says golf courses closed in his area. So I just think it’s a great time. If you can get out in your backyard, do some swings, you know, you know, before we dive into the show, Mike, I think let’s talk a little bit about fatigue that’s going on right now, as we’re home all day. Like, you would think this is the best thing since sliced bread and peanut butter. I get to be at home, I get to do whatever I want, so to speak, but we’re like, I don’t know about you. I am cranking out more work than I ever have. And like we got to find some things. I think we get new we need to find some things to not be working all the time because it’s super easy to do it right.

Mike Wieger  [14:48] 
That’s I was just gonna say for me, it’s the it’s the lines are very blurred right now, between your work and your home life, especially if you’ve got kids at home that you need to be watching and so they You know, so then you’re working late into the night because to make up for time during the day that maybe you are distracted by the kids things like that, or for any reason you’re distracted, so then even more so like, my hours at night, and then that bleeds into much longer than I thought. It’s just everything’s a little. You’re right, the balance is is off a little bit. And then it’s it’s another thing of getting used to everyone’s new schedule, like what works best. It’s just no longer 85 of the time we get a hold of people, there’s sometimes people are starting their day way earlier, because they’re early risers. Right? And so it’s it’s been interesting to try and figure out the balance and even to schedule a meeting is is extremely interesting.

Jim Collison  [15:32] 
Yeah, it’s in and I’m finding like this idea of tech fatigue, where I’m in the same spot with the same tech get eight monitors down here. We spent some time this week. I think Brian our started a conversation on Twitter about By the way, lots of conversations tech wise going on in Twitter, so follow me at Jay Collison if he wants to. Like the group we have discord maybe that’s not your thing. We have Facebook, maybe that’s how you think maybe you can join us on Twitter at a Coulson there’s a lot of great conversations. Tony, right is a legend on Twitter legend, let’s just let’s just put it that way. But that being said, you know, you got these eight monitors down here now and this big one I’ve got this Dell 34 Ultra sharp behind me. Finally, at the end of the day, I’m pretty tired now what I’ve been doing is this concept that I just made up maybe somebody already said it’s called these micro workouts so instead of waking up in the morning and giving 45 minutes to a long workout, getting all sweaty and then all that stuff. I’m splitting up my workouts throughout the day on kind of low tech things. So pull ups push ups walking around the block. I think I probably mentioned that last week I started another successful we tape it keeping track of it in an Excel spreadsheet. Little bit of workouts throughout the day. I’m taking a walk with Samantha, one of the things that’s motivating me though is I’m starting to track more and more of that on my watch, or more and more of an Excel so that I can compare today to yesterday and I kind of kind of know Am I keeping up I give myself Saturday and Sunday off so I can kind of rest. recuperate kind of get Get back right? This may be a time to break out that Fitbit maybe you bought it and it’s sitting on the desk and in you know if you can it doesn’t mean you have to get the steps all at once. Like and it doesn’t mean you have to go around the block you could we were out for a walk but see me Stop she was playing Pokemon Go and I just started doing circles and start walking sir and you look stupid, I get it right. But you got to get some movement in you got to get some things. You can go and do some yard work. If you have if it’s spring where you’re at or fall or you’re at maybe, or maybe it never is spring or fall. Get outside, get some work done. Like get away from you know, get away from the screens get away from your work a little bit. It’s just too easy to do that. Mike, have you ever found any apps to help her or technology we talked a smidge about it last week, but you know every week is like a month at this point. Yeah. And the things we find anything you found this week that may be helpful.

Mike Wieger  [17:57] 
Not necessarily new. I like you have been tracking things a lot better so we’ve actually gotten really into biking because the boys it’s one way to get the boys out of the house and let them just kind of be in the fresh air right so I put them in the like a burly thing that goes that pulls behind my bike and we go for just a long bike ride right get out and do that and buy one gripe about the Apple Watch bike I need the option to hate tell tell the watch them I’m hauling like 65 extra pounds behind me so actually count for a lot more right like there’s a reason I’m struggling to get up these hills. But tracking all my workouts on on the watch. So technology wise, no, I’m kind of the same as you the little things throughout today. I have a makeshift like pull up bar over here. Same thing as you i’m doing i’m doing the I’m not doing the videos, right because I can just spontaneously go do 20 push ups. Now I do want to get better at tracking that side of things. I haven’t done that. It’s a good idea. I figured you know I’m right in front of all my tech. I could just pulled an Excel sheet and tracked everyone I’m sure there’s an app for that as well.

Jim Collison  [19:00] 
Yeah, you know, whatever motivates you, right? I think it’s that thing you got to find your thing. Don’t you know, there’s a peloton app. By the way every company that sells fitness equipment that has their own app peloton is great when to do 13 bucks a month I ended up canceling mine just because I wasn’t using it. I was doing my own thing here. I wasn’t finding it convenient. So I just cancelled it for now I kind of I don’t know about you. But I went through my credit card statement and I went through the bank account and said, Okay, what subscriptions Do I have that that need to be different? that need to be 01 of the ones I’ll be honest, we talked about in the beginning of the show, I thought about canceling was hellofresh and then I got an email from them talking about all the all the service work that they’re doing and all the free meals that they’re they’re providing during this time. I’m like, oh, why? Why did you Why did you do that? Now I have to, uh, it was it was you know

Mike Wieger  [20:00] 
The one I’ve I was excited to use that I never got to because the big thing for me was this was gonna be my first so I don’t know if I mentioned I got into hockey, right picked up hockey is kind of that was gonna be my new sport to play get out. And so my my league was supposed to start this week actually, and they’re pushing it back till May. But there’s a really cool app if you’re into skating and hockey called hockey tracker, and you just wear your watch. And at the end, it tells you mean how fast we’re skating and how many calories you burned. And it’s really defined for hockey. So that was one app that I thought I was going to start using this week but haven’t been able to

Jim Collison  [20:33] 
couple comments from chat rooms. Speaking of Tony, I invoked his name and he just showed up. No Julia watches at work right. He has to be clean shaven. So yeah, in Tony’s case, he’s still going to work right. I mean, we’ve got we’ve got folks who are continuing to do health care workers who are continuing to have to go into work. I think we talked about this last week, like the whole world was assumed everybody was coming home and there had nothing to do and that’s like, Guys are still working. To get done like we have, I can’t watch. I’m not gonna sit around and watch Netflix all day. Of course Tony’s out still doing great work in the things that he’s doing. Joe says, I stopped wearing my android watch so I can wash my hands up to my elbows.

Jim Collison  [21:14] 
And don’t take the watch off. Take the watch off. If he were to do it that way.

Jim Collison  [21:19] 
You know, Tony, Tony says it seems to be be such a good time with your family when you talk about hellofresh. I have, like hellofresh is when we cook it and we cook it together as a family. And now Sammy and I cook it together and Sarah makes the drinks and she’s a great bartender. So we just have a great time doing it. It’s been it has been this if there’s anything that we’ve benefited from from this, it’s the extra family time I know you’re getting to

Mike Wieger  [21:45] 
write Yeah, and actually so when you said family, I’m like well done, Mike. There is a brand, there’s a new thing that I’m using, but it’s for the kids, not for me. And actually Amazon is running a really big sale right now. For $69 you can get a Kids fire tablets. So it comes with it’s the seven inch tablet comes with the big blue or pink, you know case for it, that’s kid proof. So usually I think that’s 100 bucks, or maybe even more than that. And it’s down to $69 right now. Now they are not there behind. So those won’t come till mid April. But so I did order two of those. And I haven’t told him yet. So I’m gonna have to ease that in the conversation. And also a subscription to ABC mouse. Now, I don’t know if ABC mouse is the best one. So this is the you know, kind of a, I’ll call it a geeks challenge out to you guys. Maybe if you’re a parent out there who has a better suggestion for me. But ABC mouse is essentially this learning platform, right? It’s a digital learning platform for its general it’s a targeted towards preschool to second grade kids, which is my kids wheelhouse, right, I will say. So I sign them up. I’m using two iPads that I already have. And I tested out with the boys today. It’s not intuitive for a kid, you they still need a lot even like when you tell them because you tell them you set up your kids and you say what age they are, and it builds a curriculum for them. But like the buttons they need to press to get teach activity is not clear. So I’m not extremely impressed with it, they have a month free so you can go out and try it for a month free. So I am open to other ideas if you guys are have any apps that you use for your kids, I want pure educational, I don’t want even just a blend I want like pure educational because this is really going to be targeted for I have these meetings throughout the day calls rights. I really need them to, you know, full quiet for about 45 minutes. And so that’s what I’m using it for just little chunks throughout the day. And I don’t really want them getting used to playing games yet for them. I want them to to not know that that exists, just because they’re still pretty young. But yeah, so those two things Amazon having that sale, plus ABC mouse also having their one month free we can try test him out. Yeah, I think a lot are doing a lot of companies, a lot of software companies are doing that as well, where they’re they’re providing their stuff services like a just use it free for the next couple months I think it’s a great it’s a great gesture it is and Mark Robinson has a great point in chat those kids tablets when you were the kids version on Amazon, they have an unlimited warranty for three years. So screen breaking cracking them throwing them across the room whatever and already at 69 bucks that’s already really reasonable way cheaper than grabbing an iPad for them and they don’t really need an iPad. Amazon has everything they’ll need.

Jim Collison  [24:24] 
I bought one of the kids ones on sale like you know it’s like 50 bucks and then I had to look up how to crack it so that they could get past all restrictions.

Jim Collison  [24:33] 
Yeah other stickers that are on it. Well jump in our discord group the average guy TV slash discord by the way that link had been broken for a while some for some reason. There was a weird redirect on it and I was on Ask the podcast coach last Saturday morning and directed somebody into it. And they’re like, hey, this thing doesn’t work. And I don’t know how long it’s been broken that way. So if you try to get to our discord group and whatever you got a weird screen. Try again. It’s all fixed. Christian got me set up. I just had one space in there that wasn’t supposed to be there, and it threw the whole thing off. So if you’ve been trying to get into the discord group and it didn’t work, and you’re like, ah, screw that Collison guy, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Go ahead, let’s come back. And let’s get that discussion going. Maybe we can get some stuff around apps and kind of help in this scenario, get my help as well. Mike, we’ve been spending a bunch of time having fun actually, as we’ve turned our GPUs on to this folding project. We talked about it last week or two weeks ago. I’m really you know, folding at home protein folding been around a while. The idea is hopefully this will help in when they’re coming up with a with or coming up with a vaccine for this coven. Who knows if they will or not, we’ve turned this into a big gigantic competition. If you’re interested in joining us, I’ll just say head off to sign up for Team 243306 there’s I don’t know how many of us now 123456 789 1011 this is more than last time 1213 1415 1617 about 18 else out there that have joined this, this group. Mark Robson’s number one right now, john. JOHN Biggs. Number two, I’m three and you are four. But man, these numbers can move pretty good to Joe skis five. These, these can move pretty quick. I see Chris Kenny out there. Ken is out there. Kevin, scoot over. I see. I recognize Justin Simmons, Justin might crank it up, dude. And he’s slacking over there. I thought I thought he was gonna do better. So if you want to do that, it’s actually pretty easy. You can give CPU or GPU power give as much as little as you want. Mike, I think there’s low medium and in all the way turned on modes, right, that takes different power levels and such.

Mike Wieger  [26:51] 
Yeah, and really, I’ve noticed the only difference is if you know, I think would be a power bill thing because, for example right now in this machine to machine I’m podcasting on hopefully you guys don’t notice is folding on full power, GPU and CPU. So it does a really the one thing folding goes really well compared to blink is it does just take whatever’s extra, so I don’t think I have any trouble I’ve never I’ve would you would I would never notice that I’m folding unless for I guess I haven’t tried to fire up a game while I’ve been folding but you can never tell you’re folding on your machine at least I haven’t been able to Yeah,

Jim Collison  [27:26] 
unlike Bitcoin, it seems to be a little more forgiving about using it at the same time but let me encourage you this I’ve I’ve thought a lot about this like it does take power to do this. This isn’t free and depending on where things go with this current situation it may or may not be wise to have everything turned up full blast all the time on your power it will consume more power right I’ve turned mine down a little bit. They were full. They were full blast and I brought them back to medium just kind of laying Get competitive sometimes and I push them back up to full because I want to win. But this is consuming power. These are dollars you’re donating power dollars. Right? Right. So be responsible in this and you know if you can do it, do it if you can’t, that’s fine. We just want to give folks an opportunity in Iran. I wanted to recognize everybody jumped jumped in to help. I think I spent a little fun there’s a couple you know, we got a couple six millions and a couple for millions and a couple one millions. And it’s super fun. Like I’ve just enjoyed the time. The The best part is the conversations we’ve had in the discord group about it. And it’s just been fun to kind of talk about it until the competition.

Jim Collison  [28:38] 
Yeah. So still want to join us on that. Would you add anything else to it before I wrap it?

Mike Wieger  [28:43] 
Uh, no. I mean, this was just gonna lead into kind of my I bought a new piece of hardware for the first time ever, well, not ever, for the first time in a very long time. And it kind of connects to this but I think I have found if you are an average guy out there and you’re looking for it GPU, a new GPU, right a current series GPU. I think for the average guy, I kind of found the best one to go with did a lot of research into this. So I did not buy a GPU for folding, I can joke that I did. But I really needed I needed a GPU in the unread box to do some transcoding for Plex. And then I still needed one in this machine. So it was kind of like, well, if I’m going to get another one, I’m gonna upgrade this one a little bit my machine. I’m not going to go crazy though and buy the top line graphics card. So what I have found is just keep this time a few simple points is with the new GPUs that I’m talking about strictly Nvidia, AMD I’m not familiar with but if you’re looking for an Nvidia GPU, there’s really you know, a few new cards you got the 20 at the at the 2070. And then they have this card in the middle. It’s called the 1660. There’s a few iterations of the 1660. But the difference being between the 1616 like a 1060 is the new 1660 is on the touring architecture, which is the new architecture that even the 20 series cards use. So the 20 series cards use this Turing architecture, it’s got four if you’re a streamer, the encoder that it has for encoding your stream is comparable and almost better than the old h 264. Standard. So it’s going to look really good when you’re using for encoding. But the turn architecture is really good. So the only really difference between the 1660 and the 20 series cards is it doesn’t have ray tracing. Ray tracing is like the new hot thing in gaming. Admittedly, a lot of games don’t even take full advantage of it yet. And a lot of us don’t have monitors that would even look that good on it. So for the average guy, if you’re if you don’t need ray tracing, this thing is a really affordable card and here’s what I’ll tell you. So there’s the regular 1660. Then there’s a 1660. Super, and then there’s a 1660. Ti. The 1660. Super is the sweet spot right now I think you can get them for about 220 bucks, brand new, so not that bad. It has the Turing architecture, the difference between the super and the regular 1616 It uses what is it gdd are six is six ram into the drive? Yeah, DDR six sorry, not g DDR six ram called DDR five RAM, which actually in testing has made a really big difference. And then the only step up to the tee is still a little bit of performance, but still uses DDR six Ram. So the performance wise, the super between the super and the TI saves about 3040 bucks, and most people aren’t gonna know the difference between those two so I think it’s really the sweet spot of the latest generation. Right? It just came out last year 1660 Super might fit the needs for most guys who want to do it does 1440 p gaming on medium high settings. But really it’s known as like the Tandy p best card if you’re gaming attenti p this thing will crank out the frames with a great frame rate on it so great for gaming. So it’ll be interesting when uh Oh, right. Since GDPR is right, so yeah, okay,

Jim Collison  [32:02] 
for GDPR I thought that’s what you said the first GDPR Okay, there we go. Yeah, so we split the difference.

Mike Wieger  [32:10] 
So I think that’ll be. I think that’s a great card if you guys are looking for a current series card to get into so I’ll be interested to see I am going to throw up folding because that’s going to go in this rig that I’m podcasting on in gaming. Michael says 265 at Best Buy right now. So there’s a couple different versions of it. Which one did I order? That’s a really good question. I think I went with MSI. No, I want the A Seuss Strix GeForce GTX 1660 the naming convention was super weird, because you know, everyone’s like, Well, you know, what’s the difference here because this is GTX compared to the 20 series cards is different like, well, it’s better than the 1060 series. It’s on the touring architecture, but doesn’t have ray tracing. So we don’t want to mix it up between those two. That’s why it’s on a 20 series card, kind of in between. It’s right in between it. I think it’s a great sweet sweet spot for 1060s we’re getting a bit, you know, just old, right? Those hadn’t been updated in three or four years. So 1660 is a great littles and I would go for the Super, because a super is only about 20 bucks more than the regular and you’re getting a bump up to the next generation of RAM, which is important. Okay.

Jim Collison  [33:15] 
Okay, good, good recommendation,

Mike Wieger  [33:17] 
I would just say yes, I did cancel the zotac. So as fast as I ordered it, I swapped it, because I figured out that I didn’t need the tie. And at the super was gonna do just as well for me and I could save some bucks. So yeah,

Jim Collison  [33:30] 
if you did, you could throw that on at the team. I should notice I should recognize a team we quickly moved up the charts and we’re under 2000 now. So that’s it, stats, dot And then of course just put our team slash teams slash 243306 if you want to join us there and then mark turn beyond to this folding dot extreme overclocking calm. And then there’s some team information as well. I won’t read it because it’s super boring, but it’s got a really cool graphic associated with it. Okay. It looks at our team’s processing throughout the weekend where it’s dropping, it’s because I’ve stopped for whatever reason, and stopped, I’ve paused or shut some things down or whatever. And so you can see kind of the dips in the charts as well. So kind of cool that I follow these every day, just kind of watch them along with everybody else, just to kind of track and see what we’re doing. Again, thanks for jumping on the team, no pressure there, by the way, no pressure to buy those cards right now. Like, it’s a tough time for a lot of people. And so we want to be careful, you know, do it. If you have money, great. But but we want to help by the way, this still goes out. If you’re, if you’re going through this time, you’ve been a listener, and you’re going through this time, and you need somebody to talk to, like reach out to us a little bit. This isn’t a time it’s this tough times on people right now. And this isn’t we don’t want this to be. We don’t want this to be tough on you. So if you need somebody to talk to reach out to us, just let us know, Jim at the average and we’d love to have a conversation if that’s the case. Need to kind of make it through the day? Mike, a couple habits have been changing. For me. I mentioned the micro workouts, but a couple, like unintended consequences of making the technology switch over to coming at home. In one is like to FA off my watch now. Like, I never used it before, but now that I have to authenticate on this computer, that’s not my work laptop I am constantly having because we use Microsoft, Microsoft two FA to get that done. I am constantly,

Jim Collison  [35:30] 
dude, dude.

Mike Wieger  [35:32] 
Does that work then? Like what it what app is that? It’s on your watch?

Jim Collison  [35:35] 
Yeah, so it’s the Microsoft app, the Microsoft two factor app. So it’s called but you know, interesting.

Mike Wieger  [35:41] 
Okay, cuz I when I saw this in the notes, I instantly went looked because I use LastPass authenticator. That’s the app I use, because the nice great part about LastPass authenticator is it backs up to LastPass. Yep. to actually do a backup of those codes. But that does not have I’m surprised they don’t but does not have a watch for I would love to Yeah, click that and scroll through all my numbers and get the number I need because I am using that all the time.

Jim Collison  [36:05] 
Well in this case, all it’s saying is to me is dismiss or approve. So it’s it’s that approval message you get. Hey, I see you’re trying to log in Is that you? And you say yes

Mike Wieger  [36:16] 
got it. So this is just for that Microsoft account. This is not our Microsoft

Jim Collison  [36:21] 
account a no yeah. Okay, but it would it would be worth looking into I’m doing so much more to FA on stuff it would be worth looking into. I think spend spend some time like, what else could I do on my watch that I’m not currently doing on that because I got it with me. You know, it’s just again, it was just a change. It was a habit change I almost never use because I go into work. And I didn’t need to f8 work like I was one on behind the firewall. I’m fine, right? It’s

Mike Wieger  [36:48] 
Are you using the history functionality anymore than you were before? And I know,

Jim Collison  [36:54] 
my phone you know, but but are you

Mike Wieger  [36:57] 
Yes, 100% because way reason Because I’m I’m wearing my air pod pros pretty much all day, right for calls and everything that I’m doing, I’m wearing those number one, the first thing I love about the pros that they announce a text message to you, and we’ll read it to you. But you know, when you’re in the comfort of your own house, it’s not awkward anymore. I’m constantly using Hey, sad, Senate texting text here, do this, what’s on my calendar, all that sort of stuff. And it’s been super helpful. And then also I started doing it because we were on the bikes, and I’d wear the air pod pros on the bike. And I was like, wait, I can just say, you can just say it and it works. And it works even while I’m cruising pretty fast on the bike. I thought the wind noise would would break it up. It doesn’t sit but around the home. I’ve been using it a ton.

Jim Collison  [37:42] 
Okay, yeah, that’s it. That’s it again, then I think kind of thinking I’ve been thinking through my like I’m I’m doing my flash briefing now in the morning. So I get up I make I make a cup of coffee just like I always did before when I went into work, so I’d make a latte. Then used to grab that cup and I just take it into work with me. Well now and bringing it down here and go into work. And I’m brewing. We talked about this a couple weeks ago. I’m brewing. perked coffee, right, which is delicious, by the way, like, I’m not sure I’m ever gonna go back to work coffee. Like, I think I’m taking my perk to work. Yeah, yeah. Where do we go back when we go back for it? Um, but it’s and then but as I’m brewing the coffee, I’m listening to my flash briefing, which I kind of got away from. But now that news is so important, right, you know, it’s so now that we have the five the echo show five courses video, Amazon has really opened up their advertising on it to Hey, ask for this and ask for that and ask for these and do recipes. And how do I do this? And Sammy does conversions on it, right. So we’re, we’re finding we’re using that piece more, but I’m using, like a really low speed technology that I didn’t think I’d ever had. Come back to it’s called sticky notes. It’s not

Mike Wieger  [39:03] 
a physical paper.

Jim Collison  [39:04] 
Oh, okay. On Windows 10, right, there’s a sticky note app that’s there. You can do some amazing things with it, like, write things down. Like it’s and I had been I had been old school here’s the parrot is right here. You know, I’m old school on my desk. And I tried this at work. I tried to get totally digital at work. It never worked for some reason. I don’t know why. But it’s working here. Like having a digital list. Available on my desktop. I think it’s synced. has been has its work to this time, which has been amazing to me that

Mike Wieger  [39:41] 
I I’ve made a switch off of paper and I’m it’s still list guy. That’s how I’m most productive. Have you have you done anything from a productivity standpoint, that’s that’s changed things. One Note has been I have really, you know, I It all started for me when I transitioned roles at work and I said I use it as an opportunity to really kind of change up my organization. And the one thing I love about OneNote is, uh, you know, quick tip here, you guys know, if you go up to like there’s an option in the top right, you open up a new page and one of your notebooks, and you can go to the top and you can select one of your outlook meetings, and all sudden populates that page with the date the meeting title, all the attendees with hyperlinks to their email, and then gives you a spot to just start typing notes. So right away, I mean, within seconds of me starting immediate go to OneNote click that it gives me the template to use, save it and then it even has an email this page button. So I if I’m taking notes from the team, I can just click that and it all it fills in the email even with all your all your notes, along with all the email addresses of the people that were in the meeting, because it knows because it pulled it from your outlook. So I love OneNote has been huge for me. I’ve been adding in the I’ve been flagging it as a task in OneNote, which then shows up in Outlook as well. So I’ve really been making OneNote just worked for me. And it really has it’s been it’s been absolutely fantastic. It took me a long time to figure out I have my notebook set up and I love how you can do sub tabs and all sorts of things but that’s been my go to organization which has been a reason switch and a very welcome switch because I really organization for me has always been something I’ve kind of struggle with especially like task management things like that. I was I was big you know, I had a notebook like that right a spiral notebook. And but then you if you don’t remember if you have a lot of meetings and a few days you don’t look back enough pages in the morning you maybe will miss one of the tasks

Jim Collison  [41:27] 
down. No, I’ve tried to switch digital I’ve talked about this on the show for 10 years I’ve tried to switch digital from time to time and I just I get digital and then I hate it and then I come back and like I don’t know for whatever reason this is working for me now. I’ve tried it several times. I’m a weekend we’ll see next week maybe I’ll sell it like you like you sell equipment after you buy it but so far so good. It’s been it’s been a boost to my productivity. couple comments from the chat room. Back to the coffee Brian says all I do is perk which is awesome. Coffee is so freakin Good like I’m a cream and sugar guy when I’m at work the coffee so bad but perk you can just do a black and it’s just delicious. He also says goes with me to work in a Yeti thermos. JOHN takes 29 grams of home roasted coffee with him and brews it on the aeropress at work. Kevin says Microsoft Teams OneNote to do that’s a good combo together

Mike Wieger  [42:25] 
how long his team has been out I just need to ask because this is like a revelation to me and it has been the best thing ever the call the call quality on his own like especially cuz our whole organization uses it. Like I almost wonder like why we have phones in our office anymore because it’s like it’s so easy the video the audio works great the chat functionality. Each team having their own you know page like wiki page we keep track of all of our links and it is just so perfect and it’s all in one place.

Unknown Speaker  [42:56] 
I don’t know why

Jim Collison  [42:58] 
I was skeptical when when it came into the enterprise, we switched over to it pretty fast. And it just in our enterprise changed to a pretty fast, which has been kind of crazy. So that’s um, that is out there. Tony said been with Evernote since beta haven’t figured out one note just yet. Justin says teams in OneNote, but have been using those for ages. Kevin says mix mix modes work for some take notes on paper scan into one note you could do that you could do I’ve never been a guy to be able to take notes and then take a picture of it. That hasn’t I probably could do more of that because there’s the OCR technology has gotten so much better.

Mike Wieger  [43:38] 
That’s why I went digital. And to be honest, that was the one reason

Jim Collison  [43:43] 
so everything Yeah, well, it’s, you know, anytime you change your routine, and again, for some nothing’s changed. In fact, you’re busier than you were before. You’re still at work, and you’re busy. By the way, if you’re still at work, thanks for going into work. If you’re still at work, there’s a reason you’re there. And it’s probably because we need you. And so if you’re if you’re the one very good point, I want to I want to apologize on behalf of all the everybody who just said, I’m so bored at home now, I don’t know what to do with my I want to apologize for them because they’re their dicks. Like that’s the that is the biggest dick move I’ve ever heard in my life, folks who have to go in still are working their collective asses off to get this done for us. And so if you’re still going into work, thanks for doing that if you’re home, I get it. You’re bored. Find some things if you’re less I’m busier, find some find some things to do. Like we need to get busy. We need to get some things done. And you know, I know everybody’s situation is a little bit different. And so I’m trying not to be insensitive to that. But we Brian says, everyone needs lead. So let’s see if we get that to show up. There we go. Now, that was Mark. Everyone needs lead. So I’m working on And Mark says critical infrastructure support here. Yeah, no, we appreciate if you’re if you’re having to go into work, I appreciate what you have to do to get that done, whether it’s in healthcare or infrastructure or retail, like that still has to happen for and that’s that’s like for people who have to deal with people all day. And my wife’s working as a for in a physical therapy office and I worry a little bit about it. But you know, it is what it is. And we’ve got to get through. So for those of you who are still going into work, appreciate that. It has been a whole new revelation. I think a third or maybe almost half of the United States has gone home, you know, and it’s like, and then we were talking in pre show you was looking at the numbers on Twitter and 6.6 million Americans applied for unemployment this last week. So look, it’s a lot, and I think it’ll be 10 million come next week. So we have a lot of folks out of work too, and I don’t want to be insensitive to that as well. If you’re out of work. I am sorry. Like it just I am hoping that we can get things put back together and I’m hoping we’re smart enough to be able to get this thing put back together and get to get get the world rolling again. I’m just you know, there’s there’s a lot of things that can happen. Speaking of problems, Mike, I don’t know if you saw this, this I think this is a really helpful let me bring this up really quick. So there’s a site called the down detector. Speaking of problems, like think about all the services over the last two or three weeks, it’s just this we’re not ready.

Mike Wieger  [46:31] 
I’m looking at you Xbox Live, ruining my nights, some nights that one thing I just want to do is hop on and play some Call of Duty and the amount of time it has been down has been crazy.

Jim Collison  [46:43] 
Okay, so I totally screwed up last week. I think it was 239. So two weeks ago, 237. We were looking at that map that had what I thought was thermostats people still thought it was monitoring people’s thermostats. And so but based on the temperature that they were keeping their house in You remember that conversation?

Mike Wieger  [47:01] 
conversation? It wasn’t

Jim Collison  [47:02] 
thermostats it was thermometers it was digital thermometers that they would measure

Unknown Speaker  [47:09] 
that’s a big difference.

Jim Collison  [47:10] 
Yeah it was a huge different bust out kind of busted me out all right, not really he was he was very very kind about it. And I was like oh, oh well that that makes more sense than what I was talking about. Now I still like my scenario better why can’t we use connected thermostats to to write I like that scenario but it was slick I felt like such a jackass the so look at Xbox here I want to make sure I don’t miss read this map here. But it does. It does. Look, I think these the red are reported problems. You can I have a problem. There’s a box right here that you can click that says I have a problem. And then I think that’s what this These reports are tracking that’s in there. So if you want to get some idea, the best time to game. Mike Wieger when’s the best time to game on this? Snap I can’t read it’s just 5am five 5am 5am

Mike Wieger  [48:04] 
yeah it sounds all right well you know I was worried I was like down tector could have gone down for Cox for me like my well they’re a they’re actually on the list or on the list let’s take they finally acknowledged because I was worried Jim I was going to have a situation like you had a few weeks ago my upload was in the tank like last night

Jim Collison  [48:25] 
either upload or download I upload Yeah, mine too. I thought it must be a system wide problem well and so I have it you and me that’s everybody.

Mike Wieger  [48:34] 
Yeah, and I think that’s generally the trend I think they’re just giving people a line to because so I’m on Giga blast. I’m only getting on I say only I know this is to a lot but it’s still half honestly I’m getting 450 down. Right which is it is no problem for me. That’s way more down than I actually need. Totally fine with that. But my upload I’m supposed to get 35 last night I was getting like one to two and because I tried Last night I had finally had some free time. I haven’t streamed on Twitch and forever I was super excited I got a new Elgato capture card in this rig and so like super excited to use it got on and also stream labs OBS is like yeah, it’s I have no upload speed to work with here was totally down. They macaques finally did acknowledge via Twitter to me not via chat I went through like an hour and a half online chat with them chat is not the way to go. By the way, if you’re gonna do your cable provider, I was on, you know, tech chat with them. They had me doing a bunch of stuff. I’m like, Guys, I know what I’m doing here. Like, can we skip all these steps? Right like, I have, I have actually bypassed my router. I wouldn’t plug in two different laptops directly in the modem did a speed test. I can confirm these are the numbers. It is not on my side. And it’s not hardware. It’s not QoS settings in my router. I don’t have a router in place right now. Right? It’s right. I took that out. So, but Twitter, they actually said okay, we did just acknowledge an outage in your area, a text Gonna be out like, Well, can you give me an ETA because like uploads kind of important because I was having video calls at work get all gobbly too. And I that’s it. I mean, that’s what I’m doing all day. So I and they said, well, it’s iffy and then he gave it to me in like the 24 hour format like, I think hoping I couldn’t read it. Like Alright, so 130 I’ll check. I checked it got a tad better. I’m up to like eight now, but still not the 35 I’m supposed to be getting I think, you know, honestly, it’s understandable, right? How many people now are at home slamming those home connections with with data and then so it makes sense to me. But what’s hard for me is they’re not just straight up admitting it, because they even in the text chat on Cox’s website. When I was chat with him, I’m like is this I said, I just straight up asked him I said Is this just because everyone’s home is just something to live with? I’m fine with that. And he said, No, our infrastructure is built to handle all of this and handle the surge. No problem. I’m like, Okay, well then get the speeds up. I know. I was totally fine. If you just said yeah, you’re eating. It’s because this lamb we can’t handle it. Fine. I totally understand.

Jim Collison  [51:00] 
You think I am? Is that what you’re saying?

Mike Wieger  [51:02] 
100% I don’t think their structure can handle it yeah I think and I don’t think the texts gonna come out I don’t think I’m gonna see any speed increase right i think it’s just that I understand I get it I just want them to say that instead of giving you the line to me right but hey at least leaves me open to it well hey if you have the infrastructure and hopefully my speed actually got put on paying for

Jim Collison  [51:23] 
okay apparently possible problems that come now again, these are stealth This is at down detector calm and this is mainly for Cox’s website, probably not for their actual service. No, maybe people are going here in reporting these are self reported. Right? This is self reported problems. People are coming here and saying they’re having problems. And it’s not bad for everybody. You know, Hulu is doing pretty well here. Well, it says possible problems but there’s a little spike in hulu’s numbers but it’s kind of staying under the it’s kind of stand. I wonder if Chipotle is on there. We could

Mike Wieger  [51:56] 
pull a was out today for lunch and Twitter. It was just exploding and didn’t know what to do. Here’s our friends at Amazon.

Jim Collison  [52:03] 
No problems at Amazon. So those numbers are pretty low. There’s a there’s an average number and that goes across it. So maybe, you know, again self reported and reliable or not, I don’t know, but it would give you if you’re struggling with your service provider, at least you can go out there and collect it. I kind of keep thinking I don’t want to be that guy that calls Cox and it’s like, it doesn’t work because one I’m going to go through 45 minutes and troubleshooting a disconnect everything from the router. Okay, plug one computer in. Okay. Now then they’re like you have an old router. And I don’t know and I do actually. And it’s theirs. Apparently, I thought I bought it. But they see it as theirs and they’re like, you can just exchange it if you want and I’m not paying for it. So I should, but none of their offices are open right now. Right? I’m kind of like, are they gonna shoot me one So anyways, it’s not the router though.

Mike Wieger  [52:57] 
I have their brand new panoramic modem that I pay them 10 bucks a month for and it’s still and like I said I unplugged ever I just plugged a computer straight into that modem and was still me. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [53:09] 
okay. Well, it’s uh, you know it is. It’s a problem like I need we’re making it I think I’m at three or four up. You remember we had that problem. This is like long before this pain. Oh, you’re still that low? Well, no, I’ve been three or four I need 10 like, that’s what I pay for. I need 10 it’s not that hard. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [53:31] 
give me 10

Jim Collison  [53:34] 
So anyways, it’s working. It’s working like we’re making it today. Right? I think our our videos not bad. So I don’t know,

Mike Wieger  [53:41] 
holding at the same time. We’re just really being effective. Well,

Jim Collison  [53:44] 
I did pause my phone. Oh, good. Bye. It was getting a little warm down here. And I’m like, Oh, I’m still doing my duty. I should Jake’s Are you judging me? I’m shaming you. Or you’re shaming me. I’m getting folding, shame holding shame.

Mike Wieger  [53:58] 
Like Like I tried to store it. Shame you on on Twitter with your unread box.

Jim Collison  [54:02] 
I know and I got, I got shamed at work for drinking coffee out of a paper cup. Like someone was doing a podcast and I

Mike Wieger  [54:12] 
was 90% of coffee consumed out of these plastic or like paper cups from like, think about Starbucks, like, I was paper cups.

Jim Collison  [54:19] 
Totally, totally Well, they’re not reusable. So I was gonna use I took a drink and I put it down and somebody in the chat room was like, Jim, is that is that a paper cup is that’s not reusable. I How dare you. Sorry, I did four times today. Does that count? Like I did reuse it? Four times that day. I didn’t get a new copy each time. So. So Michael Delaney says 6 million people out of work. That’s 6 million people who could be doing a podcast. Could you imagine if everybody that was unemployed started a podcast. Joe says T Mobile had a huge outage. Tony says lies, damn lies and telecom providers. Yeah, that those those two lies and telecom go pretty go pretty well together. I guess Twitter also has it down detector.

Mike Wieger  [55:13] 
Joe, is he saying search it right that’s, that’s what that’s what I need today which bowl and you search to pull away first thing was everyone ranting about how the website was down? How great would it be if that was aggregated a little bit better?

Jim Collison  [55:23] 
You know, maybe maybe some aggregation on that. Um Justin says my ISP is known for for berating the upstream providers and all our helpdesk people are in Australia and, and have a networking background. So tell them, I’m a network engineer, and they go oh, yeah, well, I tried to do this all the time to where I say, okay, don’t make me do the dumb things like I’m really good at this. You know, don’t make me go through. Unplug all your computers, plug one kind computer into the router. We’re going to reset everything and you’re like it’s always like, it’s your modem. It’s always the modem. It’s ice. You need to, you know if you’re Yeah, anyways, that as you can see, I’m gonna get, I’m gonna get Superman. Because I hate that I just want the freaking thing to work at work. One more thing before we go, let me show you a quick picture. We’ve talked about this before, but we’ve talked about this flight, this flight trip radar 24 app that’s on my phone. And I mentioned on the show before I like to sit on my deck at night, when it’s nice outside and recently been doing this with Samantha. And we can see the planes come over and you can on this radar, you can click on the plane, it will tell you where it’s coming from and where it’s going and how high it’s flying. And you know, even at the highest altitudes, 35,001 whatever. 38. You can see the planes, it’s quartz, which is just you see the lights, and it’s just a fun little thing to do. Last couple days, I’ve been opening the app This is what I’ve been seeing. And no, the app is not broken. Like little we are a fly, overstate Mike Wieger. We, this there is never a time in all the times I’ve been looking at the flight 24 or the flight radar 24 app that I’ve ever seen. This is just nothing. You know, it’s blank. It’s this like, This is bad. And now some great there’s been some great benefits from this things. The pollution is way down. You know, there’s the skies are not I mean, people are seeing clear skies in areas. They hadn’t seen him in a while, you know, China just in China, right. They saw blue sky there then seen that in 10 years. Like it was like, yeah, it’s doing the factory shut down. So just a just one more time. Look at that.

Mike Wieger  [57:53] 
It’s unbelievable. Nothing.

Jim Collison  [57:56] 
And I just took this, I don’t know maybe 10 minutes before we started this Show so it’s not like I was waiting for a time for that to show up. It’s just there. So it’s a crazy time that we’re going through. I’m hoping that six months from now, we can be through, it’s going to take us a long time to recover from this, this is gonna be, this is not gonna be a six month we’re out of it.

Mike Wieger  [58:22] 
But you know what else is gonna take a long time to recover? I just I meant to mention this earlier, we’re people’s backs. I was not prepared to sit in this chair for this. And I guarantee you that is the same case with 99% of people out there. Not many people have the same quality chair at home that they have at work now. Think about it. Right? Like not many people think oh, like this is a different quality chair like my back’s gonna hurt. They’re not meant I mean chairs are rated for a certain period of time offset. And I mean, this is just one of those knockoff cheap gaming chairs from Amazon. And while it’s okay it does great for my little short To three hour gaming stuns, I’m in this thing now like all day, it’s my work show. Some people are sitting on couches we talked about a little bit last week. Don’t be sit on your couch, don’t sit on your bed eat at beds the worst. I mean it that long sitting in those type of non supported is not good for even sitting in a chair like I have right here is not good for me for that time. Luckily, I haven’t put it in. You know, it comes with the back pillow, right? Yeah, but right here, it makes me sit up real nice and straight. gets my back support. It’s actually when I sit with the pillow. It does a really good job but chairs. The other thing about it is it’s not an easy solve because they’re so expensive, right? Nice chair a nice office chair that’s going to be worth it. I mean, you’re talking at least three $400

Jim Collison  [59:46] 
if not more third show office chairs, but they’re going to be Yeah, these 199 or these 119 chairs first I’m wondering like so I’m on Office Depot, calm right now and looking through First of all, They’re available. Like, you gotta wonder people gotta be like, like webcams, like one of the computer stuff sold headsets, like that stuff sold out really, really quick. You know, this chair, there’s some there’s some, you know, there’s some cheap 100 a little over $100 60 bucks. But I think this is what your moral you’re talking about right is more like, you know, work pro chair at 400 bucks.

Mike Wieger  [1:00:29] 
Yeah, I’d say probably $200 and down are all going to be the same, even $300 and down are probably all the same quality essentially, once you hit 300 and above is what I’ve noticed people say actually makes a difference. Okay.

Mike Wieger  [1:00:41] 
Okay, I cuz

Mike Wieger  [1:00:42] 
I’ve had one like $150 ones and first of all your legs sweat because they do not breathe at all. And then, you know, over time, they feel great when you first hit him for the first week or so. And then that foam just is gone. You’re sitting on the cardboard underneath.

Jim Collison  [1:00:57] 
I think you’re right. I think you’re right. Brian says monitor or Joe says monitors are in short supply. Brian says are sold out everywhere. So yeah it’s it’s a problem. You know, I’ve been in this chair for a while like this year I’m sitting right now. I’ve been

Mike Wieger  [1:01:20] 
Is it a nice chair?

Jim Collison  [1:01:21] 
Or is it a cheaper chair? No, I think 100 bucks I think you know I think it was 100 and it’s held up pretty well i i love it. But it’s you know, I kind of start wondering you’re kind of right now. I’ve been getting up every 45 minutes I’ve been moving around a lot. I’m getting out and walking around. I am I am exercising. I may be stronger today than I was three weeks ago because I’m doing pull ups and push ups and you know I’ve lost a little weight instead of gained it which is which is kind of interesting through this so I’m eating better because I’m I’m not eating as much I’m not snacking, I snack at work. Like I am a candy hound at work and I’m just always looking for candy. I am on the hunt like chocolate, chocolate well

Mike Wieger  [1:02:02] 
food intake has been better but my beer intake has just gone through the roof I mean just astronomical.

Jim Collison  [1:02:08] 
Oh, this is not bad it’s not a it’s not a bad thing yeah well

Mike Wieger  [1:02:13] 
no and yes or no right

Jim Collison  [1:02:16] 
hey we’re gonna get out and mow the lawn this weekend you’re gonna

Mike Wieger  [1:02:18] 
I am that’s that’s the plan I’ve noticed a mind still a little patchy right it starts out that first spring at least from my yard like little clumps of green start to show up so I just need to go and even it out. You know that I’ve been kind of waiting. I was going to do it last weekend, but I decided to give it one more week. Get out there and level things off the lawn people just came in today to lay down all the spring, the first round of fertilizers and things like that. So yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna get out there and give her a shot.

Jim Collison  [1:02:44] 
Kevin said this a couple times and I don’t know how to pronounce this. How do you pronounce this company? that’s loud. Oh, Aaron. Hey, Aaron. A e r o n used Aeron chairs. We actually Gallup get rid of office chairs all the time that you can just buy and get them for like 25 bucks and the office This chair that I have is the ugliest thing but it is I’ve had it for five, six years at work and I love it and it’s just the ugliest fabric. No mesh but I sit in that thing. I can sit in nothing hours and I don’t you know I don’t have any because the problems you start sweating right and that’s just super uncomfortable when you’re when you’re journaling that so Justin Yeah. Tony says three to 465 near him. Oh, john says Okay, back to mowing. Good my first mo this afternoon sharpen the blade. I need to do that I need to sharpen my blade with his Dremel and I need to do the same. I’ve got a Dremel and I need to get that. I need to get that piece out. And although Yeah, no I need to do it. I just need to get it done. I am hoping that this cold front that move through tonight is not a short I haven’t looked at all weekend forecast but I would like to get on my lawn this week. Get out and get out of this. get outside and enjoy some sunshine. Although, to be honest, this week, I’ve enjoyed more sunshine than I would have ever if I would have been at work. So

Mike Wieger  [1:04:13] 
you know, what’s the what’s the five day for? promo look like? Let’s take a ever worked for me.

Jim Collison  [1:04:21] 
It’s I always my phone is the easiest I think. The weather weather calm app on an iPhone. It’s just dynamite. They say powered by Watson. I don’t know is it doesn’t seem to be this. If we have I thought Watson was supposed to be smarter than just whether people just

Mike Wieger  [1:04:40] 
stupid. Maybe Sunday Sunday’s are day. Sunday supposed to be 61 mostly sunny here. Okay. What do you one Friday 4930 Saturday night 61 next week, look at that 7378 7161 next week looks

Jim Collison  [1:04:56] 
gorgeous. We get some showers late, maybe time to put some put something On one, you know, so it waters it in. Yeah, my guys just came last week. So. All right. I think that’s gonna do it for this episode of Home Gadget Geeks if you’ve been in the chat room, Justin, Joe, john, Kevin Brian. Ken was out there a little bit earlier I saw Ron Alex. Andy was out there earlier as well. Michael, other Jim, thanks for coming out. Thanks for being a part of what we do here. I’m I we got some I mentioned the beginning of the show. We got some great stuff coming up for you. I’m kind of looking forward to getting through this with you guys. And so join us in the community. Make sure you’re in the discord group. If you don’t want to use discord, use Facebook if you don’t use Facebook or find me on Twitter, all kinds of things going on all kinds of ways to connect. I do appreciate the fact that you download the show or whatever, stream it and listen to it every single week and know some of you are behind which means you’re gonna hear me Thank you three or four weeks from now. Some of you are catching up, you’ve, you haven’t been hit because of time restrictions, you haven’t been able to listen and now you are. And if that’s the case, welcome to a full show. Maybe the first time you’ve you’ve listened to a full show. for others of you, you’re under enormous amount of stress. And, and I totally understand that Mike, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about money, you know, oh, it’s every day. Like I’m not gonna lie. I wake up thinking about it. During the day I’m thinking about it at night. I’m thinking about it. I have so I really had trouble I mean, I have trouble sleeping as it is but I’ve really had a lot of trouble sleeping and I just went back to rain on a YouTube video and man that works like that works like a thing magic house your every time I do I try to get fancy and do other apps and meditation or whatever I just deep rain. Just play Rain. I have an eight hour

Mike Wieger  [1:06:55] 
video, play Rain and sit in that chair. You seem to sleep really well in

Jim Collison  [1:06:58] 
that chair right there. This is a good chair. I’ve taken several naps, right and this chair put my feet up. This is the opposite Well, I won’t do it here but the posture his feet up on the desk, and it makes this perfect and the chair is just perfect and my back like it supports everything just perfectly out cold. I am super old too. But anyways, we appreciate you listening and thanks for doing it. A couple reminders before we go one Don’t forget the Patreon link if you want to support us during this time if you can support us awesome. If you were a supporter and you can no longer do it, no shame on that, like I totally understand. But if you want to get involved in what we’re doing here, reach out the average slash Patreon. Get you that done if you enjoyed the discord group, the average guy TV slash Discord. If you want to send us an email Jim at the average if you want to try this try out your beer or whatever send it to us. Jim sent me an email Jim at the average I’ll send you my home address. We bought one of those outside boxes. For our boxes so now we have that I think I mentioned that we have one of those plastic, my FedEx Delivery guy. He’s kind of an older guy. When I say older, maybe like 10 years older than me so 60 Okay,

Jim Collison  [1:08:13] 
and he was like, Hey,

Jim Collison  [1:08:15] 
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