Marv Bee with Synology Storage Install and Car Infotainment Satisfaction Dropping – HGG578

Marv Bee joins me this week and we catch up with him and the latest on the IT Business Podcast. We spend a few minutes at the beginning of the show talking about smart grills and outdoor cooking. We then talk about some new, rack mounted Synology servers that Marv is installing for a client on site. They are a beast! Link below. Then we discuss the insanity that has become car navigation and entertainment centers. For this first time in 28 years, people are not satisfied with the technology. Thanks for listening! Links and show notes below.


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Show Segments:
What’s the status of the It Business Podcast? ([1:33])
Efficiency Firepits and Smart Grills. ([10:29])
Looking for a new grill for the firepit. ([18:03])
What do you find most convenient about Synology? ([22:02])
What’s your opinion on Unraid vs. Synology? ([27:56])
Why you need to be thinking for your clients even if they’re not ready. ([37:48])
How long does it take to back up a physical server? ([42:53])
How long are these pictures really going to be around? ([48:14])
Live in the moment is not just a digital problem. ([56:09])
How long can we sustain this craziness in car entertainment systems? ([1:00:44])


Synology SA3610 –

People are getting fed up with all the useless tech in their cars


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