iPhone 12 Hands on Review – HGG466

It’s all about the iPhone 12 this week. Jim has one! Mike has one! And we are here to talk about it. The setup, the activation, the 5G and much more! We also do a beer review and look ahead to the November 7th Meatup!  All that and more!

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Jim Collison  [0:00] 
This is the Average Guy Network and you have found Home Gadget Geeks show number 466 recorded on October 29 2020.

Here on Home Gadget Geeks we cover all your favorite tech gadgets that find their way into your home news reviews product updates and conversation all for the average tech guy. I’m your host Jim Collison, broadcasting live from a chilly Mike in the pre show. We were talking it’s got its I think it’s gonna warm back up a little bit i was i was lighting candles in the shed and out there it was kind of chilly. And and so he had to be in the pre show to not that

Mike Wieger  [0:47] 
that reference

Jim Collison  [0:48] 
that reference. So you should By the way, if you only listen to the recorded maybe you’re only listening to this as a podcast. You should come out and join us. Join us live it’s tons of fun. Head up to http://theaverageguy.TV/live but Mike little chilly. But hunting weather’s here for you. Right?

Mike Wieger  [1:04] 
Yeah, yeah, it’s I’m hoping it stays like this weekend. So like, you know, 50 and sunny that would be that’d be perfect. But I’m just glad the snow didn’t stick around because I was lazy and I had not picked up my leaves yet. So that snow came blanketed all those leaves and like, shoot, if this sticks around, I’m done for but luckily it melted off. So I’m able to that’s that’s tomorrow’s plan as if it leaves off. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [1:24] 
but are you doing it tomorrow? Yeah. Okay, yeah, um, Saturday’s plan for me is to get out there and Saturday afternoons like 50. So that’s like, negative seven Celsius. I don’t know, I don’t know how that works. But we of course, what I do know works. We’ve got shownotes that have a table of contents, which means you can get right to the content. If you want to listen to it that way. You can do it including full transcripts. Out of http://theaverageguy.TV, this one will be http://theaverageguy.TV/hgg466.

Before we get into the iPhone, it’s all iPhone 12. Tonight, friends, I’m just going to be honest with you. We are Mike and I both have it. Before we get into that one. Mike got one. I got one we’re pretty excited about

A big thanks to hover for supporting the show tonight for supporting this episode. And actually probably hear out through the end of the year. If you need to do a new domain. Maybe you’re using one of the other ones I’ve always Mike, I don’t know about you. I always been a hover guy, head up to http://theaverageguy.TV/hover, they got a $2 deal. Right now you get $2 off any new domain if you if you’re a new customer forum. And so if you use that link, http://theaverageguy.TV/hover, that first domain will be two bucks off, give it a try.

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We’ll push all the community announcements to the very end of the show. So if you want to know what’s going on with the meetup and such hang out to the end of the show,

Mike but a big thanks to Joe who sent us Honey Love as soon as I saw this. I was like are you kidding me? Like, like, this is my favorite Joe. I’m not gonna lie.

Mike Wieger  [3:09] 
So it’s a Bock.

Jim Collison  [3:10] 
It is a Bock right. Yep, it is a Bock. I lost 40 brewing there in Arkansas, and we’ve had these before. And they’re just pretty great. We’re going to talk more about them here towards the end of the show. But you see good little fiddlehead on it. Get a little Amber. Joe. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll we want to get to the iPhone coverage. So we’ll be we’ll be drinking this and then talk

Mike Wieger  [3:33] 
Oh, point 6.3%

Jim Collison  [3:35] 
here at the end. Maybe we’ll be talking about it. It’s I have it in the show notes. So we remember

Mike Wieger  [3:40] 

Jim Collison  [3:44] 
Joe, thanks for sending us those beers. Like I said we’ll be given some some tasting notes at the end that sounds really stupid but head to head out to http://theAverageGuy.tv/hgg466 there’ll be some details on it is there and we’ll do it at the end of the show. Joe thanks for sending those out if you want to send us your beers your or your beer pics send me an email Jim@theAverageGuy.TV

Mike I came over to your house to drop off the beers that Joe had sent and you were patiently waiting for your your the UPS guy you literally were stocking him I thought for a second you’d had your drone in the air and you’re like oh there’s a UPS truck he’s close what what time did it finally get there

Mike Wieger  [4:26] 
Not till like six and you came over three in a kept saying all day it was almost here and you know I did learn something interesting. There is like I want to know the algorithm for ups and how it works because this truck went to like the same other neighborhood like three different times like they would go that neighborhood go over here and then go back that neighborhood they go to village point a few times. So I go good. They already have village point will be here soon. Nope, did another circle so apparently mine was not a high priority for them. But the UPS guy did say I bet you’ve been waiting for this all day. When he handed it to me. I said yes I have. I’ve been super excited. So yeah, I was I was talking On the UPS app, I do like I don’t think FedEx does it. I know Amazon does it. But as far as like seeing where the actual truck is that your thing is on that day, I really liked it. If you don’t have a UPS account, it was kind of a nice little feature that I hadn’t seen before.

Jim Collison  [5:14] 
Yeah, they the notification for me, it came Tuesday. So we ordered it at the end of the show Thursday night, then processed Friday, shipped on Monday got here Tuesday afternoon, they had said between [2:15] and 5, I think is what I sent you. And I came like at [2:30]. So it was it was pretty cool. I spent the afternoon setting up. Mike, once you quick rundown, you talked about it towards the end of the show last week, I still can’t believe I actually pulled the trigger on

Mike Wieger  [5:41] 
it. That’s what I want to talk about first is like the fact that we were talking about this on the show randomly. You didn’t know I had gotten a new phone until I think you probably saw it in the notes because I was I put that in late now. And you saw it and he got a new phone and then all of a sudden by the end of the show. We’re on the Sprint website ordering your new iPhone. That was a lot of fun. I enjoyed that.

Jim Collison  [5:59] 
You must have said something like I it’s struck. What you must have said something to spark the trade in. It was the trading thing, right? I think you realize that this probably last year for you.

Mike Wieger  [6:13] 
Yeah, you were gonna get value for your phone for

Jim Collison  [6:16] 
that phone. And I’ve always been the worst. Yeah. Can you sell things for more than they’re worth? After keeping them for two weeks? I hold them for 200 years, and then they’re worth nothing. Right? That’s just the way I am. And I think you said something. I was like, Yeah, I wonder and I started looking, I went back in when I was editing the show, I went back and listened to that part. Again, the the actual purchase is in the full version of the show. So if you’re a Patreon subscriber, it’s in that feed. If you’re not, you can head over to the live feed. I think it’s called the average guy TV, I think is what our live feed is. It’s the one you’re watching right here on the live show. You can you can get it there. I buy it actually in the post show. Which I’ve never I don’t know if I’ve ever I’ve ever done it came down to seven bucks a month. Why wouldn’t I

Mike Wieger  [7:01] 
make? I was shocked. We got down to the final price. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [7:04] 
yeah, well, that a plus, you’re right, it was right on the end, like right on the edge of getting kind of the best, the best deal ever.

Mike Wieger  [7:11] 
We did learn though, to shop around right to really find the best deal I think for if you’re Verizon and at&t, those deals are offered directly through the apple website right now. At least Verizon I know it was I got I did price check Verizon website versus Apple, a website. And they were the same sprint was not like I think if you bought it through the apple website we saw for sprint was like 33 bucks a month. And we went to the sprint store ended up being seven. So definitely check shop around your check. I think it’s really now it’s probably down between carrier and apple. You know, you might throw Best Buy in the mix and check them too. But they’ll probably be between your carrier and apple.

Jim Collison  [7:49] 
If you’re not a sprint customer and you want to be one. Now they merge with T Mobile. Check your market. It’s free. The iPhones free if you want to. If you want to pick them up, pick it up from Mike, you gave a little overview last week. But why don’t you just for folks who haven’t been Listen, up until last Thursday, I hadn’t been paying attention. I had no idea what was on this phone. And I’ll be honest, I didn’t buy it because it had a lot of great features. I bought it because this was the last second I was going to get any money from my phone. And it’s like, it was one of those purchases. Like I need this thing. I need to have it it doesn’t need to be fancy. You know, I bought the just the 12 I didn’t do pro I kind of bought the middle of the road 64 gig for what I had before. Um, I just felt like, you know, I probably should get on this, especially for that price. But talk a little bit about the specs on this phone.

Mike Wieger  [8:41] 
Yeah, for this phone. The big thing that I think a lot of people were talking about was the new form factor. And it’s not really even a new form factor. They kind of actually went back a few generations that iPhone four or five era where you have a really flat screen so flatscreen with the the metal edges, and so nothing curved. You know, I had the old and I already put in the box and to ship out but you know, I had the iPhone 10 before this, I kind of had that curved screen right on the edges where your fingers could kind of roll off it. And there you go. Jim showed it very flat, which I really like that was a something that I remembered liking. And all of you who were iPhone fans back when those phones were big. My big question was are we going to have an antenna gate situation again with the you’re holding it wrong scenario, because when they had those phones, the antennas were the way people held the phone where they were getting bad reception but no reports of that yet. I haven’t had any issues with it. So I think they definitely solve those. So you know, new design as far as form factor with with that came screen upgrades. They’re using a new type of glass called ceramic shield is what they’re calling it. So it is a little bit more shatter resistant. Yeah. And the tests have shown that it does not help with scratches because you really have a balance when you’re talking about screen and glass. You can have a little less shatter, but you’re going to it’s going to be a little more pliable and scraped, you’re going it’s going to scratch a little bit easier. Whereas you can have a be pretty scratcher system that makes them more brittle and stiff and it’s going to shatter easier. So I think you know, that’s, that’s here nor there, right? I think if I get an extra foot of drop protection or that I think they said maybe the 25% times more, you can drop it, it won’t shatter. That wasn’t a big deal for me, but I think we’ll see in the long run, if that actually helps people out if we do, it will drag placements. It scratches about the same is what the results show. So jerryrigeverything is a great YouTube channel if you guys don’t follow him, and he actually goes and he does the olders that what’s the is it Mo’s thing of hardness that the scale of hardness and he has different pens that scratched all those and it scratches between a six and a seven. So it starts to scratch at six and really scratches at seven. And so it you know it, it might shatter less,

Jim Collison  [10:49] 
but that when are you gonna put a strain on it? Are you gonna put a

Mike Wieger  [10:51] 
I don’t I’ve never put screen protectors on and I have I think I’ve only shattered I had said last week I think I’d never shouted phone I had to think back about I think I shot it one when I was in high school. I think I shared a screen actually was in high school probably college but so yeah, I’ve never had an issue with that. I really never dropped my phone too often I even thought about going no case on this phone. Because it’s just it’s a really pretty phone. And and I you know I don’t really drop it often. But I did end up going with the with the case.

But So real quick getting back to specs, new display. So in terms of ceramic shield, but also higher resolution and a lot better contrast ratio. So you got like, I think the other ones like 1500 to one contrast ratio. Now it’s like 2 million to one contrast ratio. So it’s gonna look a lot better. And then 5g, of course, I mean, that was the thing Apple would not shut up about. And their announcement was just like, I think they said 5g probably a million times. And obviously they were partnering with Verizon. And I think honestly, that’s why we saw on a big carrier discounts on these is because you know, the big the storyline was five G’s real right now. It’s really it’s always been here, but now it’s like, We’re ready.

Like we’re ready for more adoption. And obviously, with iPhone now adopting it, that’s a lot more users on 5g, and I’m honestly kind of glad Apple forced my hand there because, you know, I’ve I’ve tried Android, it’s just I’m in the apple ecosystem. All my family and my friends are so that’s where I live. And I’m kind of glad I didn’t I wasn’t too early of an adopter into 5g because here in Omaha, it wasn’t great before but now I noticed with with my experience and we’ll talk about that later has been really good on 5g here in Omaha at least on Verizon. So 5g being a big thing there.

And then just beyond that, obviously they’re they’re incremental upgrades and you know, CPU and GPU and things like that with a new Are we on now a 14 bionic i think is their their new chip. And obviously Apple doing their own silicon now has a they’re able to control everything from hardware to software, which is nice. So So the big upgrade you got

Jim Collison  [12:44] 
I see. I don’t know if it’ll focus for you. Let’s see. It says five. It did. Yeah. Says 5G by the battery. Yeah. Right. Is that mean? I’m getting 5g? It does. They’re not? It’s not? It’s not? It’s not faking it?

Mike Wieger  [12:56] 
No. Well, okay, so So is that means you have 5g service, the phone’s actually really smart. It’s not going to because 5G takes more battery power than LTE does. So it’s going to tell you it’s always going to say 5G if you have 5g signal, just so you know, it’s gonna use LTE though until you do a task that needs a lot of bandwidth. So let’s say you go to download an episode of a podcast, it’ll crank up to 5G. But if you’re just browsing Facebook, it’s going to drop down LTE. Right? So it’s going to us that doesn’t mean you have coverage there. Which I’m wondering Jim if that was native sprint or if that’s now since you have sprint T Mobile you know T Mobile touted you know their 5G network is a lot more expanding. Especially across Omaha needs expanding across Omaha now.

Jim Collison  [13:37] 
It is here in Omaha I am it’s on T Mobile. So I’m using any mobile’s 5g 188 down 49 up that’s actually better than my

Mike Wieger  [13:48] 

Jim Collison  [13:50] 
That’s so the 49 up

Mike Wieger  [13:51] 
in your basement.

Jim Collison  [13:54] 
Yeah, that’s no kidding. And that’s to Kansas City. So that’s the T Mobile. That’s the key. Well, we used to be sprint but now the T Mobile center in Kansas City 50 up 188 down, 5G. Like, is that fake? Or is it or kill it? Oh, can I be a believer?

Mike Wieger  [14:14] 
Well and because so what were my houses that I’m actually kind of on the far western side of Omaha. And so I’m kind of on the outskirts of 5g for Verizon and I ran my speed test yesterday in my house not outside or anything and I had 73 down, 9 up so still pretty good. I think those are you know not Oh, man. I thought

Jim Collison  [14:34] 
about it just just fixed. You can keep talking.

Mike Wieger  [14:36] 
I thought I would be able to get a little bit faster speeds in my house, but I was still happy with 75 down and 9 up but what I really want to try out Jim, on that 5G Oh, you’re running it right now live?

Jim Collison  [14:49] 
Yea, we’ll just let it do its thing.

Mike Wieger  [14:52] 
What I want to test out is okay, so obviously for me on VR, I don’t know the technology t mobile users but I know they all use different technologies for 5g I want to go downtown because downtown Omaha has the millimeter wave Verizon 5G so I really want to go down there and see you know the the almost gigabit speeds downtown you’re actually down I don’t know if T Mobile has millimeter wave but I’m gonna head downtown at some point test that out and really see the speeds work but I’ve been really impressed with with that 5G

Jim Collison  [15:23] 
it’s that up is better I’m I’m gonna tether my phone to the, to the to the home network and use the up, you know, because I’m unlimited on sprint. So

Mike Wieger  [15:33] 
that’s what I need to check to is I’m wondering if because those speeds are getting so good. I wonder if they’re going to have more people start tethering. I know right now with Verizon, like I’m on the unlimited plan with Verizon, but I wonder if they’ll start to pare down how much data I know right now you can use 25 gigs of tethering data before they start kind of decreasing your speed. But I don’t know if with 5G Now, does that give them more bandwidth to play with so they will they not remove that capital C kind of eligo because you’re right, that is faster than most people’s home internet.

Jim Collison  [16:04] 
I know. It’s faster than mine, for sure. I mean, I’m getting hundred 80 down now. Like, like Cox’s, for whatever reason, they advertise 150. But I’m getting out on 80 easily. And I’m getting 10, 11, 12 up. So it’s, it’s working. It’s what’s advertised, which is more than it’s been in the past. But like, holy crap, when I saw that when he did the speed test, I’m like, Oh, I gotta test this out a couple times. So work great. So

yeah, so I just the thing was, I wanted to ask you is like, Is that real? Like, or am I getting faked out in some way? Because I’ve just heard so much skepticism around this 5G stuff, but apparently down here in Bellevue. We’re doing okay. Mike, when when the phone came for me it actually super thin box. It’s got the charging cable, an apple sticker and some instructions. You can’t even read it literally.

Mike Wieger  [16:56] 
Right? No power brick tool alone cable.

Jim Collison  [16:59] 
Nope. And no no earbuds anymore, right? Of course, because the phone doesn’t have that but um, I guess I guess even even because the eight plus didn’t have a headphone jack they sent you the the lightning cable one and the thing so after those are done that day, those days are over.

For me, the setup experience couldn’t have been any easier you you’d have some trouble with it. But I really took out the took the phone out actually called Micah, she’s the co host on Theme Thursday with me. And I she I got her on the screen. And then I still have her peeling off the plant, you know, the, the plastic off the screen, which is super satisfying, right? It’s kind of peel that off. But not a lot of waste in that box. I think that and a few other things that that are in there. You know, like I just there’s not much to it. Right? Put the phone side by side. And you begin to set up process on the iPhone 12. And it communicated with the eight plus and said do you want to transfer and I put in a few things and boom, it was off to the races. When it was done. Now that didn’t work? Well for you. For me, it was flawless. So again, eight plus 64 gig 1264 gig maybe that was the maybe that’s the thing of having the exact same size on it. Didn’t have to go to iCloud for it at all. In fact, I didn’t even up until recently, I haven’t even had an iCloud account, I use the free one, and then it ran out of space or whatever. So transfer pictures, settings. Like when I pick up the phone, it looked exactly like the old iPhone, down to all the apps being installed. Now. I had some activation problems and so that I had to solve later on in the evening and needed to get a connect to the Wi Fi so could download the apps but 30 minutes maybe.

Mike Wieger  [18:42] 
And experiment. That’s the experience you’re looking for right to go from one phone to the other. And it just you pick it up in and you’re off to the races. Yeah, it was weird. I’m glad you had a good experience mine, I had two issues. One, when I first went through, I actually got to the activating screen as far as a carrier activation and just sat there and spun and you could tap the Next button wouldn’t do anything. And I googled it. And apparently that was a massive issue. All you had to do though was restart the phone. And it would it would activate the second big issue. But then when you walk through the process, it says hey, do you want to transfer from your old phone? right away? It says hey, do you want to get settings like you want to set it up? And it’ll start to pull over settings. But then it says hey, for this massive data transfer? Do you want me to do that from your phone? Or I can just do it from my cloud if you don’t want to do it from your phone. And I tried doing it from the phone.

I think you’re right though, Jim the different phone sizes because I had the biggest iPhone 10 and then I only have the 128 gig iPhone 12 but what’s interesting there is I was only using 45 gigs according to the phone of that iPhone 10 so I was like, Oh, I have more than enough space. It must be doing like an image, you know? Yeah, volume size before it came over. But it’s frustrating because they put that after you do a bunch of settings. So that is after you’ve you’ve already set up face ID you’ve already put all your Apple cards in so you kind of have to restart. So I did that it’s a Nope, nope. Now I failed, you got to restart the whole process over, and then do it from iCloud.

But the iCloud was flawless to me now worked really fast download all the apps again. And then overnight, all the photos came down from iCloud and it worked well, I actually run, which is nice. I’m glad I do. This iMac behind me is actually a cache for iCloud across our whole network. So that if you know if I take a picture, and overnight it uploads at iCloud or whenever it does, it actually goes to this machine first. And then any other machine that tries to access that photo from iCloud just pulls it off the cache, which saves a bunch of bandwidth I checked my usage, and it actually pulled 20 gigs from online and the other 20 it had in the cache. So 20 gigs of bandwidth, which now on the days of Kaka data caps, you know, it’s nice when you can save any of that, that bandwidth.

Jim Collison  [20:48] 
Yeah, I think of 50 gigs of pictures on your phone or videos or that goes that, that goes kind of fast. It didn’t activate right away, I had to connect it to the network to get kind of the transfer, I did get it working. But through throughout the afternoon, it just went activate and I did your trick. By the way, it took me forever to figure out how to turn the thing off. You know, like,

Mike Wieger  [21:10] 
that was the biggest difference for you.

Jim Collison  [21:12] 
Yeah, I’ll talk about that here in a second. Cuz that’s been a whole new experience of getting rid of the home button. But um, so I just jumped on Sprint’s website and got a hold of somebody in chat. And they actually activated it via chat. So I didn’t have to call got jumped on there, they verified a few things. They got a couple numbers from me, took care of me, tried to sell me a few things in the process. I said, I have to consult my I have to consult with my my apple, you know, consultant guy, I can’t buy anything and talk to my apple guy, Mike Wieger.

So, so it got it activated that night and man, they activated the other phone shut off right away. Like this isn’t. Remember the days you’d go into stores and the guy you’d have to get the technician and they’d have to put a bunch of numbers in

Mike Wieger  [21:58] 
Acts over remember, like, contacts from one phone to the other now always heard text messages. And yeah, it’s just crazy how easy it is. Now,

Jim Collison  [22:06] 
by the way, this is not exclusive to iPhones, you can do this on Android as well. They have ways of transferring stuff. So that but that just is the only real problem I had was with my with it was with my Google authenticator app, which, you know, I’d used for Google and then I, early on, I started putting all our crypto stuff in there. Mm hmm. You know, and then it doesn’t really like that’s a thing hasn’t changed in like, 20 years. It’s the same. There’s no way to back it up. Not that I could figure out. There’s no way to back it up. Bring it back down.

Mike Wieger  [22:36] 
Yeah, they say they’re supposed to be like, did you Google because I googled that and like, Oh, yeah, it backs up your account. Like I’ve never found out how there’s no login. No,

Jim Collison  [22:44] 
I couldn’t find it. It was Yeah. Meanwhile, LastPass flagged me Hey, you want to you want to download everything? like yeah, it’s there. And all the all the two factor stuff all the off. Off stuff was there.

Mike Wieger  [22:56] 
I love the LastPass authenticator app. I that’s one of my favorite. I use them because I still use bit Warden, you know, myself hosted for Password Manager. So I actually don’t use the LastPass Password Manager. But I do use the LastPass authenticator.

Jim Collison  [23:10] 
Yeah, yeah. And I use both both LastPass on the phone and the authenticator. So I spent about an hour taking all those who like going to the website, putting it in D authorizing it, authorizing it again, putting it in LastPass. So it’s available there. We use the Microsoft authenticator for Gallup, so I just set a few of those up, in fact, had to go the next day into work, they were having that we’d had internet trouble the day before, I had internet trouble The next morning, a phone with no internet here, in even though as an LTE, I can’t get to my email, and I couldn’t sign into it here. And I was it was a mess. So I ended up going in. But from that perspective, that was really, when I think about the setup, just those two things, one, activating through chat, which was fabulous, actually worked out great. And then the authenticator so if I were to do it again, I just would never use Google Authenticator ever again, and put them in LastPass, or Microsoft or whatever, to get it done. So a pretty great, just experience right off the bat of getting it, getting everything moved over.

Mike Wieger  [24:14] 
I just like how everything’s in the cloud now, right? Like when we think about I, I’m starting to have that same experience on laptops and PCs, and like, I can be up and running in an hour because everything’s in the cloud. There’s no more moving stuff over. But you know, I’ve never been more appreciative though, Jim, of the integration of third party password managers into the apple keyboard than I was when you have to go and log into every single app again, when you get the new phone, right, because and then you find those apps you haven’t opened since you got the phone. Like when I went to go live for the first time I call I haven’t logged in my garage door app and but just right there, spilt in the keyboard.

Yep. Do I pull that from bit Warden for you? I do, because I know what my password is and that integration, total side note, I’ve actually started using those really long random generated passwords, that your password Arranger gives you. I used to be so weird next like, Well what if I don’t have my phone with me to get to bit Warden? Like, what if I can’t get in? You know, it’s just so integrated now on the phone that I’ve gone to it I don’t use any of my senior passwords anymore. They’re all passwords. I couldn’t tell you what they are generated. Nope.

Jim Collison  [25:15] 
No, I have a moment of panic when I’m like, when I can’t get to LastPass I’m like, there’s no way like, there’s no way I’m gonna be able to. I don’t know what it is.

Mike Wieger  [25:25] 
I’m gonna want to go back to LastPass because it really worries me now though, because I’m self hosted on bit word and like, what if my Unraid Box craps out? Then I can’t get anything because that’s

Jim Collison  [25:34] 
where beware a couple that

Mike Wieger  [25:36] 
the backup of how would I would then I would need to get that imagery installed. But it would be such a pain just to get like bitwarden backup accounts.

Jim Collison  [25:44] 
Well, it what I really liked you know, in the setup, you do the face ID so this is the big difference. No, no home button anymore. No fingerprints. Now it’s all face ID and at first I kind of took me you know a little while you got to do this thing. Oh, hey, Siri, my the watch was wanted to join the podcast, you know, you do that thing or you move your head all around, you get it. And then it got man, it just makes it slick to set up all those things you want to do this Yep, face ID boom, it’s in. The only drawback is when you’re wearing a mask.

You know, today at work, I was wearing it yesterday at work, I was wearing a mask trying to do something you have Down, down, you can you could put the code in, right, it works. It works that way as well. Um, I have not found you warned me last week about the switch from having a home button in the swipe motions versus thanks for warning me because it actually got me thinking about it ahead of time. And it was a quicker adoption. And in one of the things I really liked now.

So when you swipe up, when you have a screen open, and you swipe up to you know, I used to just push the button and would bring it back. Now if you swipe halfway up, it gets to the spot where all the apps are, right and in. That’s actually a better motion for me like now that I’m used to that you bring that up, and then you can scroll through those things really, really fast. Before Okay, listen, this is a first word problem, total first world problem, I’d have to double click, instead of just one halfway swipe,

Mike Wieger  [27:08] 
I can make even shorter for you, Jim, if the white bar appears at the bottom, just swipe left or right on that white bar. Oh. So if you see the white bar if you’re in and out.


especially that’s good. Obviously not seeing all your abs. But if you’re just going between two really quick. Yeah, I go back and forth, like I’ll be I’ll be in your email. And I’ll just swipe back and forth.

Jim Collison  [27:29] 
You’re changing my life one day at a time one day at a time. So I have not. I’m not struggled with like going from a home button to a little bit because you’re prepped to be so thanks for doing that. Right. But But and then of course, the I got the notch. And so kind of learning now instead of swiping up because that’s taken, I have to swipe down to get the flashlight some of those which I still gym to this day. Can I remember what side is notifications and which is control center?

Mike Wieger  [28:01] 
Right? Cuz I will try like I just want to be modifications like Oh, wait, hold on the right. And that’s Yeah, I still do it wrong every time?

Jim Collison  [28:06] 
Well, I always the way I remember is the utility things like the connection and the battery and that kind of stuff. That’s where your utilities are right? So yes, your battery. And then. And then on the left side is where the time is time notifications, those kind of makes sense. pull that down. And that’s your notification bar. So and then if you do it in this or the center right is actually notifications, right? Yeah, yeah.

Mike Wieger  [28:34] 
So. So did you do any widgets? Have you added it to your home? Or just yet?

No. So those are great for me, because

for me, so for me, I, I check crypto prices a lot. And it’s just one less right, it’s right on my home screen. I have it right as a widget. So I have three widgets, I have stocks, weather, and crypto. Those are things that usually you either they did have those style widgets, if you swipe, swipe over to the left, in iOS 13, where you would have that whatever they call command center on the left side, but this is just right there on your home screen. So I unlock it instantly. It’s almost like it feeds that need for me to Oh, instead of opening that app, while I’m doing another task, I’ll unlock my phone while I’m going to my email, just look up and I see the bitcoin price. And that saved me having to open app and look at it. Same thing with weather.

So I do like to wish I know a lot of people have been doing some really creative things with their widgets. And I think a lot of apps are coming out with cool ways to integrate widgets. I was I was pretty early on. So I did the beta for iOS 14. And that was obviously before all the the third party apps could do widgets. So I’m kind of I just haven’t even looked at them since I was 14 has gone public. And now there’s third party integration there. But I really like them. I think they’re pretty handy. Alex says the the swiping without the home button reminds me of swiping on my own palm tree. You’re right, Alex always kept that comp that Palm Pre k Another thing like I got rid of at some point in time, and I was like, I’m not gonna want this thing.

And I got rid of the house. I think we had like this old pile of sprint phones back there. And I bet you’d slide that thing. I feel like that thing was gonna slide right off the end. And then Brian says, Have you guys played with the back tap functionality on the iPhone, I don’t know what that is Mike. So back tabs cool. I set the wrong thing for it. Because I did it for a screenshot because I might go screenshot something I do a lot. So Jim back tab as you can set something to where you’re when you, if you just do that with two tabs, it’ll do an action for you. And there’s, so I did screenshot, I found that for me, it was taking a screenshot and I was set my phone down, then maybe they’ve gotten better about not syncing, putting your phone down as a double tap. But there are things you can do with that and set it and I have to go back and play with it. Because I did that during the beta.

And it was pretty buggy in the beta. It wasn’t it was too sensitive. I ended up with a bunch of screenshots in my camera roll because I would just and I didn’t realize it. So just set my phone down. So yeah, that’s it’s pretty cool functionality. And Alex is totally right. And Siri shortcuts is definitely it’s one of those, you have to go there. So there’s an app called shortcuts. And you can just start to play around with some of the stuff, it’s one of those, you just kind of need to have a day to just play. Like if you’re ever just like, like, I don’t really have like I’m looking for something tech you do. Because it takes a while to kind of get in that mindset of how to set up cool shortcuts, but they do have some cool ones in the library. Very similar to you know,

Amazon has those for a lady and kind of a library of cool little shortcuts. But the automation, Alex has a perfect example where his pictures copy over to his server via a shortcut. And like I had a shortcut where every time you can set it when it connects to a certain Bluetooth device to do something. So I had mine in my car, hey, when you connect to this Bluetooth device, resume the last podcast, so get in my car, it would connect to that car, and then you would start playing the podcast which I ended up turning it off because I my kids are always in the car. Now I don’t want to go to school. And sometimes I didn’t want to play right away amongst all the chaos of a two year old and a three year old. But yeah, there are some really cool shortcuts in there.

Jim Collison  [32:06] 
Yeah, I have to do that. Because i i’d love it to connect and then just start playing. It doesn’t do that natively. It does that in Sarah’s car sheet. But it’s the it’s the Subaru indash player that’s do yeah, it’s automatically it’s coming up. old school style, right.

Mike Wieger  [32:22] 
Our cars aren’t cool enough. We still have the ox cords. So yeah. So using external Bluetooth.

Jim Collison  [32:27] 
You talked to me into the magsafe case, which I picked up on for a while wanted to bring the beer over so Friday. And I brought out so Sunday the Apple Store Mike I don’t know how that Apple store was close to me. That’d probably be dangerous. I’m pretty glad it’s not. Although, like wow, that’s the first time I’ve been in the pandemic driven Apple store has like is it if you’ve been in there they have like they have a big wall in front so you can’t see in the store anymore. It’s just a big white wall. And then there’s there’s a then a front of that is like a service window and it’s completely glassed. You there’s just a little opening it’s like you’ve gone into you know, when you went into to a convenience store in a bad part of town. And yeah, you slide it under kind of deal. Yeah. And they’re the case the case came out from the back and literally the guy helping me took out a fresh wipe wiped off every square inch of the box every square inch wiped off then like with gloves on, pushed it across to me, I was like okay, I’m okay with that. I mean it’s it they were they were being very careful

Mike Wieger  [33:39] 
Yeah. To do that experience I had mine shipped to me and I so let’s let’s talk about the case first and then we’ll move on to other magsafe accessories because I did or some other ones as well

Jim Collison  [33:50] 
yeah, yeah, so the case comes slips right in it feels good in the hand It doesn’t doesn’t now this phone doesn’t lend itself to flying out of your hands like some of the other ones have in the past. I think the shape of it the square shape of it is just that way but it was just nice to have that case on there and then I wondered if my my whiz tech magnets would work on this because again that thing is around the outside of it right it’s a it’s a it’s the metal around the outside you know worked now is it was it a strong is when I had that the original which by the way I think I shipped my I think I forgot to take the case off the iPhone eight plus that I’ve mailed back just the way it was dropping it at the UPS stores like price i think i think it doesn’t matter I’m not gonna use it for anything but that had that metal plate and it would thump to it you know you suck right onto it. This at least holds it so for now until I get some kind of charger for the car or whatever. I don’t have to replace anything. Just set that down. Yeah, and it worked just fine.

Mike Wieger  [34:52] 
That’s nice that yours held it strong enough, right because I have I have the Scotia brand and mine will not. I have the same case. As you saw, I did the same thing I got the magsafe case. And Jim, what I like about this case is it’s grippy enough but it’s still slides in and out of your pockets. So it’s not too tacky. And sometimes you have that bad mixture of either it’s too tacky, and you can’t get out of your pants pocket, or it’s too slippery and it’s slide out of your, your hand, I thought they did a pretty good job on these cases. Jim, you and I were both kind of boring, we went black on black.

So I went black case blackphone. It’s kind of I’ve never done anything different. I just stuck in my ways. Yeah, I thought about going blue or doing something crazy. But what I was surprised is they didn’t have any form of leather magsafe case, I’ve actually been a really big fan of their leather cases in the past, I’ve kind of liked that feel. So I don’t know if maybe the leather didn’t work as well for for magsafe. But essentially, you know, we covered this last week on the show. But just to recap magazine real quick, all magsafe is it’s cheap, it’s standard charging, with a ring of magnets around the outside that helped that charger align perfectly. So you get a lot better charge because you know for a fact that it’s aligned right on the charger.

And then it also opens up possibilities for third party manufacturers to create cool little magsafe accessories, right. And so the idea is like your car mount, everything will just work magsafe and it’s kind of like a built in magnet, you no longer need that plate. So you know, kind of like firstworldproblems I know, but so I actually ordered the wallets too. So they did come out with we actually ordered a single wall. There’s a funny story to that. So they have a wallet that kind of slaps on the back holds a few cards. And that’s actually you know, for me, I’m starting to use Apple Pay so much that I’m like, I really can get away now with a wallet that only holds three cards. I you know, I need my driver’s license, I need my my, you know, carry permit, and maybe one bank card in case Apple Pay is not going to work right? Like my visa bank card is kind of a covers covered all your bases. And so I kind of get away with that. Because so here’s the funny thing. This is before the phone even arrived,

I had ordered the wallet, I did it all in one purchase. So when I did the pre order the phone, I’ve heard the phone the case in the wallet. And so obviously my phone shipping and this is like Tuesday before last week, so the phone’s gonna be in airfryer. Today, I get an email from Apple saying hey, call us we have a problem with your order. I can’t shoot like did Verizon did something you know, cuz sometimes when you’re upgrading on a line, there’s all these things. Why calling like, Oh, hey, so we’re really sorry, we shipped you the wrong color wallet. So you asked for saddle brown ship you black. Keep that one, the other ones on the way. So just keep it you’ll you’ll have an extra like, oh, okay, that’s kind of cool.

But the weird part is neither of those items have shipped yet. Like if I look at my apple history, so it’s not like they they didn’t actually ship it. I don’t I don’t know what the deal is. I don’t know what that means. I don’t know if they have these stacked up ready to go somewhere in some warehouse. And there’s them and release them all yet, because I know no one has gotten a wallet yet. So I’m wondering if they just they’ve honestly have all boxed up the labels on there ready to go. But they just haven’t, you know, press locally waiting on? That’s what I don’t know. So it’s weird. That was a week ago. Both of them still haven’t shipped. So I told Jim, like, I’m gonna bring you down, you’re gonna get a black wallet? Because I really want

Jim Collison  [38:05] 
one, but it sticks on the back. Is that what it does?

Mike Wieger  [38:08] 
Yeah, it’s a little magsafe wallet. So it’s interesting. Obviously, charge will not go through the wallet as well, if you were using magsafe to charge, but I don’t, I didn’t buy the magsafe charger. For me, it’s going to be an accessory port in less than one thing Jim and I were talking about was it’ll be really nice for the first third party manufacturer that comes out with a magsafe mount for the car that charges at the same time. And I think everyone who watched the apple keynote because Apple said hey, Belkin is gonna be coming out with the first one this magsafe car mount.

And they showed it off in the keynote, I guarantee everyone thought that that thing was going to power the device as well. And I thought so until I read the very fine print on Belkin website. And you even because they don’t even make it very clear on the website for Belkin. It’s like, Oh, yeah, we have this thing, and we have great cable management for the cable. But that to me would imply Oh, yeah, obviously that mean it needs to be plugged in every charger as well. Okay, so it does a good job of hiding the cable is like, no, that thing does not provide any sort of power.

So I have a few conspiracy theories there. I’m wondering if you know since Belkin was the preferred partner with Apple, maybe they know that charging all the time in a car where Sun’s beating down to the dash cheese already getting hot, right? Maybe it’s not good to really be charging your phone a lot in the car under the heat with charging so you’re like well maybe we don’t suggest that if you’re going to use it as a mount and then plug your cable in for less heat. I don’t know. I don’t know. So we’ll see what third party manufacturers do their

Jim Collison  [39:31] 
but there there’s also some smarts built into the way the phone charges to arts Yeah, to make sure cuz, you know, they know people just going to plug it in and set it Forget it. We know that I mean, they just know those kinds of things are going to happen. So the phone’s doing some things too, right to kind of help the battery out a little bit. Right?

Mike Wieger  [39:50] 
It is and there was there’s a really interesting video I’ll try and find the links we can put in the show notes. There was a gentleman because the big thing now is since it doesn’t come with a brick, what’s the best brick to use your new iPhone? Yeah. Try new iPhone, you know, you want to charge it fast, what brick Do you go with, and he used a little watt meter in line. So he would try he tried a bunch of different bricks from a bunch of different companies.

And I was shocked at how differing the results were like, just based off the profile, the PD profile and some of them based on the phone. Even a Wallwork that was rated at like 20 watts was only doing it at 10 for some reason with the AI. So very interesting kind of the difference in how those brakes work I had up myself I did buy the new anchor one that just came out so anchor has one that’s the same exact size a tiny little cube, but it’ll do up to 20 watts instead of five watts from the old Apple cube.

And but Apple does he his results showed that the 20 watt, Apple Walworth you can buy additionally, did provide the most power in the fastest way. But it was also the most expensive so anchor ones only 15 bucks I did like the small little form factor that’s what I’m gonna throw in a bag whenever I need it. Because I have no USBC Walmart’s with my. So I did obviously have my regular USB a with lightning. But in those instances where you do want to charge really fast, I didn’t have any brick that can do it. So I ended up grabbing the anchor version there

Jim Collison  [41:16] 
something I’ve never cared about. I don’t know why I don’t I guess I’ve never been in a situation where I need to quick charge my phone. So it charges overnight. I don’t charge it during the day. It charges overnight. I mean for you know, 364 days out of 365 if I use it during the day, charge it at night, good to go. And that phone the battery had on my plus did that for three years never had a problem and that battery was still as good at the end as it was in the beginning. So I don’t know my

Mike Wieger  [41:47] 
mind would have been the same way. It was you know generation newer than yours. Yeah, I battery. I mean, I would be down to 40% by 11am. So I was always charging but this battery I was gonna be one of my things that I love about it is for about maybe it was just going from a three year old phone to a new phone. That’s probably most of it. I think battery life is pretty good.

Jim Collison  [42:08] 
Well, I my conspiracy theory is I think charging slower is better for the battery just to be honest. And in charging fast is harder on it. But that’s me I have no man, I have no nothing to back.

Mike Wieger  [42:20] 
Hey, and there’s a locked in battery. So the faster you wear that thing out the faster you’re gonna come in and grab a new something like that. It’s something like that.

Jim Collison  [42:29] 
So I probably won’t even though I got the magsafe case, I probably won’t buy a t g charger. Although I might just to be honest, if I get one and then it It also has a watch charger on it. That would be the time like, yes, it makes sense. Although I charge my watch down here on my desk, the charger sits right here. At night before I go to bed. I’m always here. Last thing I do take my watch off, set it down. First thing I do in the morning, when I come to sit down and work the watch comes off. I don’t use the watch as a clock. Because I have the a lady to do the clock for me. Right? And I can whisper to her. Hey, what time is it? And she’ll tell me in a whisper. So like that I don’t have any kind of blaring light in there anything like that. So I kind of I kind of like that. Mike, you mentioned. So

Mike Wieger  [43:18] 
go ahead stands that you kind of mentioned the one that you watch the phone and some even have a third for air pods, I think are so cool. And I would love it. You know, if I lived in like a super fancy home where the aesthetic was really important. I just wonder chords over there. Like I cannot bring myself to spend because they’re expensive. They’re 150 bucks in those three model. I’m like, Okay, I’m not spending 30 bucks to charge my phone in a different manner that I can do right now. But they are they do look amazing. Like there are I could definitely see if you had a really nice looking office or whatever. They’re kind of cool to have all those three charging from one chord, which is the coolest part.

Jim Collison  [43:53] 
you’d mentioned the wallet earlier in. So I thought you know, I wonder if my current wallet is not, it’s not sticking to it. I can’t I can’t figure out. You know this, like, I’m a guy, right? I’ve got this crappy old leather. You just kind of got me thinking like, Okay, if I do this new wallet, there’s actually not a lot in here. But there are some important things like the beer card from hyvee. Like, can it hold the beer card from it? Not sure why I’m carrying this but I have an Oyster card for the subway in London. In my wallet. Like maybe I thought I was going to go back and I didn’t want to lose it. So that’s there. I have a smart trip card for the this is for the metro in Washington DC. I used to go there all the time, too. And so that’s in my wallet. These things are now the most Yeah, no, it’s true. I probably could. Yeah, you can’t do that. Yeah, yeah, you’re right. I need to take these out. And then the all important one DJs dug out you got to have the DJs got the gift card. Yeah, you know, so I kind of few things besides my credit cards. I got a few things to think about Mike You know, that’s in there. So Oh, Oh, oh and where are you going to put your, your candle your candle wrappers? Right I’ve got I’ve got some candle wrappers here when I was when I was out.

Mike Wieger  [45:10] 
I forgot about why

I’m expecting you to hold up a Yankee Candle, little leg wrap

Jim Collison  [45:16] 
when I was out with Ed Sullivan, we had a few candles. And so that you know, I and I thought these we had some really good candles while we were there. So I decided this was this this particular candle this add of a candle was pretty good. I have a bunch of Byron’s I smoked way too many Byron’s while I was there. But that was pretty good. And I think which one is this? So I put them in my wallet to save them because I wanted to, you know, keep remember the trip. So

the wallet that’s gonna go on the back here, Mike, it’s gonna have to be tested. Like I’m gonna have to test it with some things.

Mike Wieger  [45:52] 
And I’m a little disheartened because I had already ordered it. And then the reviews are kind of coming in. And they say it’s, it’s decently strong to the phone. But one of the guys was doing a test for you to put into his, his pants and see how easily it would just fall off. And he’s like, this is the one thing you don’t want to lose, right, like, and so he said, it is a little light. So it’ll, it’ll take some work off to see if I haven’t used it. You know, I wasn’t too worried was one of the things I want to try and see. But and because I have the same thing, I’ve gotten smaller and smaller in my wallet. And now I’m into one of those travel ombo little like, it’s pretty tiny. But I think I can get down to three cards. And I’m gonna put the rest of them in like my, in a lockbox in my car. So I still have them like if I’m like, Oh, I mean, I did forget there’s something in there. I still need like my drone license, for example, right? I don’t need to carry that around all the time. So I’ll just have it in my car in case I ever do need it. Just,

Jim Collison  [46:46] 
I’ll just throw my whole wallet, this current wallet in the car, and then just carry the things you need on a daily basis. Right?

Mike Wieger  [46:52] 
Yeah, and it’s good thing for like runners or freedom to go on your workout or your bike rides gym, because then it’s one less thing. You just have it on your phone, and you only carry around a wallet. You don’t have a wallet and a pocket and that so for biking, running, I could see it being pretty useful.

Jim Collison  [47:04] 
Yeah, yeah. They give that if you get that second one. I may give that a try. Yeah, I’m gonna do that. Last for me. I kind of gave into iCloud. And I don’t know why but popped up on the phone like here’s some iCloud plans and 50 gig which like I have only 64 gig phone is 99 cents. And I was like, okay, like, why would I like have that available to me, right?

Mike Wieger  [47:31] 
works really well, especially for photos and transferring stuff back and forth their backups. I like and you can Oh, you don’t have anyone else in the family who’s Apple deal. So I love that they finally put iCloud storage in the family side so I can share that. So our whole family shares a terabyte plan, which is more than enough. And Hannah uses the Mac laptop, both of our iPhones, iPads. And that’s been great for moving stuff around and all her photos are stored there. Minor stored there. Of course we back them up to next cloud as well to have a local copy. But yeah, I think it’s worth it. I think ours is only like 299 for a terabyte which is not bad. Even two terabytes. I don’t check what our current plan is.

Jim Collison  [48:09] 
Yeah, terabyte man, that’d be a lot dude. It’d be a lot for a phone. like you’d have to work hard. I mean a lot of video.

Mike Wieger  [48:17] 
But since you can share with family on top you can use it for like Dropbox right it’s another backup there.

Jim Collison  [48:24] 
Yeah Brian says yet 99 cents and 3% back use your Apple card. True.

Mike Wieger  [48:29] 
subscriptions or through my apple card. It’s probably

Jim Collison  [48:32] 
a smart thing Apple really like anything else that that on the experience that you want to highlight.

Mike Wieger  [48:37] 
For me you know this is not new to the 12 from the 11 but if you have older than 11 phone, having a 4k front facing camera. The one new thing on the 12 this year is they do have HDR video on the front and rear camera. But for you know if you’re a I do not call myself a content creator like I like to make a YouTube video every six months type of guy. For me that’s perfect because you allow you can still use the selfie cam on your phone and get 4k footage. Right Amiel to see yourself I think that’s pretty amazing to be able to have 4k on the front video. And then one thing is kind of cool to test out too. If you do find someone else with an iPhone 12 FaceTime is now and this is like one of those Android users are going to roll them like that’s hilarious. But we finally have 10 ADP FaceTime on on the iPhones, if you are on Wi Fi or 5g, they have 10 Db and that’s always been a thing of they’ve never wanted to make it. They want to make the experience as good as possible. And LTE and HD FaceTime was just not worth the hassle. But now with 5g you’re out and about. You can have some HD FaceTime. Yeah,

Jim Collison  [49:48] 
super cool. Anything else?

Mike Wieger  [49:50] 
No, it’s been fantastic. I’ve really enjoyed it. This is not you know, I think it’s important to note here. This is not like some instrumental massively beverage show out and grab the phone. But Jim brought up a good point earlier if you’re on an iPhone eight, especially, this is probably your last year to get some good trade in. And they’re doing all those deals now. So I mean, like Jim said seven bucks a month on sprint for that new phone is insane. And how could I not?

Jim Collison  [50:13] 
Like it would have been that would have been criminal

Mike Wieger  [50:16] 
sandwich right throughout the month. And you’ve you’ve paid for this brand new phone now right on? Yes. Yeah, so there’s, there’s some reason to upgrade. For me. My battery life was awful. And my ear, my speaker was sounding like everyone’s underwater. So I was like, You know what, time to upgrade it on that phone outright. At that point, I’d had it for three years. So I was definitely way past my upgrade period. And mine, Jim on Verizon, I went the same. No, I went the iPhone 12. I did bump up to 128. And mine was 17 bucks a month. And 12 if I’d gone with the lower storage. But since I do shoot some video on my phone, I said, Yeah, you did the right thing that either. I mean,

Jim Collison  [50:57] 
I should have done the 128. Just to be honest, that was you know, 60 fours. Okay. I was only using 40 to begin with. So I was like, Yeah, I can move. You know, that’s all pictures, just to be honest, I can move those pictures off.

Mike Wieger  [51:10] 
But it is they don’t you don’t get any more trading value based on the size of your phone, which is the model. So really, if you’re ever going to use it, there is no reason to pay that extra. Because when I go to trade in my phone, I don’t get any more value than you do already have the same value for that phone. They don’t take into consideration sighs

Jim Collison  [51:27] 
Yeah. So it kind of makes sense. Maybe always have the smallest that you can get away with. Right. Well, thanks for thanks for the recommendation on it. And it just it was it was what you know, you get those surprises everyone saw where you’re not thinking about it, and all of a sudden it happens. And then you’re like, Oh, this is this is pretty great. So we won’t spend a lot of time here in the future talking about these phones, because they’re still just phones now. Like they it did exactly what my other phone did. There’s nothing new, except it’s a new phone. Right. So thanks for talking me into that. I mentioned the beginning of the show. We talked a little bit about the beer Joe again. Thanks for sending those. I love Honey, it’s a Bock it’s from last 40 brewing out of Arkansas. We’ve been drinking it all night. Mike six would you say? 6.3%?

Yeah. What do you think?

Mike Wieger  [52:20] 
I really liked this one. This was you call it This was our favorite from the last batch. So I was excited to try it again. right because I you know, we obviously only get these when Joe’s able to set them cuz they’re from Arkansas. It’s really good. Mm hmm. Nice and smooth. I mean, and not like honey like you trying to figure out explains I think Yeah, you’re gonna do better than I was about to do

Jim Collison  [52:41] 
not to, not to not overpoweringly sweet.

Mike Wieger  [52:45] 
But more smooth like honey.

Give it Riley like it’s almost like think of honey, I don’t taste much honey but it’s like I am I think of it. It’s a good way to describe it. extra thing really smooth.

Jim Collison  [52:55] 
You know, in the summer you kind of go with a Shandy or you go with it. We drink a lot of Bud Light orange or Bud Light lemonade, which I really like. But this if I could get this on a regular basis. This would be all summer long. Oh yeah. In with candles. Like there’s a few candles that I that I burn with this. That that would be would be pretty good. You know? Yes. Kind of had

Mike Wieger  [53:18] 
no Christmas pine with

the logo. I want to talk about the logo. Love honey, right? Oh, come on my face. There we go. So it is it’s a heart. It’s a beehive. dripping honey with two arrows. I just thought that was really cool logo right love honey and but it’s the tarp. It’s actually a beehive. You can see the Yeah, it’s kind of cool.

Jim Collison  [53:41] 
Yeah, this if this Joe, if this was local. This would all be this. This would be my daily driver.

Mike Wieger  [53:48] 
I was I thought we were gonna have the Oktoberfest tonight and I’ve been waiting. Next week. We record that one because I’m excited for the Oktoberfest. One. Yeah, Erin’s on next week, and we’ll talk. That’s a good reminder, I will tell her to make sure she has an Oktoberfest a local Oktoberfest. If she can still get one in November. I know.

Jim Collison  [54:06] 
Well, technically, Oktoberfest is in September. But right.

So but but maybe there’ll be maybe there’ll be some around. Um, speaking of that Aaron’s coming on next week, Joe, thanks for the beer. Next week. We’ll drink the Oktoberfest one. Um, next week, Aaron Lawrence’s on the show got a whole list of things you might want to think about. For Christmas kind of between now and Christmas. We’re gonna talk a lot about things that you should buy yourself for Christmas. Come on, you know, you can do it. Like you know, you’re gonna buy it yourself. So we’re gonna write, there’s a lot of things out there. And so Erin’s coming on next week to talk about that.

As we get into Thanksgiving a couple things coming up. One is the the day after Thanksgiving. So that is November, that’s only a month away Mike. That’s pretty crazy that Thanksgiving here in the US is just a month away the 27th November 27. Sammie is coming On the show, that’s her. We started that tradition, I think last year, maybe two years ago? And so she’ll be on the show. No, Mike. He’s out hunting that weekend to spend time with family. Sammie will be on the show on the 27th.

And then the third of December is the big Anniversary Show the big 10 Year Anniversary Show, I got to get cracking on that thing. And, and so we’ve got a ton of stuff coming up. You might just want to join us live for both of those the 27th which is a Friday, not a Thursday, that’s Black Friday, which means Black Friday is gonna be different. A lot of stores are going to be closed on Thanksgiving this year. And so like

Mike Wieger  [55:35] 
I had to go online

Jim Collison  [55:38] 
Yeah, no, they can’t go back to the even the old ways where it used to be remember Friday morning at four in the first it was at six then it was at five then four, and then midnight.

Mike Wieger  [55:48] 
No way they’re gonna be running anywhere close to the same.

Jim Collison  [55:51] 
And it’s too cold at least up here to too cold to try and do that stuff outside. And I know that I think the the store that gets the most creative will be the winner.

Mike Wieger  [55:59] 
I have a quick safety tip too. For everyone out there. You guys are all big. I was gonna mention this earlier. I totally forgot for all you tech guys out there. Call before you dig is actually really, really important. I learned that I was burying a ground rod for my ham radio. And luckily I did just I was like I just thought it on like it’s it’s just a ground rod like I’m not digging rabbit burying a ground rod. But I’m doing it what made me think about it was I was over where my ham radio antenna exits the house and goes up onto my roof is wrapped by all my utilities. I’m like, You know what? I might as well have them call. I know it goes out towards the front of my house towards the circle. Well, no, it doesn’t. So I was going to go to the right where I was like, Okay, I’m going towards the back of my house, all my utilities run to the front of the house. So I’m really glad they came out and they painted and sure enough, they actually go to the back the street behind my house, not to the front. So I would have been driving an eight foot ground rod right through my oppd oppd. There’s no power right through the main line and that we’ve been extremely bad. So a literally saved my life. I didn’t I was like, you know, do I really need to call them super glad I did. Those lines do not run where you think you do. So a lot of you guys have been in your house for years. And you know, at this point, I had never had to do anything with my utility line. So I first time I’ve done it. Really glad it did. We might as well call them you know, right? It’s free.

Jim Collison  [57:13] 
That would have given supercharging a whole new

Mike Wieger  [57:17] 
a whole new work other debts by Ham Radio.

Jim Collison  [57:21] 
By the way, Joe says glad we like it. Don’t have to wait for the show to drink it. But we will Joe that’s what, like. You know, we could take them. I mean, I’m gonna drink those Oktoberfest this week. But I save one.

Mike Wieger  [57:35] 
Try the Oktoberfest or like I try that one. Yeah, yeah. You can we will save one of each for the next three weeks that we talked about the different ones

Jim Collison  [57:43] 
and the safe one for the shows we get. We got from coming up. So but So Joe, that’s what we want to do, though. Yeah, that’s what we want. We want to save him. Dave says he’s looking forward to it. It’s looking forward to joining us on the third of December day. Thanks for coming out tonight as well.

Um, one reminder, I had to move the meet up me at the October meetup is now step two of not September, that would be the wrong month, November that beer is really started. At this point would be November 7. That’s the first Saturday in November or a week from this Saturday. So if you can join me on that, hopefully while you’re listening to this, you’re listening to it during the week. If you’re not live, and we’ll get together, I’ll be sending out another reminder this weekend and then one midweek for you guys just to do it. My grill is all fixed. Everything’s ready to go. We talked about that last week, so we’ll be doing it live. Hopefully we’ll get some good weather for it. Mike will miss Yeah, we’ll do it again. We’ll do it now for sure. So we’ll get out there but I need to get it in otherwise, it’s gonna get too cold. Yeah,

Mike Wieger  [58:41] 
no, you guys have fun. I’m really sad to miss. I might hop in from down I just won’t have I won’t be able to grill from there. But I might hop in. If I can. Can you take a little Weber a little Do you have a little portable grill and you have a tailgate grill?

Yeah, I mean, just I mean he has he has like a barbecue grill. He has like a regular grill grill. He doesn’t have a smoker. Oh, you could still grow something. Some big trade zone. Yeah, we’ll see if I can sneak in

Jim Collison  [59:07] 
and don’t forget we’re gonna have a candle meetup you have to be I can’t say it on the show cuz I don’t want to get C I G A R is what that stands for. Right when we say candle. But YouTube’s getting a little weird about that the T word and so we’re not saying it. We’re not saying it on the show anymore, but there will be a candle me sounds so stupid.

Oh my god, I can’t

Mike Wieger  [59:33] 
go to bed bath and beyond before and load up on your favorite candles.

Jim Collison  [59:36] 
That’s right. Get get your Cubans your Cuban I

Mike Wieger  [59:39] 
want one person to show up with a real candle

Jim Collison  [59:42] 
3pm on 3pm on Saturday if you want to join 3pm Central on Saturday if you want to join us for the candle. The candle lighting Saturday. No next Saturday with it’s going to be during the Meet MEAT gadot game. So 3pm so just join us for that as well. There’ll be a link in the show notes. For the last couple shows, there’s been a link in the show notes. I just don’t want it to go public because I don’t want some Yahoo. I just only want listeners joining us for that thing. So go to the show notes. Find the link it’s right in the very beginning, find the link to the

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we are live every Thursday at 8pm Central nine Eastern out here the average guy TV tv live I have no idea what Wieger is going to sell me in the post show so you he might I don’t know he’s gonna have me buy it’s quite possible I buy something else I bought my phone last week so when Thank you Ham Radio.

Mike Wieger  [1:01:10] 
That’s very I got a shed I need Can you can I get a ham radio that’s like a heater. So that would be both a heater and a ham radio

who wasn’t someone had a great suggestion just you know go put a computer in there and do folding at home and just you’re floating at home or mining and then you got your heat out there built in.

Jim Collison  [1:01:25] 
I could move all my computers out there but then I need to really get dedicated power so that means I need to trench it while I’m trading then while I’m trenching it’s like okay, well do I run internet out there then I certainly I run power and internet together right? Yeah. Well then I probably run a gas put a little furnace in my shed.

Mike Wieger  [1:01:46] 
Well he said shut up it

Jim Collison  [1:01:47] 
gets carried away. Let me just let’s just put it that you need a new project Jim. No, I don’t I need I don’t need a new project like I need a hole in the head. We are live every Thursday 8pm Central nine Eastern out here http://TheAverageGuy.TV/live. stay around for a little bit of the post show, but that will say goodbye everybody

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