Phil Collison talks Cherry Bounce with Whiskey, Turkey Temp Duel and Wood Splitting Tools Gone Wrong – HGG553

Sammie was out sick tonight, so my oldest Phil joins me. We start the show with some talk about some cherry-infused whiskey that we made back in June and drank over Thanksgiving celebrations. We also look at 5 or 6 bourbons that you can try or give as gifts for under $50. On Thursday I put the Weber iGrill up against the Meater Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer while cooking two turkeys on Thursday and I have some thoughts about both. I also have been splitting a lot of wood lately and we talk about some of the tools that might make that process a little easier. We end the show with a quick update on the PC/VR build. More next week with Mike Wieger. Thanks for listening.

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5 (or 8) Whiskeys Under $50 to get you started or give as gifts

Maker’s Mark Bourbon –

1792 –

Tin Cup –

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year –

Wild Turkey 101 –

Coopers’ Craft 100 –

Old Forester 100 / 1910 / 1920 –

Jefferson’s –

Show Segments
What is Cherry Bounce? [3:11]
The tartness of the cherries and the added sugar.[8:19]
What’s becoming super popular is the barrel to barrel picks. [13:00]
Maker’s Mark Cask Strength. [18:10]
Wild Turkey Distilleries. [23:47]
The importance of keeping an open mind when drinking whiskey. [29:06]
How we cooked a turkey in the smoker. [38:55]
Splitting wood. [46:22]
Duct tape fix for the gloves. [50:13]


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