Erin Lawrence with a Robot Vacuum Cleaner Showdown and What is the Right Monitor for You – HGG534

Erin Lawrence from is back this week and we start with a review no-go. Erin recently purchase a $2000 espresso machine that had issues right out of the gate. It’s not the problem you think it might be! We also look at two new robot vacuum cleaners and Erin reviews them head to head. We have looked at many vacs on Home Gadget Geeks, you might be surprised on how far they have come. We talk some out monitor size and does it really matter what kind or style of monitor you purchase these days? Erin says it does! She has a few things to say. We wrap it with a quick discussion about the Amazon 15″ Echo Show and some new “Open” earbuds from Sony. Are they both worth the look? All that and more on this week’s Home Gadget Geeks. Thanks for listening.

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From Erin:

The $2,200 espresso machine I bought never made me ONE cup of coffee! And they couldn’t help me… (Miele)


The two biggest Robot Vacuums that have launched this year:

Roborock S7 Max V Ultra with auto Empty Wash Fill station (vacuum, mop, and auto cleanup):

And ECOVACS DEEBOT X1 OMNI (vacuum, mop and auto cleanup):

And my head-to-head comparison of them both is being published later today on the blog.


I tried “Open” earbuds… what the heck is that and why it will help you sleep better: (Sony Link Buds)


They keep making smart speakers/Assistants bigger: is the 15” TV-sized Amazon Echo Show 15 worth it… and is a TV next??



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