Bob and Ryan from with Thoughts on a New PC Build for Jim – HGG547

Bob Buskirk and Ryan Kerschner from join me this week to talk about a new PC build that Jim is putting together. We chat about Intel vs AMD, what kind of Motherboard to go with, Memory, Hard Drives, Power Supplies and finish with an extended segment on GPUs. There is a breakdown of the conversation with timestamps farther down in the show notes.

You can follow along with the build at

Thanks for listening.

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Show Segments

What do you look for in a new processor? [6:47]
Overclocking vs. Cooling. [9:17]
What is the fastest memory that’s available from a consumer standpoint? [11:14]
Is it too much of an overkill to max a board out at 128? [14:58]
What do you want from a hard drive perspective? [15:43]
What is a 2.5 or 10 gig ethernet connection? [21:38]
Is it cheaper for me to buy a board that has two DIMM2 slots instead of four? [22:42]
Fractal Case #1 – Defined Series. [28:39]
Power supplies and power adapters. [33:13]
Most of the chips on the memory are made by two to three companies and all the brands typically use them. [39:03]
When you get a GPU in your game, what are you looking for? [40:23]
Don’t count Nvidia out. [43:24]
What’s the right memory amount on those cards? [48:02]
What’s going to teach me a little bit about power requirements for the 40 Series? [51:13]
How much does the 3060 Ti cost? [56:26]
What’s the difference in price between the 3080 and 3080TI? [1:01:21]
What’s coming up on the site at [1:09:58]


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