IFTTT Pro, NFL Reboot and Mike has a new PC Build Ahead – HGG459

After covering some details about the September 24, 2020 Patreon Subscribers Pre-Show Meetup, we looked the new Pro Plan from IFTT. We also spent some time talking about how the NFL is going to continue with the 2020 regular season despite COVID concerns here in the US. We wrap the show with a look at a new PC build for Mike and a tip from Jim if you want to watch YouTube without commercials. I think you will find it very interesting.

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[1:11] MyRadar (You should watch the video for this)

[1:59] Jim adds Celsius to his Weather Tweet. Thanks Bjoern

[4:11] HelloFresh – Buffalo Chicken Tacos

[5:54] Patreon Meetup is on

[6:50] Details on the BBQ Meetup on October 24

[12:23] Wifi enabled Smart Switches

[16:29] IFTTT Conversation

[24:23] How is the NFL going to handle COVID-19?

[41:11] Mike’s PC build

[57:33] What is coming next on Home Gadget Geeks

[58:47] Blocking Ads on YouTube with Brave Browser

[1:06:16] Just a couple reminders


Big thanks to Brian and Carlos for the Smart Wi-Fi Wall Switch! 



IFTT now has a pro plan. What would you use it for? (Show the Tweet from Bjoern)




How do you plan on watching sports this fall?




Mike has been helping his brother in law build his first PC. He is coming from always gaming on Xbox and only using a computer for school. 

  • CPU Ryzen 5 3600XT
  • GPU – Right now looking at a RTX 2070 but with the new cards coming out we are waiting to see what happens with pricing
  • Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory
  • Samsung 970 Evo Plus 250 GB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive
  • 1TB spindle drive for game storage
  • ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4S ATX AM4 Motherboard
  • Fractal Design Meshify C ATX Mid Tower Case
  • EVGA B5 550 W 80+ Bronze Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply

Started using Brave for All YouTube Watching – No Commercials


Jim Collison  [0:00] 
This is The Average Guy Network and you have found Home Gadget Geeks show number 459 recorded on September 10 2020.

Here at Home Gadget Geeks here on Home Gadget Geeks we cover all the favorite tech gadgets that find their way into your own news reviews, product updates and conversation all for the average tech guy. I’m your host, Jim Collison broadcasting live from theAverageGuy.TV Studios in here, Mike, we saw a 60 degree swing this week in the temperature. I mean, last week, it was like 90s 96 sorry, I don’t we were 100 and 205 Celsius, let’s just say in that in that range. And yeah, 100 and 102.

Mike Wieger  [0:54] 
Yeah, right. Tuesday and two on Sunday,

Jim Collison  [0:56] 
Tuesday. Hi 53

Mike Wieger  [0:59] 
Well, Monday didn’t wait. We were mid 40s. On Monday, then mid 40s. Right are the lows. Yeah. I mean, yes, literally about a 60 point 5560 point per degree swing. It’s been crazy.

Jim Collison  [1:11] 
We set a record for it. Of course I use my radar, which will show up here on the screen here in just a second. The my radar app if you haven’t used this on Windows, it’s actually pretty good. I paid to have the commercials removed. Be a little fuzzy for you here just for a second that all that stuff needs to work out on the internet.

But it has been Mike watching this app or just over the last week with the weather has been interesting. We haven’t had any severe weather here. It’s been actually just a couple days of some really nice mild kind of rain, which has been good. I think we went I checked my mowing app the other day, and we’ve gotten two tenths of rain since July 25. I was like, Oh, it’s been a little dry out here in the Midwest.

Yeah. But we of course the weather app keeps I love that my radar. It’s just a great, great opportunity.

We I did get Comment on Twitter this week Bjorn said because you know I tweet the weather we’re gonna talk about this with if this than that here in a few minutes but every day I tweet the weather at nine o’clock. My boss who follows me on twitter thought I was I was tweeting the weather literally every day. Every day at nine o’clock I’m good enough just to be able to tweet that but but Bjorn said Can Can we get the temperatures in Celsius for God’s sakes right 95 is almost This is this was last weekend when we were anticipating some pretty hot weather.

And so Bjorn I and I’ve been tweeting back and forth with him at Jay Collison if you want to follow me on Twitter. At we your tech if you want to follow Mike on Twitter. I quickly went into the app but the if this than that Apple talked about this here in just a second and in change that got Celsius on there as well. So great opportunity to get that updated. I don’t sorry for all everybody else in the world that does Celsius except us.

But now the weather tweet if you don’t follow me on Twitter 9am you’ll get a weather tweet every day. went and saw the API and I saw that I could also put a forecast link in there so added Celsius added the forecast link change it to Offutt Air Force Base, which is just next to us. And now you can get the weather or at least the Omaha weather for me every single day.

Of course, you can also get the show notes World Class show notes if you want to check them out this week at the average guy TV for this show /HGG459 as Mike’s… I didn’t think had been half an hour Mike on it.

Mike Wieger  [3:28] 
I was trying to be proactive and I held the button all the way down which took a picture and showed you guys the picture of my video instead of just

Jim Collison  [3:36] 
oh yeah, no worries. Tonight, we’re talking PC builds. We’ll talk about that here. Towards the end of the show. We’re gonna talk a little bit about the NFL. Of course it’s NFL season. It’s been weird Mike not having a preseason,

Mike Wieger  [3:47] 
like especially if we are trying to get anything done in fantasy football, like trying to make any predictions or anything. We haven’t seen any of these guys we haven’t had. But the great part is also not many injuries, right because guys have been playing. So if you practice injuries but not that bad. Yeah, it has been weird not having any preseason to watch.

Jim Collison  [4:04] 
been super weird. We’re talking about that here in a few minutes. So hang on tight if you want to participate in that conversation

Big thanks to hellofresh Oh, it’s September and it’s hellofresh month. I mentioned this last week and almost choked to death. But this week, no joking. And, and hellofresh has kind of saved us through this pandemic. Great opportunity tonight we had buffalo chicken tacos, which I never really thought like you know, they give us some chicken cutlets that are cut up you know and and added some, some red sauce hot spicy red sauce to him as we cooked them and then cut up a few seller pieces of celery a little green onion. We got some cabbage in there. And some red cabbage and it was done.

It was really 20 minute meal Piece of cake Sarah and I was pretty great. Listen if you’re struggling, if I mean if you haven’t if you haven’t figured out that dinner thing during the pandemic cuz at least have one. Have one good meal Like, in it with hellofresh, you can get three a week for two people. Or you can get three for four people or you get two for four. There’s a whole bunch of combinations. They send you the recipe like an idiot, like, like me can cook them you can’t do so give hellofresh a try. The average guy TV slash hellofresh gets you $40 off and ditch it and try it for a week. If you don’t like it. It’s Mike. It’s pretty easy to skip weeks, right? 100% easy.

Mike Wieger  [5:26] 

Jim Collison  [5:26] 
Ya know, right on. And it’s so easy, even a caveman to do it because you’re looking at this guy. I’ve really it’s like, it’s really I’ve said this before, but it’s really changed the way I think about food. Instead of just eating it, it’s like, oh, this could actually be delicious. Mm hmm. type deal, right and different spices and stuff I’ve thrown in there. So give it a try the average guy TV slash hellofresh 40 bucks off, and we make a little bit on the other end, as well.

We have the Patreon meetup all set. So September 24 6:30pm. If you’re a Patreon subscriber and you haven’t checked your email for me on Patreon, love to have you do it, you could still get in on this if you want, I just have a $5 plan super easy on Patreon. If you want to jump in and support us, the average guy TV slash Patreon, as long as you jump in before Oh, let’s say like the 22nd, something like that. I need a few days. That kind of gets you invited and stuff like that we’d love to have you only get charged until the beginning of the month, right? I’m only as expensive as a cup of coffee. Well, Starbucks frappuccino maybe.

So 6:30pm September 24. love to have you join us. We’re just going to get a big hang out. Have a conversation for an hour before  the show [6:30] to [7:30] that’ll give Mike a nice time to cut over and do the show on the 24th love to have you do that. Well, during that meetup. We’ll just kind of be chatting a little bit kind of catching up with each other some of the guys haven’t seen in a while. We’ll also be talking about future meetups.

Mike we have the barbecue meetup planned for the October 24. It’s pretty easy to remember September 24, which is a Thursday October 24, which is a Saturday We’re gonna try this concept out of three different meetups throughout the day all around grilling, but we’ll be hanging out as well. It’s not like you have to just talk a grilling but some opportunities. I think I’m gonna do some kind of brisket or I may do I need a pork shoulder or something like that. Something that takes all day so I’m gonna want to take all day. Well, the morning session first in the morning like seven we’ll do it so you can get your dry rubs on get that stuff on on the grill. You could do it earlier, if you want to, you can do anything you want. We’re just setting some times out right to get this done.

If you’re in Europe, you it could be noon for you already or a little afternoon. And we’d love to have you join us for that as well. So there’ll be kind of I’m calling it the morning rub. That’s probably a bad thing to say, but I’m gonna say it anyway since the morning Rub, and then the noon, the noon one ish Central. We’ll get all back together and kind of catch up. Where are we at? Where are you at with your meat? What’s happening with it? What’s it look like? I am looking for a couple guys and gals who will live streaming their smoker.

So can you get a camera out on the smoker, get it and get it with me. And we’re going to live streaming so folks can come in. We’re going to do it here via stream yard and YouTube. And all we’re going to show is your smoker. That’s all we’re going to do. So I’d like to have like four, I could get 10. I like to get like four smokers going throughout the day, people chatting in the chat room. You’re going out and checking it like that kind of thing, right? Just set up on your smoker. That’s kind of what I’m looking for. I’ll have mine. Mike maybe has Yep. All miners. We look for a couple more if you want to do that. jump in at noon, check it all those kinds of things. Then in the evening, we’ll all kind of come back together. That’ll catch folks in Australia. So Justin, this this time is for you. Jump back in. We’ve got stuff we can talk about what we did what we paired it with how good it tasted. So it looks like

Mike Wieger  [8:50] 
kin kin stream yard be run on a mobile device? Mm hmm. So is there an app or is it the browser just so as people are ready for this? There’s the browser browser. Yeah. And it acts This is like even on an iPad iPhone. Okay, right. Okay,

Jim Collison  [9:02] 
great. Yeah. So you can use your phone if you want

Mike Wieger  [9:04] 
that way. It’d be a great way to do the 24 hour view. I’ll probably have one view just an iPad out there. Yeah. Don’t worry about overheating of a laptop or anything. Hopefully it won’t be that hot, right? We’re

Jim Collison  [9:14] 
not gonna be October. I think it’ll be fine. Maybe on down Australia. Yep. But if you want to, however you want to do that, if you want to join us, Jim@theaverageguy.tv if you’re thinking you want to kind of be on the cook team, that cooking me let me know. Early so I can start kind of getting that kind of stuff set up if you think you’ll have a smoker cam. That’s kind of what we’re gonna call it let me know in there. And Dude, I think this can be fun.

Mike Wieger  [9:39] 
Brian goes, Oh, it turned to that type of show. When you got the morning Rob and then we’re gonna check on our meet later in the day. And yeah, it’s

Jim Collison  [9:47] 
it’s almost like

Mike Wieger  [9:48] 
I thought about that. It’s almost like Jim thought about that. It’s almost

Jim Collison  [9:51] 
like I planned it that way.

Mike Wieger  [9:52] 
Almost like you heard his audience, right.

Jim Collison  [9:54] 
And he goes, Oh, you need a meat up. MEAT that.

Mike Wieger  [9:57] 
That is good. That’s creative. Right there. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [10:00] 
so we Yes, it will. So the October meetup and, and the plan I’m hoping is we just do one of these a month. Probably skipped December. But we’ll do we’ll do some of these throughout the year, different topics. Just get in there and kind of make it fit the topic. So right on something fun while we can’t travel and get around. So again, if you if you can do a smoker camp, if you want to join us on Patreon, the average guy.tv slash Patreon that’ll get you in on that pre show Patreon Meetup group if you want to join us in there. And then if you Jim at the average guy TV, think of a smoker cam all have an event bright invite built over the next week or two around this the barbecue meetup, good barbecue and grill meetup. And it’ll be tons of fun. So get in on that as well.

Big thanks to the community, we got bitdefender which is super cool. So they responded back early this week. The one drawback is they’re in Eastern Europe and they won’t stay up late so I’m gonna have to record it early Mike can’t make it. I’m gonna have Christian. Come on. There you go. Pretty good backup for Yeah,

Mike Wieger  [11:02] 
he knows that security stuff way better anyway, that’ll be it’ll be perfect.

Jim Collison  [11:06] 
So we’re gonna record him here non live. And then and I’ll probably do it live anyway. So if you’re, it’s it’ll be in the morning, I think it’s 21st we’re still kind of waiting on the time and date for that. That will actually fill in on the 15th when I’m in when I am in the on the East Coast, that’ll be the podcast that launches for that week. So big thanks to everybody who tweeted at bitdefender if you want to do it right now, while you’re live, or even during the recording show, tweet at bitdefender now just thank them. Just say Hey, thanks for coming on Home Gadget Geeks or thanks for saying yes to Home Gadget Geeks. We appreciate them super nice guys and gals over there and so let them know that you appreciate their support of Home Gadget Geeks and that kind of stuff. goes a long way. Okay, a big thanks also. Brian to monello I think is how I pronounce it. Carlos Martinez they were cutting out Brian actually sent me this maybe early summer Mike I’ve been it’s I put it over I it came in and I set it over to the side and I kind of got busy and I forgot about it but but both of them sent me a smart Wi Fi wall switch that are these do not require neutral. Remember that conversation that we had?

Mike Wieger  [12:23] 
Have the neutral wire, right? Every single smart switch requires one. Yeah. So what’s the brand

Jim Collison  [12:30] 
on these hard to see? Here let me let me show the page one second here. We’ll stop sharing there. Sorry if you’re listening to this. This is riveting audio apologize for that. Let’s get to the Amazon page right there. We’ll share that out. So they are yester y s t er it’s fact it was hard to find the brand on the box. About $20 at Amazon, they’re up on screen right now actually, I’m not sharing what they could look like, there you go. They have both a single a dual and a triple game on gang. Sorry gang on there. This is the single you can’t see it because of the because of the screens too small in the lights are too but I got a single in two doubles. There they are their Wi Fi enabled. single wall switch. They work with Alexa and Google Home. They should fit what we’re doing here. I think I got the right. visuals here on screen it was hard to find exactly what they were,

Mike Wieger  [13:37] 
but not bad on price. I mean, especially if you’re only using these in different locations. I don’t know how much normal wall switches but you know, to have that integration with a lady and and Google that that’s really what you’re looking for. I mean, it’s really at some point you’re just trying to get your smart assistant on a on a switch.

Jim Collison  [13:57] 
Yeah, and I think like in the garage, I just need a single game. So there’s the gang. Sorry, I keep saying that wrong. There’s the ones just to two wire, and then the the double as a three wire. So pretty simple box comes with some install stuff and some instructions pretty easy to do. Do you know memorable? Oh, that’s a good question. I don’t know. Okay, I don’t I don’t think I don’t know.

Mike Wieger  [14:19] 
You know, where I see these being the most useful is for example, I have like, you know, the fan lights that have like three internal tiny little bulbs. Right now I have like an adapter to go from that tiny bulb screw the main bulbs crew, and then I have a hue in there, but you have to have three of them, which gets really expensive because there’s three lights. And if I could just have controlled the entire appliance with a switch. Smart switch. All I really wanted was the smart capability. Or for in our kitchen. We have nine can lights that are controlled by one switch would be perfect. I’ve never made that smart just because I’m not going to spend the money to put nine smart bulbs in there. But Tell

Jim Collison  [14:54] 
you what, I’ll bring the two gang over to you so you can you can Oh cool.

Mike Wieger  [14:59] 
Yeah, that Awesome. They’d be fun to test. Yeah, I would love that.

Yeah, super cool. We’ll we’ll bring those by and but if it starts to put RFI into my shack, Jim, like we talked about last week, I might give it back to you. But

I gotcha. I gotcha. Because I can’t start a smart switch. I can’t say turn off your Wi Fi devices to turn off the switch that’s plugged into permanent power. So know that that’d be

Jim Collison  [15:20] 
great. Yeah, I’d love to test that. You’ll have a way to test it. So we’ll bring we’ll bring on by so you can mess up. Both. Brian, Carlos. Sorry. Carlos has just came a couple weeks ago. Sorry, it took me so long to kind of get to him. I set him off to the side. There was not a convenient time to talk about him. But hopefully you’re both listening. You’re still listening. You’re not mad at me, especially you, Brian, because you sent out a while ago, but I appreciate you guys doing that. You heard me on the show. And if anybody has a private jet that they want to send me, that’s fine. Just send me an email Jim at the average guy.tv loved love to have it’d be super handy during the pandemic, Mike. Yeah,

Mike Wieger  [15:54] 
right. I would take a ride on the private jet. You need to send us the jet. Just you know, hey, so I’m gonna send it to Omaha, Mike and Jim are coming out to visit me if you want us to visit you in person, if you send a private jet over here or there, we’ll hop in or they will get

Jim Collison  [16:08] 
one too. Yeah, yeah. For one,

Mike Wieger  [16:10] 
I won’t even ask where we’re going. I’ll just hop it. So you can just you know, you could send us anywhere really drop us off and see how we survive.

Jim Collison  [16:19] 
For sure, Mike, we talked a little bit about if this and that early on here. And you know, I’ve been visited if this and that in a while. They actually are the ones who do the weather tweet that I talked about. I have two other No, I’m sorry, actually have three other kind of routines that they run. Many of you are familiar with them because they’re the they’re the 615 tweet that says, Home Gadget Geeks is coming up. It’s the 7am one on Friday that says if you missed Home Gadget Geeks, we recorded it for you. And then one that actually had I had had it for a long time that got shut off was 9am on Saturday morning, I’m pretty sure I shut it off because it was just us. Six weeks stint I was gonna miss on Ask the podcast coach because of good hip. And I never turned back on. So I turned that on as well. So I use it for those tweets. Mike Do you use if that’s the NAT, I used to

Mike Wieger  [17:12] 
a bunch and really what I was using him for was podcast automation. Same thing as you right like watch this feed if it hits then tweet out the link and do all sorts of things. And then I also used it for scheduling some of my lights. But really, I’ve switched over to either using Siri or a lady for a lot of that automatic, you know, because when you combine the two especially with those and with your phone, you get a lot of that functionality. I think this is more for they’ve probably lost a lot of business in that regard, right in the Smart Home space. But they probably have not lost any business in terms of all the other deep integration they have with different websites and like use it for weather tweeting things like that stuff that your home automation isn’t going to accomplish

Jim Collison  [17:57] 
the the applets that I use showed Do that. But this weather one, the ones we talked about here just a few minutes ago, the weather has been super handy and super helpful. And so I actually went in it’s really, if you haven’t been out there a while they’re really easy to set up. In this case, I found the recipe for it went in there, change the location up here to off an Air Force Base, I set the time of the day I wanted to tweet and then there’s a really cool integration in the column ingredients. And I could go in with the API on this on the weather report and see all of these options that are available to me current temp, forecasted temp, today’s conditions humidity, wind speed, pollen count those kinds of things right all available to you. So for a weather nerd like me, this is super cool. I may go Yeah, that what caught my attention on if this and that is they’ve always had been just if this than that. It was one it was one thing right that was available to Zapier, who we’ve had on here we had on the show a long time ago, six or six, seven years ago, maybe On the show I couldn’t get him back I asked him and he ignored my my request

Mike Wieger  [19:04] 
oh man after they’ve

Jim Collison  [19:06] 
already been on the show I know maybe I need to turn the audience against them they got too big Hey you guys um they’ve always had a pro plan and I think if this and that did not and so there was an announcement this I think it came this week that they’re now offering a pro plan that is If This Then That then that then that then that right but I’m what I’m really interested in is knowing what what it what do you use this for? Or if you could, what kind of recipes Do you like if you’re on YouTube? Just put them in the comments down below. I’d like to hear from you. What are your favorite recipes on if this than that? What are you using it for today? Or what would you like it to do? That’d be another thing I’d love to hear. The June if you’re in the chat room right now and listening live throw that in the chat in the chat too. I’d love to hear that. But here’s my here’s the interesting thing. They say set your price, which I was like what

Mike Wieger  [19:59] 
not What caught my eye? The first when I first saw like, is this you know, and I’ve heard of this in terms of do concerts where it’s, you pay us what you think we’re worth. Right? And so but but is there is there fine? Is there, you know, throwing language in here?

Jim Collison  [20:15] 
Well, I think it’s kind of set it this way for now. And they’re going to leave it that way for a while.

Mike Wieger  [20:19] 
I think that’s the fine print doesn’t get you how you really do set

Jim Collison  [20:22] 
your price I have not dug in, it’s just for a limited time. If This Then That users like you were able to set your price for pro your subscription will automatically renew at this price each month, all prices are US dollars. I would imagine that it’s going to stay like if you pick it now. It’s going to stay that way for a year or two. I don’t know I didn’t read. I didn’t go into the terms. I didn’t think maybe somebody will figure that out for me. Maybe sending the chat room can dig in right now to find out what I found was really interesting. Mike is like, just the different plans. So they have a 399 plan, a 599 plan and a 999 plan. Well, who would who would who would pick them up? 99 with 399

Mike Wieger  [21:01] 
available, right? Yeah, yes. But then you know what I, I would have agreed like that, you know, if I first saw them, I can’t, why would you choose 999. But our Patreon people who I support, and I don’t choose the $1 plan or choose the $5 plan, or the $10 plan, right? Because I think in my mind, they’re, you know, they deserve more than that, because they give me enough entertainment or whatever that is, you know, maybe if there’s some really heavy users like, man, we use the credit of you sure, we’ll throw your nine bucks. It might even out you know, maybe they thought 9.99 they didn’t, that’s maybe that’s a little much for them like, well, really, we only need to charge three. But if we give them the option, you know, we’ll have some users who throw us a lot more than they would. I don’t know, I don’t the rationale is there. It’s interesting. Psychological, I want to know, I want to know what the outcome is. It’d be a great study, right?

Jim Collison  [21:52] 
But what you don’t see in small print right here is it actually says $1 99 or more

Mike Wieger  [21:58] 
like the minimum so you can middlebox

Jim Collison  [22:00] 
you could do two bucks if you want to. So you could you could cheap out if you want choose that do 1.99 and just give it a try unlimited app creation multi step applets. With queries, conditional logic and multiple actions, faster execution for polling and real time applets and of course, if you pay you get their customer support so I’m gambling it took this long for for if this and that to come up with a pro plan just to be 100% honest, but they’ve got one and in I I actually like it, it’s more if that’s the that’s always been a little more consumer focused

Mike Wieger  [22:36] 
than Zapier. Zapier. Right Zapier has always been more on the commercial side.

Jim Collison  [22:41] 
Yeah, they have they’ve kind of they have been on that side. And so super interesting. I’d love to know like it got me kind of thinking today. Brian our in the chat. Let’s see he says my dryer alert for my cell phone when it stops running and texts me and my son so when his dryer stops Running he gets the text right that’s kind of a cool way to to be able to do that. And so I’d love to hear about your integrations What are you using? It was hot I never win if this and that was super hot everybody was using it. Yeah. But seems like it’s kind of fallen out a little bit like I think you mentioned the the a lady and the G man. Are there we go like that. Yeah, like I thought about it. And and they kind of taken over that space and rightly so. But I think there’s some really cool integrations that those those can do that others can’t. Seven Seven is the Oh 13 seven now Kansas City. You must have just scored my Danny

Mike Wieger  [23:45] 
Watkins just put it in

Jim Collison  [23:46] 
nice not watching 13 no 13 seven chiefs over the Texans what keep you Well, let me here let me just do this. Let me I will stop. Stop sharing on this side. Let me reshare my My screen I have this all set up for you guys. hold off YouTube though, if you want to know No, it’s even better. We’ll just do this one this is this like, Oh, there you go. I can display this all day long so we’ll have that like it. I can just throw that I can throw that in and you’re welcome to see now, the extra point was good. 14 seven. Not that we’re paying attention to the game or anything like that.

Okay, speaking of the NFL Mike, how do you plan Okay, it’s a whole new world like it’s a when it comes to sports. Have you tried watching any major league baseball or? Or NBA basketball this season? Have you tried watching it? It all?

Mike Wieger  [24:39] 
Well, the only sports I’ve watched so I’m super into the NHL. So I’ve been watching that and that hockey sport too. Sorry

Jim Collison  [24:45] 
I didn’t mention it.

Mike Wieger  [24:46] 
Yeah, that hockey sport hockey going on right now with NHL. So I’ve been watching a lot. And it’s been interesting because you know, I know that the NFL and everyone tried the you know how to make this work without Crowd. NFL is a little different as you’re watching now the first game they spaced everyone out. So what they said at the beginning of this game was there 17,000 people there. I don’t know what the capacity of Arrowhead is, I should know that instead of like maybe 40,000 I don’t know what the capacity is. But so there are people at this game and in this NFL game are watching they said they are not piping in any boosted fan audio, they’re not changing anything. It’s the real audio what you’re hearing but on the NFL side, there’s no fans. And so they they pipe in fan noise. One thing I noticed, though, was so I’ve been used to watching the NHL, and it feels completely natural watching the NHL, I wouldn’t notice until they pan up that the crowd is not there. They have I don’t know somehow did a very good job. Figure out how to mimic the crowd even the reactions to things right a shot and oh when the shot misses, or you know, like when when someone gets hit. It’s kind of like a reaction from the crowd of grumbling noise or whatever. I it’s very natural. I went and watched like an NBA game, or some other game and I was like, oh, what are they doing? They were I mean, it was so bad. How fake it sounded.


the NHL is the only like, league that I found is actually doing a halfway decent job of fake audience sounds. So that’s been my experience. Have you watched anything since? No, I

Jim Collison  [26:28] 
it’s unbearable. It’s really hard to watch that with empty stands in it. You know, you you think it’d be better than it was I? First of all, I thought that they could have done a little bit more during when we didn’t know a lot to kind of entice the audience like okay, yeah, so we can’t play real baseball. But how about some fantasy baseball? Like, why couldn’t we do EA Sports things or why could we get players doing? I mean, imagine if you taking the players instead of a big gigantic tournament, a big gigantic EA Sports tournament.

Twitch is already like, almost as big as YouTube as far as youtubers go and billing, right? And so you’re like, why didn’t they just partner with twitch? They could have done so much more. And and that’s my that’s my disengage engagement. Yeah, with with those with all of them is they didn’t they were too slow to respond to some of those things they could have come out and done a whole bunch more. One of the stories that was on Engadget I think I’ll bring up here is that Microsoft Teams?

Okay, so we’ve had some time now let’s be To be fair, the NFL has had six months to think about this. And so they’ve partnered, of course, you know, they’ve got that Microsoft partnership, right. They got surfaces on the field. They’ve had this partnership with Mike with Microsoft for a while, but they’re there. They’re bringing select fans into the game on teams and they’re leaving the mics on so that they are getting some and some of that noise is making its way into the stadium so you can have fans there. that are that are connected via teams.

It’s all coming into a channel and creating like this crowd noise right which is which I love their, their titles as Microsoft Teams will bring fans into the NFL stadiums virtually. That’s certainly better in small print. That’s certainly better than having completely empty stands.

Mike Wieger  [28:16] 
That sounds like like if you’re piping in volume that sounds like a recipe for someone really? Well, with everyone right? What okay, but

Jim Collison  [28:24] 
it’s I think when you think about like the law of large crowds, right, if, if you’ve got some if you’re in a stadium, you can have a guy who’s just super loud, but he can only be super loud for so long. And if everybody in the in the livestream has the same volume opportunities, it gets kind of drowned out.

Yeah. 10,000 people coming in on yums and they’re all talking it’s going to create this for her. And yeah, you might have somebody trying to yell, you know, whatever. But that happens to stadiums, right? You know, you’ve heard that loud, obnoxious fan, right? That’s good. In this and so they’re trying to tonight it’ll be interesting to see I don’t have time to to kind of watch that but each, each games home team will invite some fans to watch games together in a VIP team’s meeting they’ll see the feet of the game alongside a gallery view of other fans that will be included in the mosaic view. audio from those meetings will be mixed with augment and crowd noise that has been customized for each Stadium, which is kind of cool. LED screens will be installed in each end zone in key games.

When a player scores a touchdown they can see the and celebrate with the fans through a Showtime cam, which isn’t like there’ll be a cam just set up for the players to go to interact with the folks on teams right like it. The league will use teams to manage operations throughout the season two, NFL has been working with Microsoft for several years on various projects including the year the year’s draft which took place virtually amid the covid 19 pandemic. Also the reason why fans want to take game physically the two extended the partnership in March with Microsoft providing franchises with access to teams as part of the deal. So I thought this was pretty cool. I thought okay.

Mike Wieger  [30:09] 
Well let me see how it compares to you know, the NBA has been doing the fans in the crowd via their webcam. Right. So all of you’ll see the crowd and it looks like some people it’s actually just the screen of someone watching via webcam. Yeah. So they’ve been trying that same thing. I don’t know what the experience is like on the fan side what they’re seeing, you know, are they just watching a normal game with their camera on so that you know, they can project those people into the game? I don’t know how it all works. We asked him to see how this compares to what the NBA has been doing.

Jim Collison  [30:41] 
The Verge has a good article, NFL games will have artificial crowd noise. This is what you refer to a second ago specifically specific to each stadium so they’re doing it kind of Stadium by Stadium, I think in louder stadiums. Arrowhead Stadium is I loud. Yeah, stadium. I think they’re gonna allow louder crowd noises in there, and I thought Mike, see if there was anything in this article that I wanted to highlight here. What one of the things I was kind of hoping for early in the year is that they would allow you to purchase an app where you would you you would get so much cheering let’s just say you could push. When you push the spacebar it would create cheering.

And over the course of a game, you might be able to push the spacebar 1000 times and then it’s done. So that keeps somebody from going, cheer, cheer, cheer and plus, if you had 50,000 people doing this one person just pounding the spacebar. Yeah, really not gonna in a crowd like that. But it would give you an opportunity to win like when the Chiefs score again, like they’re going to, maybe here in a few minutes. I could then push that right after the touchdown. Push the spacebar in the stadium. The volume Yeah, yeah, no, they’re not doing it. I was it just it’s too. I would you pay? Say it’s 499? Would you pay 499 for access to the game, it would give you a special stream and this app that would allow you to have some influence over the crowd noise?

Mike Wieger  [32:19] 
Yeah, that’d be pretty cool. You need, um, you need some other sort of feedback. So the reason twitch does so well and that people donate so much money to Twitch streamers is because that Twitch streamer has it they formed a personal relationship with them. But also you know, there’s a lot of times they’re reading the message with the donation and in tight like, oh, man, he read my stuff. I for some reason, that just there’s that some connection there.

So they would have to think of some way to make it, you know, a little more interaction and to be able to cause noise, I think, but either way, you know,

Jim Collison  [32:52] 
but but maybe if you had cameras on the field like access to things you wouldn’t normally get access to the ability To send a tweet into a player or who knows, like, the opportunities are endless to try these things, the NFL I think it’s getting is getting closer to it than anybody. Right. I think everybody’s just kind of hoping we can go back to normal. But, man, I think there was such great opportunities. Kevin said in the chat room. This is his space to keyboard replacements. Yes. There you go. Right. No kidding. pounding their keys, you know, right. Right.

Mike Wieger  [33:31] 
I think the difference is though, you know, the majority of people are used to watch the neck hasn’t changed. Like for me watching this game feels no different because of COVID. Right? Because, you know, because So, actually, Brian looked it up and I appreciate it. So 76,000 little over 76,000 how much Arrowhead hordes. So 76,000 people at Arrowhead, you know, would have experienced it differently being there. But if they weren’t there, they would watch it on TV. Probably like they do most other weeks, you know, I mean, so. So I don’t know if it. I don’t know if there would be the enticement for me to spend some extra money to affect the cheering, you know? Because like, Well, I mean, that’s how I’m used to kind of watch but

Jim Collison  [34:10] 
knowing I know, but you but knowing there’s no crowd there to cheer and you could influence. You could have a little bit of influence on what the crowd noise in the stadium is.

Mike Wieger  [34:20] 
Yeah, but also, they’re just pumping that in artificially right now. Anyways, I’m like, well, they could do it the other way. Right? They could,

Jim Collison  [34:25] 
but just just say, for example, there’s a there because they have some ambient crowd noise going in there. simulating what what the crowd kind of sounds like right murmur, so it’s not so empty. Right. So that’s going on, but imagine that’s the base layer, and then everything else is affected by what fans do? Yeah. Yeah. It’d be fun and I’m sure you’d get a lot of people that would do it. Think about, you’d be like, okay, so tonight, Kansas City’s playing Texas, right at the Texans. 

And, boy, that’s gonna cause a fight because they’re not texts. They’re not they’re from Texas, but they’re Houston. Exit. Okay, so the Texans point, I imagined the rivalries that could begin be around fans to say, Hey, we got to get like, because now home field advantage may not like fans really need to rally around their team virtually. Right make sure they have the crowd support right for that. So it’s much like when the Huskers travel, right, the Huskers.

We know we go to teams that don’t have great fan bases, and there’s more Husker fans in the stadium then that makes a difference. Right. And so I just think it could have been one of those things the NFL really could have latched on to and been like, I don’t know, I would have paid for tonight because we’re doing this tonight. And I wouldn’t have been able to cheer for these things. But maybe, you know, just some of those fan interactions, some of those ability to to some special angles on the field. In other words, you get special.

You get on field views that not you’re not going to get on TV, maybe maybe some access to some cool Local, you know, local guys that gals that are that are doing stuff and podcasts and things like that. I don’t know. I just I just think there’s I’m sorry, reading the chat room. I just think there’s some opportunities there that good good for you NFL. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I think the NFL is going to get it right. They almost always do on these things. And I think by the end of the season, we’re going to have a pretty good fan experience that I’m hoping will augment the for the future. Like I think some things that may stay around. Yeah. Yeah.

Mike Wieger  [36:34] 
Could be really I mean, I think the only concern from their standpoint is his last revenue due to ticket sales. Right? That’s what they need to get up. Because I think like, like we said, For everyone else, everyone’s still watching on TV. So they’re trying to augment that money they would have gotten and the but the hardest part is, you know, the NFL will be fine, and the teams will likely be fine.

It’s the local businesses around those stadiums that are really losing out on a lot of revenue. I mean, Sunday football brings in revenue to so many restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores, you know, and that’s a big deal. And so, see, I think, I think we need to figure out a way to, to better those companies as well. Yeah. Yeah. Well, but but you’re right, it’s a great chance to increase the fan experience overall. We’ve been really stagnant with you watch it on TV.

And what they’ve been doing so far is, you know, adding in little trackers, and it hasn’t, I mean, obviously, the insights you’re getting while watching, but you’re still just watching. You’re not doing not doing anything else. Yeah, I mean, yeah, you’re right. It could be a good time to increase the engagement.

Jim Collison  [37:38] 
Imagine if you use the record button to either record What’s good, you know, like an Xbox. You could say, I think you could say Xbox record. Yeah. And it in it right. During a game. Yep. Hey, you just did for last 30 seconds. We wouldn’t allow that. But what if it allowed you to record the fan a fan expression?

I think Justin said this in the chat room just a second ago. He said, Yeah, works better if you record yourself cheering. So imagine if you could record that and send that in. And that would be part of the fan interaction and the words you could go see the crazy the, like Raiders fans or the nuttiest? Yeah. Easiest fans ever. I mean, we think we’re crazy fans in Kansas City but the Raiders things are bizarre, right? And I went I went to I went to I was in the Bay Area for a Raiders game day game. I was on BART when they were going to in front of the game.

Wow. wacky. But that being said, Yeah, you could do some recording things and they could give some things away. You know, they could they could there could be some, some ways of doing I just I don’t think we’ve we’ve thought through all the creative ways that we can increase fan involvement and I think they could have taken a page from Twitch and said, Oh, like people are just watching these and giving these Why? Because there’s personalities, right? Why? Because they felt relationships. Why? Listen, Patrick mahomes could go on Twitch and clean up. Like we just not him playing EA Sports football. Yeah,

Mike Wieger  [39:15] 
yeah, you’re right. I’ve seen some athletes try and do that. And they don’t take off because they don’t know how to interact in that manner. Come first 123 and then that person just really sucks at doing that. And I think that what that’s really shown is these twitch guys are not just not anyone can be a twitch streamer. You really have to know how to be engaging. You have to know the perfect balance of how much to talk to the audience, how much not to need to be tech savvy.

There have been there’s one streamer that I watch who actually helped some of these pro basketball players and NBA and baseball players have get set up. And man, they’re brutal to watch, like you literally are only there because it’s kind of cool. They’re a pro athlete. Yeah. They’re pretty bad. But you know, so if The media people found out a way to keep them entertaining. But I think there’s a reason that they only interviewed players for about seven seconds on ESPN because that’s about, you know, sometimes that’s about all you’re going to get. That’s an entertaining.

Jim Collison  [40:12] 
But I think Patrick has a pretty good personality. Like, I think I’m sure there are some players who totally could. Yes, yeah, Andy, could you imagine Peyton Manning playing? Like, I would tune into that hilarious. It’s like, the dude is just hilarious. And it’d be fun to have some that have that where they know each other some trash talking, like, you know, where you get some head to head between a wide receiver and like they trash talk on the field all the time. Yeah. And so you know, yeah, you know, but you’re right. You can’t just take a famous football player and make them a gamer. That doesn’t work either. Right? You got that they got to have some, there’s a certain kind of communication skill that goes into it.

Mike Wieger  [40:51] 
So and their entertainment factor is their political ability, right? We all have our things that make us you know, valuable to the public, and there’s might not be sitting in our town. or anything like that. It’s I want to watch you go run fast, go catch that ball really high in the air. That’s what you’re good at 17 seven, by the way, Kansas City just kicked a field goal and it’s halftime. So super cool.

Jim Collison  [41:11] 
Mike, you’re getting a chance to do a build, which is in your wheelhouse right now. Right? I mean, I don’t think about so. So what do you guys do?

Mike Wieger  [41:20] 
Well, so So this has been an interesting bill because so I actually built it. I’m building it with my brother in law. So this is my brother in law, who’s in his senior year of college. This is his first time he’s gonna use it for gaming primarily, his first time ever having a gaming PC. He’s been a console gamer his entire life. And really, honestly, his only interaction with the computer is has been in college, they had iPads in high school, no need to use a computer and he’s used it for, you know, the basic word editing Excel, things like that. So hasn’t been an avid user of any computer really. So he’s been really excited. He saw my build, and he’s like, you know, I think I think instead of getting the Next Gen X Box, I think I want to build a gaming PC especially because for his line of work too, he does a lot of accounting stuff and they’re working from home. So he has like five spreadsheets he needs open.

And he you know, you can’t, it’s hard to get a bunch of monitors onto a laptop, you need a bunch of docs, and even those don’t work very well. So something with a good GPU, a lot of ports, and then he could just kind of plug in and go. So but the fun part about that was, you know, we were really trying to find a middle of the road builders, we’ll call it you know, we’re not going extreme budget here. This is not a $500 PC. I think what this averages out to is around $1,000, give or take maybe a little more, maybe a little less, depending on what prices are. the crazy part, what we learned is that prices are just fluctuating so much on computer hardware right now. You check one day and it’s one price you check the next day and it’s different. So our goal here was to build a middle of the line of you know, more towards the budget end gaming PC, but that would give him the opportunity to to expand, which has been a lot of fun. So right now we’re actually going to build On Sunday, because I think he’s finally got all the parts so he was slowly buying the parts.

He’s obviously you know, he’s paying for everything himself. So he was like, you know, I’ll just buy it as the as the money comes in, I’ll keep buying parts. So now we’re the point where we’re building. And so what we went with and this is kind of interesting in the chat if you guys have any suggestions or comments on kind of how I lead him, I let him very much down the same path that I went with, I’ll just be straight up everything here was kind of based off stuff I’ve used. And I have been extremely happy with the performance of this PCI Bill and I think for the money there kind of tends to be a law of diminishing returns for someone who’s not a pro gamer and someone who doesn’t isn’t like expecting four k 240 hertz that’s not me. That’s not him either.

We both are coming from Xbox which is like 30 frames a second at ADP right and that’s set on like low graphics settings, not low but it’s not great. The first time I fired up Call of Duty on my PC, I put one screen next the other one Xbox One PC and I was like blown away like absolutely blown away couldn’t believe it. So, so that is fine for us. And so so this is where we went CPU, we went with the ryzen 530 600 x t. And you guys know that I put the ryzen 530 600 and my build will actually with prices now the XT is not that much more expensive. And you actually get a decent amount of core clock and boost clock, same amount of cores, six core system, hyper threaded 12 threads, but you get it you get a little nice little boost with the with the core clock and base clock with that extra model. And that’s one year newer than when the 3600 came out.

GPU he has not bought yet he’s actually going to borrow because that’s the most expensive part. So he’s gonna he’s gonna wait kind of save up for that a little bit. And, and GPUs it’s not a good time to buy a GPU right now because of all the new stuff coming out. Nvidia just released their, you know, their 3070 3080 series cards and the 3092 but they just you know that so those are out and they’re starting to get to the YouTuber viewers, but once they actually hit them You’re going to see a massive decline in the 20 series cards. So if you don’t need one of the newer 30 3070s, or 3080s, you could probably snag a 2070 for cheap.

So we’re waiting on the seat GPU, he’s actually going to borrow the 1066 gig that that I used in this build previously, which is in my Unraid server, so he’s going to borrow that for a little bit and use that for the GPU. 16 gigs of RAM, we’re doing an NVMe for the boot drive 250 gigs, a gig or a terabyte spindle for his games. For the motherboard. We kept going back and forth on this and the main reason we decided to go to what we did was because we didn’t want to have to deal with BIOS updates. If you have rising you know that some of the older boards will work with the new 3000 series chips, but you might need a first or second gen to run the BIOS update so you can actually work with the 3000 series ryzen so we went with an asrock x 570 Phantom gaming as a TX m four motherboard Little motherboard relatively inexpensive when you think of motherboards has all the connectors you’re going to need a lot of USB three enough PCI lanes I think it has two PCIe 16 slots and then two x one so more than enough for for what he’s going to be doing.

He went with a fractal design meshify ca TX mid tower case pretty good looking case I really let him kind of go out and pick that I didn’t have any suggestions for him I said do a cases of cases the case don’t spend too much on it but go look out and find something that you like and it’s an all black with a really nice looked great glass side but that doesn’t have any sort of bezel to it like when my case has a really print company this thick of white bezel of metal on the outside. This is just straight glass the entire way I think it has magnets too is how it detaches. And you get in there and then obviously just a 550 watt power supply he was uh you know he’s he’s very much into aesthetics of the company.

Like if I’m gonna build this thing it’s gonna look good and you know and looks maybe even more than like extra performance so he did go modular on the power supply got the modular piece so you don’t have all the extra cords tucked in the bottom which is huge It’s like my biggest pet peeve about my machine over here I almost want to take it down off the desk because I have to look over there and see that mess of course in the bottom and transmit absolutely insane so that’s the build we did for him. He’s gonna go a stock cleaner. We talked about cooling a few weeks ago and his plan is he goes well the CPU comes with one right I said yeah, he goes we’ll kind of start with that and if I have problems go get more I’m like that’s exactly right.

And that’s exactly what you do right you start with this cooler use it the way you would and if you’re starting to get some High temps then start to look at a close bigger fans whenever you need to really get that airflow airflow moving but it’s been my favorite part about all this has been he’s he’s never built a computer. I mean, what he told me was do I thought that stuff looked like rocket science to me every time you sent me a snapchat looked crazy because then I started watching some YouTube videos and like that doesn’t looked at hard and I think on Sunday he’s even to have more of an epiphany I’m like,

Man this is this is not that hard at all like this is very easy this goes here this goes here snap it in and you’re good yeah remember to do things maybe in the right order and and don’t shock you know don’t don’t have any like don’t rub your socks on the carpet before you build it right but it’s been fun to watch his progression with technology on the computer side on a PC side that he’s never he’s never had before and it’s fun and then even you know little things like on a PC you know if when you’re when you’re really used to Xbox gaming, you’re used to either buying the Xbox game and a physical store or downloading it from on Xbox there’s no such thing as like the blizzard launcher that you need for Call of Duty and you don’t need steam to run certain games and stuff so I was kind of walking into it Yeah, you’ll need the blizzard launcher, you’ll need steam you’ll need this and it’s like man there’s a lot more options he was he was Yeah, but you know and and not paying for like something like Xbox Live. He’s like you will have to pay for live and I was like, No, I don’t think You see man like online gaming, online gaming, you don’t need to pay unless you’re doing a world of warcraft thing. But besides that, so it’s been a lot of fun helping him out with that.

Jim Collison  [49:09] 
It is a good, it is fun to put those together, although, you know, I’m surprised like, the way we put pieces together hasn’t changed in 20 years now. You’re right, they just gotten faster and better and more memory but I mean, a motherboard is nearly identical to what they were 20 years ago. You know, video cards have gotten bigger, but they’ve just jammed more into smaller spaces. Yeah, I was going through Tim you know, Tim rebuilt his computer remember a couple shows ago is more than a couple but back in the winter.

We went through Tim’s build, I guess it was spring. He got that bill put together and then took it back to California with him. So he has a he left all the parts here. It’s a miracle. I haven’t put all those parts. It’s already early. It’s I went through him today. I had an itch to build today. And so I went through his stuff just kinda like now. Cuz he probably wouldn’t care if I put some of them together when taken permanently was just kind of fun to some.

I couldn’t find a CPU that was a problem. I think he changed everything out except the CPU. He’s home in two weeks. So I was thinking well maybe I’ll order eBay CPU to put in there. It’s an older board but the stuff just hasn’t changed. I did find he had a 60 gig SSD drive that he that the BLS on so this was, again four years ago. So 60 gig SSD, one terabyte spinner, which is for his data drive, right? Little Barracuda will see a barracuda that I set aside a thief for sure. I’m gonna be like, I don’t know what happened to it. It’s gonna go it’s gonna go it’s gonna go in my my group a hard drive. Um, but yeah, we still put PCs as we were talking with Ryan and Bob, you know, a couple weeks ago about coolers. I was like, this type really hasn’t changed that much. It’s still pretty much memory is memory.

You know? NVMe is different. Like that’s probably that’s That’s something that’s new and different the way we connected now the way that form factor looks that’s kind of new everything else I mean even SSD was just a a version of a spinner just the same size, same form factor, they didn’t change the form factor so PCs have not really changed change that much. They’ve changed Well, not changing very much. They’ve changed drastically in scenarios you talked about the power supply having modular power supplies is not new, but it did it was a big change. I have a couple old power supplies in the garage that are the I got one in my core five box that sits right over here. And it’s all jam, you know, got the coolermaster case that’s got that Yeah, really tall. All the cables are jammed in the bottom component. You

Mike Wieger  [51:46] 
know, that’s mine, too. Yeah. I don’t have a modular power supply and it was was new, like they still sell non modular power supplies. This whole lot of them. Yep. NVMe right. USB type C. trending of any like new types of connectors but like USB 3.0 3.1 is like stayed the same, right? The Type A connectors, things like that. So, yeah, there’s really not I mean even pin outs for the power button on your case those things haven’t changed but you

Jim Collison  [52:14] 
say, yeah the way I found Tim’s 1070 that I almost need to that was another one he had he bought it. He bought a 2080 to put in the new it to put in the new box. So he’s been doing on on a pretty nice one, but he added

Mike Wieger  [52:30] 
a seven Yeah, you see all the stuff that came out with the pricing on the 3070s and they beat the performance. They beat the socks off the 2080 ti for half the price. just

Jim Collison  [52:40] 
crazy. Yeah, no, they got some. I think, Mike and you can correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re going to skip the 20 series right you guys now that the 30 series is there out? Are you gonna

Mike Wieger  [52:50] 
go? How much the price drops is what I told him, right? Because so the price came out $500 for 3070 still a hefty amount of money

Jim Collison  [52:58] 
right great. But uh Great, fantabulous,

Mike Wieger  [53:02] 
oh one at the 28 ti right for $500. So I said, you know, really, if it’s gonna be a difference between 300 and 500, keep using my 1060 to get you through and then grab that 3070 Probably, yeah, but, but if it’s a drastic difference, like if that 2070 comes down to like, hundred and 20 550 bucks, even secondhand, I think that’s still a great card. And the difference being too is you got to remember, your monitor makes a big difference.

So if he wanted to even take advantage of that higher thing, he’d also have to spend $250 on a monitor. Right now he has a 75 hertz monitor, which is great, you’re going to get way more than the 30 FPS you were getting on Xbox. And you’re going to be able to play 75 frames per second 10 ADP, you don’t need that beefy of a GPU to do that. So I think if it would be one of those things like down the road, if you really want to go full bore, you would need a new monitor, and new GPU or you could do one right now and then upgrade the monitor later.

Jim Collison  [53:59] 
I gotta buy Together, to be honest with you,

Mike Wieger  [54:01] 
like, a lot of money, then you’re spending seven or 50 bucks. I know, like, you know, 50 but if you’re gonna I mean, if graphics matter I think getting the right car that’s optimized with three monitors super important because you can Oh, yeah, I agree card and underpowered with a monitor, you can have a really great monitor and never use it to its full ability. If you’re a full on gamer who’s been on PC, and you’ll see a difference for sure grabbing together so that you’re not bottlenecking one. But if you’re coming from console, you’ll be more than impressed with TDP, you know, hundred and 20 hundred 44 frames per second. I think that’ll be well enough for most people.

Jim Collison  [54:36] 
Alex just said he finished moving over from Seta to an NVMe. And you see big difference, you know, in performance with I love it. I still don’t have one. Like, Oh, really? No, no, I’m saying on everything. I mean, I’m, I’m SSD, but I’m still saved on everything. That’ll be the next board. And whenever I decide to do that, that’ll be the next For sure. So lots of there’s lots of reminiscing going on in the chat room about old pieces of equipment and in things that they used to use Jim’s talking about duct tape. No, let’s see, hold on, it’s up here. No, I don’t know where it went. Sorry. You guys are. They’re talking too fast for me to keep up. So I appreciate you guys do that in the chat room as well. Mike, So when’s the his parts ordered?

Mike Wieger  [55:29] 
If the parts are ordered, I think everything will come in and we’re going to build it on Sunday. So we’re going to do a football beer and computer building afternoon. We’re gonna go over turn on NFL Red Zone, load up our fantasy on the screen and then build a computer. It’ll be a lot of fun because I’m really the only one the other thing we had to kind of think about here was that I’m the only one of his friends that has a PC for gaming. And but with Call of Duty being cross platform, and I think a lot of games going towards cross platform.

You know, it didn’t really matter because I can play with him on Xbox. And especially because you can plug an Xbox controller into your PC, you don’t get into keyboard mouse lobbies, just like you would if you were using a keyboard mouse. So I you know, you’re not affecting your friends. But what really changed that was game bar. So I don’t Jim, you’ve probably never had a reason to hit windows G and open up that game bar. actually kind of cool. So even if you if you guys are watching right now, like I’m gonna hit it right now. So if you hit windows key g pops up the game bar. So you actually get a nice little sound mixer on the on the left side, you can monitor your CPU usage. But the big piece about that is on the right or if it’s not up, there are three options across the top, you can pop out the social tab and you can get into an Xbox party. So and your Xbox friends have no idea you’re coming in from a PC.

So you can get invited to an Xbox, you know, voice chat party, and you can invite them you can do you can interact with all your Xbox friends just like you would be on the Xbox. That game bar really made it so But it’s really as seamless between the two. I would pop up Call of Duty just like have the better graphics on here. I joined the Xbox Live party. And some of them didn’t even notice until in Call of Duty, they saw the blizzard symbol instead of the Xbox and was like, Wait, are you on your PC right now? But yeah, like, Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t even notice like, it sounds the same. And so with all the those additions, I think that was finally for him. He’s okay. Even though all my other friends are on Xbox. I can still play with them. I think most games are going cross platform. I don’t think we’re going to see a regression in that. So it made sense.

Jim Collison  [57:33] 
Cool. Keep us keep us up to date. I will build. We got a lot of things going on. I actually have the next five weeks all planned out on here on Home Gadget Geeks. So Daniel J. Lewis, joining us next week to talk a little bit he did some RGB lighting in his studio. I think it’s gonna be super cool. So he had we had had him scheduled. He had to back out because all the parts didn’t come in. I saw it on Saturday on Ask the podcast coach and so he’s going to join us next week.

Kyle’s going to Join us cow Wilcox is coming on to join us here in the next couple weeks and kind of update us on some cool equipment he’s been using in the school district

Chris Nessie is coming back after him can update us as well. You know, we had all these we did this show kind of on COVID when we first got going and so I’m having these guys kind of back in Nathaniel the week behind that. They all have different they’re all in different spots with where they work with education.

So I want to bring them back individually have some conversation with them as well. And then the week of the 15th It sounds like I’m gonna get bitdefender that won’t be a live show, but web bitdefender in there talking on a recorded show. And and pretty excited for that. Mike, one more thing before we go. I have made the jump off of Chrome for YouTube.

This is I know it’s kind of weird. But I have just gotten so sick of the ads on YouTube. It’s it’s terrible now, really. Now I know I can install an ad blocker and Blah, blah, blah, right, whatever on Chrome, but YouTube and I could No, I could pay for it as well and get the ads removed. But I just, you know, I’ve had the brave browser installed on my computer for the last year. Never use it for anything. This was there because we talked about it during a show or something. But without brave handles YouTube.

So it was literally on the shows I watch. I was getting an ad every two minutes. Like, it was worse than network television. Like I was, I was going back to TV, I was telling you, in pre show, I was trying to you said to me tonight, like I said, Hey, is the game on television? And you’re like, yeah, it’s on NBC. And I was like, Oh, I don’t get NBC. Like, that’s how long it’s been since I watched network television. I think the last time I watched network television was the Superbowl. So like, it’s been a long time since I’ve watched anything on network television. So I’m so as soon as I think you know, I’m like going through this process. have like these ads are getting ridiculous like every two minutes in and I’m like listening so at work I’ll put on a YouTube video and then I’ll work and then I hear an ad and if you don’t click off that ad you get another ad and then like it’s annoying like it’s just it’s gotten I knew it was gonna get

Mike Wieger  [1:00:20] 
big money

Jim Collison  [1:00:21] 
no no okay, but it’s just too much like you don’t need that many

Mike Wieger  [1:00:26] 
like I get it I get I would go against the YouTube like dude stop top tail and stop having YouTube put all this stuff in there like they’re

Jim Collison  [1:00:33] 
begging you. You can go in there and say don’t put the mid roll ones in what I need to do is pay for it to be if I’m if I care about content creators, I need to pay for it so that I don’t get the ads

Mike Wieger  [1:00:44] 
is that much. That is not an option to pay.

Jim Collison  [1:00:48] 
Yeah, you can buy I think you can you can put you can get that YouTube subscription. that that would be a nice perk

Mike Wieger  [1:00:53] 
and things like that. I

Jim Collison  [1:00:54] 
thought anyways, doesn’t really matter at this point. So I tried out brave natively wipes out everything like it’s

Mike Wieger  [1:01:03] 
crazy how they can do that

Jim Collison  [1:01:05] 
oh ads wipes it out by the way is a Bitcoin component to brave to right you can get the basic attention coin the bat if you for certain things that you do on there you anyways I’m not gonna do it but it’s right this week has been I think it’s YouTube premium Justin says I think that’s what it is I think this week CAD watching YouTube has been it’s I’m kind of back to the way it used to be when when there weren’t as many ads like I kind of actually enjoy it now instead of like oh my god another frickin ad like cuz usually I have it up but I’m doing something and then you got to stop and move over and so I get it I get it youtubers I get it.

This is how you make money. I get it, but you need to put some pressure on YouTube to stop monetizing as much as they do. Oh my god. Like, tell them to stop. Brave, takes that all away. It’s weird how they do it. It’s seamless, you don’t see. It’s not like no click, you know where the ads supposed to be. And then it goes back. All the way through. It’s just beautiful. YouTube is beautiful again. Interesting. Are you content providers?

Mike Wieger  [1:02:21] 
Well, it’s funny too, because I haven’t I haven’t had that. I mean, I watched YouTube exclusively all day every day. And I feel like I haven’t noticed that like a lot of mine aren’t aren’t as bad. I don’t leave I’m just kind of used to click in the skip button as soon as they come up. Well, I was

Jim Collison  [1:02:38] 
for a long time. I was fine with two or three ads per half an hour. I was okay with that. Not 10 or 15 ads. And that’s what that’s up to right now. Yeah, video. Yeah, video. It’s they’re just DIY like, like, like, watching homesteaders do do some stuff or I’m watching. I watch Cole the corn star.

He’s He’s just down the road here. talks about his farming stuff. Yeah, he’ll have. He’ll have 10 ads. He says he has maybe a 12 minute video and he’ll have six to 10 ads show up in his Yes, dude. It’s awful. Huh? Awful. Yeah, Joe is saying, I think 12 gets would get me out of it. $12 a month would get me out of it. It’s the right way to do it actually, by the way. 18 for a family if you want to do it that way well, or free on free on brave if you have to do it that way. Um, it’s the other thing it’s done. You know, I’ve been trying to use edge. I use edge on a box for Discord.

Just because I’m trying to use these browsers like I need I need reasons to use them. Chrome is such a hog. Like it is literally worse than IE was in its day like when I use a terrible browser. Chrome is worse now. They’re all chromium. Not all. Many of them are chromium based. So they’re all bad. Like they all have this hog. You know, I used to say I remember day with when windows 10. You get away with four Giga Ram. You can’t do that anymore and use Chrome. Nope, no. And you can’t use edge because it’s chrome based. So you can’t use brave because it’s chrome based. What are your options? Like, useful on Chrome? Everybody does. Yeah. Yeah. They’re all that’s all and like, like right now. Fox I’m running is running at 11 Giga Ram. That right now this box that I’m using 11.

Mike Wieger  [1:04:37] 
And I don’t know what’s funny about that is, it’s so tied to the service you’re using to so I had the same amount of Chrome browsers open right before the show. And when I was talking to you, you reminded me that I have this on Plex, like to watch the on Plex. When I switched from watching in Chrome didn’t matter from YouTube TV to Plex. My CPU just like shut down the call. Thank God, you know, Washington. To being like, YouTube TV just sucked up resources. I’m watching the same game at the same resolution, right? It’s just interesting how that’s any different. I mean, but it’s so it also depends on like if your Google services alone eat up a lot of resources I think

Jim Collison  [1:05:16] 
they do. And it’s a trade off for some of the great things that they do in experience. But by the way update on the game. We are nine minutes into the third quarter 24 seven, Kansas City discord again, so congratulations. Yeah, so I you know, Justin reminds me Firefox is an option.

Mike Wieger  [1:05:40] 
Safari on Mac isn’t bad. Honestly. They’ve done a lot of improvements over there too. It’s kind of like edge right where edge is kind of like they finally got rid of IE and edge isn’t as bad. Safari is not bad either.

Jim Collison  [1:05:53] 
Yeah, just Chrome is out of control. And YouTube is control. I just, you know, just Gets you sucked in and then they just hammer the crap out of you and in so

Mike Wieger  [1:06:08] 
bring in and then we just man

Jim Collison  [1:06:11] 

Mike Wieger  [1:06:13] 
I don’t know where I was going down.

Jim Collison  [1:06:14] 
I don’t either.

I don’t either couple reminders kind of on our way out one don’t forget if you’re a Patreon subscriber and in why wouldn’t you want to be if you can’t if you can’t, if you can’t be right, by the way, this is not a place to get you on Patreon but the 24th of September we’re gonna join together, I’m gonna get the Patreon subscribers together. One just to thank them for their support. There’s been some great ones out there. Over the years that have support us just say thanks to have a conversation talk about some future meetups. So if you haven’t got that invite for me, you’re not gonna well you should have through Patreon. Maybe it didn’t come up. I’ll send it again this week. But send me an email Jim at the average guy TV if you’re on Patreon I’ll send you out the invite to that Patreon meetup 24th.

You need to be on Patreon. You have to like the 22nd of September to jump on there if you want and you want to get it done that way you can certainly do it as well. Then the October meetups open for everybody that’s going to be a barbecue and grill meetup. If you want to set up your barbecue cam you can do that you can stream all day for part of the day or most of the day for me. Let me know Jim at the average guy TV love to have you join us kind of part of that group. Again, that is open for everybody. So mark it on your calendar, October 24 three different times. I’ll have some more information coming out in a invite coming up. The reason I’m doing three different times is because I want allow Europe and Asia to get involved in this. And so if we just did it during the middle of middle of the day in the US that excludes everybody so we’ll do an early am a middle of the day us and then evening like this time. There’ll be maybe a an hour earlier but like this time so our friends in Australia can join us or wherever Hong Kong or Singapore or wherever,

can join us as well if you want to join us in the discord group and why would you care spooned over posts, awesome deals like a $60, the Moto cam that came out when those those are cool. And that’s a great way to get into home automation if you’re not, and you don’t have the dollars to spend on it. Head over to the average guy TV slash discord and just follow that deals channel. Like Mike the Ham Radio stuff blew up this week a little bit. Yeah, it’s pretty good him

Mike Wieger  [1:08:23] 
on the show last week definitely spurred a little bit of conversation in that channel.

Jim Collison  [1:08:27] 
Yeah, no, super good. No pressure. But if you want to join us, the nice thing about discord no ads. It’s pretty great. Right? Right. No ads. I don’t know why I’m so anti ad tonight. I don’t know. It’s

Mike Wieger  [1:08:39] 
a new take for you.

Jim Collison  [1:08:40] 
It’s kind of cool. I kind of just look around for a while.

Mike Wieger  [1:08:44] 
Usually be the grumpy old man on something. Right.

Jim Collison  [1:08:47] 
So maybe

Mike Wieger  [1:08:49] 

Jim Collison  [1:08:50] 
maybe I was speaking of ads, the average guy TV platform powered by Maple Grove Partners. Get secure, reliable high speed hosting from people that you know and you trust. That’s great. Christian is actually going to help me out Mike can’t make the bitdefender interview and so my are so Christian is going to come on and join me for that interview. And it will run it down both channels. Actually, I’ll make it both the Cyber Frontiers and Home Gadget Geeks. I would run it down those channels, but the average guy TV,

Mike Wieger  [1:09:18] 
there’s no ads.

Jim Collison  [1:09:19] 
Yeah, there’s well, very little ads anyways,

Mike Wieger  [1:09:21] 
I wouldn’t have any ads. I just checked. Oh, yeah, I think I like like maple grove hosting, right?

Jim Collison  [1:09:29] 
They’re a big deal. And on the show notes, you can click on the hellofresh link. That’s

Mike Wieger  [1:09:34] 
there’s no obtrusive in your face ads.

Jim Collison  [1:09:36] 
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So that’d be kind of fun. So you want to join me on hellofresh in a couple of you did last week. So I appreciate you. head out to the average guy TV slash hellofresh. And that will save you $40 on your first box or some small give it a try. We appreciate it. We are live every Thursday at 8pm Central 9 Eastern out here. We’ll do some post show where I’ll tell you something amazing that happened to Mike that you’re not gonna believe and with that we’ll say goodbye, everybody.

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