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Bob and Ryan from are joining me, and we’re going to discuss the economic outlook for 2024 and how it might impact tech purchases. We’ll also dedicate some time to talking about the leaked Intel 14th Gen chips and what’s on the horizon. Additionally, we’ll share our thoughts on what ASUS might do now that they own the NUC. Finally, we’ll wrap up with a closer look at the new Mountain DisplayPad and engage in some conversation about Case Mod Friday. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to their podcast at Thanks for listening.

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #586 of Home Gadget Geeks, brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Show Segments:

Tech podcasts, Black Friday deals, and economic trends. ([0:00])

Jim Collison and Bob Buskirk discuss their podcast, Home Gadget Geeks, and the latest gadget news.

Bob and Ryan from thing join the conversation, sharing their insights and updates on their podcast.

Bob Buskirk and Ryan Kerschner discussed the current state of the tech industry, including the lack of exciting new hardware launches and the affordability of hardware compared to two years ago.

Bob Buskier and Ryan Kerschner also discussed the potential challenges of a global recession in 2024 and how it could impact consumer spending on tech products.

Tech companies playing it safe with product releases during economic uncertainty. ([5:17])

Bob Buskirk notes a lack of innovation in the tech industry, particularly in the GPU and CPU spaces, with companies playing it safe and releasing products at specific price points without much deviation.

Potential economic challenges and consumer spending habits. ([6:47])

Jim and Bob discuss the potential for a financial crisis in 2024, with $4 trillion in student loan debt and credit card balances set to increase.

Ryan Kerschner is considering cutting back on non-essential purchases due to financial concerns.

Jim Collison and Bob Buskirk are hesitant to upgrade their phones, with Jim mentioning he’s happy with his current 12 and Bob receiving a trade-in value of $800 for his 12 Pro.

Tech deals and upgrades in the face of economic uncertainty. ([11:20])

Amazon and retailers may see a trend of less spending this holiday season.

Collison and Buskirk discuss phone upgrades, trade-ins, and recession preparation.

Jim Collison discusses upgrading his wife’s laptop to a Dell Core i7, considering 16 or 32 GB of RAM.

Intel Core i9 14th Gen processors and AMD’s response. ([16:24])

Bob Buskirk and Jim Collison discuss upcoming Intel Core i5, i7, and i9 processors with improved efficiency and speed, expected to release later this month.

AMD has not released much information on their next-generation Ryzen processors, with leaks being the only indication of new products coming next year.

Laptop specs and deals. ([20:02])

Jim Collison was surprised by a good deal on a Dell laptop and didn’t spend much time researching it.

Bob Buskirk agreed that the price was good and highlighted the importance of processor and RAM for a general user.

Using Dell vs. third-party memory upgrades for better value. ([22:58])

Ryan Kerschner suggests avoiding third-party memory sellers due to potential quality and cost concerns.

Laptop upgrades and new releases. ([23:59])

Jim Collison and Bob Buskirk discuss the importance of upgrading laptop memory, particularly with newer laptops having soldered memory that can’t be upgraded.

Collison plans to replace his daughter’s laptop memory after a year to ensure optimal performance, while Buskirk advises against upgrading soldered memory.

Jim Collison and Ryan Kerschner discuss the upcoming release of Intel’s 14th Gen processors and their potential impact on desktop and laptop purchases.

Intel’s sale of its NUC business to Asus. ([28:11])

Bob Buskirk mentions that Dell has a buyback program for old laptops, which he has taken advantage of to purchase older models at a good price.

Jim Collison wonders if Asus will be a good steward of the Intel Noc brand, given Intel’s financial struggles and shareholder pressure to sell off unprofitable arms of their business.

Bob Buskirk and Jim Collison discuss Asus’ acquisition of the NOC (Nuvoton) brand, with potential implications for the enthusiast market and business settings.

Ryan Kerschner agrees that the Acer branding could make the NOC more appealing to consumers, and Intel Knock could be a useful utility.

Potential partnership between Asus and Nvidia. ([34:17])

Asus may have been a potential partner for Nvidia’s GPU technology, according to Ryan Kerschner.

Intel graphics cards and their performance. ([36:11])

Intel released a low-cost graphics card for desktops, sparking competition in the market.

AMD graphics card for monitor use. ([38:12])

AMD Radeon 5600 XT is a good option for running 2-3 monitors without graphics integration, with 4GB of memory and advanced video encoding capabilities.

Graphics card trade-ins and used card market. ([39:52])

Buying used graphics cards vs. new ones. ([45:26])

Bob suggests buying a new graphics card for a significant savings of $600 or more.

Buying refurbished vs. new hardware for a home server. ([46:45])

Refurbished or reconditioned parts may be acceptable for non-primary builds, but brand new components are preferred for daily use and reliability.

Buying used tech products and a review of a macro pad device. ([48:17])

Jim Collison and Bob Buskirk discuss the potential for profit in buying and selling used tech products, with Collison expressing skepticism and Buskirk sharing his experience with successfully flipping items.

Collison and Buskirk also touch on the idea of AOL’s impact on the used computer market and the potential for saving money by buying used tech products.

Bob Buskirk demonstrates a display pad and macro pad, gadgets that allow for quick launching of programs and customization of keystrokes.

Bob explains how the macro pad is a keyboard with mechanical switches that can be programmed to perform various actions.

Keyboard shortcuts and macros for streamers and content creators. ([53:04])

Bob Buskirk and Ryan Kerschner discuss the ease of use and features of their custom keyboard setups, with Bob preferring the Mountain Computing keyboards and Ryan using the Elgato Stream Deck.

Jim Collison and Ryan Kerschner discuss the Elgato Stream Deck, a device that allows users to customize and automate their streaming setup.

Bob Buskirk reviews the Stream Deck and finds it satisfying to use, with cool animations and easy access to frequently used functions.

Stream deck software for automation and productivity. ([57:11])

Mountain’s software is easy to use for basic functions, but can be overwhelming for beginners.

Collison and Buskirk discuss the benefits of stream deck for automating repetitive tasks, including increased efficiency and engagement.

Using macro pads for repetitive tasks. ([1:00:18])

Bob Buskirk and Jim Collison discuss the benefits of using the Elgato Stream Deck for automating repetitive tasks.

Home automation and computer hardware. ([1:02:06])

Elgato’s Stream Deck is a popular option for customizable keypad controls, with integrations with popular software and hardware.

Third-party developers create custom plugins and integrations for the Stream Deck, offering more options for automation and control.

Bob is excited about upcoming CPU reviews and new motherboard launches from various companies.

Bob Buskirk and Jim Collison discuss the popularity of case modding and how it’s a great time to build a new system due to the lack of upcoming hardware releases.

Case mod Friday is a weekly feature on the site where they showcase custom PC case mods, and they’ve been doing it for at least five years.

Building and customizing PCs. ([1:08:24])

Ryan and Bob discuss their PC building experiences and the importance of showcasing custom builds for inspiration.

PC builds, dusting, and live streams. ([1:09:12])

Ryan Kerschner shares his favorite build, a simple and clean setup with custom watercooling and air-cooled graphics cards.

The group discusses the importance of cleaning PCs regularly, with Jim Collison joking about dust ruining the aesthetic of a build.

Bob Buskirk and Jim Collison discuss their podcast, Think Computers, and its Facebook group, where they post funny pictures and gaming-related content.

They also mention Ryan Kerschner, another member of the group, who is busy with work and family but still follows the podcast on Facebook.

Jim Collison invites Bob Buskirk to join him for some shows, but Bob declines.

Jim plans to have guests from Smart Rent and Detach, Reset Solar on the show to discuss using smart technologies for landlords and solar panel maintenance.


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