Erin Lawrence with Temu Exposed, Chromebook Plus Review, Pixel Watch 2 and Govee Lights – HGG591

This week we have Erin Lawrence from I’ve got the inside scoop on her Temu experiment—providing a comprehensive update and addressing the burning question: Is Temu a scam? Join me as we explore the innovative Google Chromebook PLUS, a Chromebook in a league of its own with AI assistance, and the Google Pixel Watch 2, an irresistible timepiece that Erin will not give back. We’ll also dive into the festive world of Govee Curtain Lights and Floor Lamps—adding both fun and practicality to your holiday setup. And if you’re in the market for a top-tier vacuum, discover Erin’s insights into the Ecovacs X2 OMNI, a bot-vac-mop that’s redefining cleaning standards.

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Show Segments

Tech gadgets and with Aaron Lawrence. ([0:00])

Jim Collison and Erin Lawrence discuss the latest tech gadgets and news on The Average Guy Network.

Ed Sullivan, a frequent guest, buys something every time Aaron Lawrence is on the show.

Erin Lawrence ordered identical gadgets from Te mu, including speakers and air pods, to test their quality and compare to authentic brands.

She found that the Temu speakers looked identical to JBL speakers, while the air pods were identical to Apple’s Air Pods, with the Te mu version even coming with a different brand name.

Erin Lawrence purchased ear pods and speakers from an online retailer, but found that they did not work as advertised.

The ear pods were unable to connect to any phone, and the speakers produced poor sound quality.

Alibaba’s quality control and product sourcing. ([8:08])

Jim Collison and Erin Lawrence discuss their experiences with Alibaba, a platform for buying and selling goods.

Collison expresses concerns about quality control and lack of recognition for brands, while Lawrence had a positive experience with a small order.

Jim Collison and Erin Lawrence discuss the pros and cons of purchasing tech products from Timo, including potential price differences between brands and the value of trying out different products for review.

Erin Lawrence’s audience suggests waiting a year before ordering more products from Timo to see if improvements are made, while Jim Collison suggests purchasing products from the same factory in the US or Canada.

Counterfeit tech products and data privacy concerns. ([12:44])

Jim and Erin discuss counterfeit headphones and speakers, with Jim mentioning that licensed products may have different branding but are still made in China.

Erin Lawrence receives unexpected emails and texts after sharing her address on a podcast.

Chromebooks and AI features. ([16:01])

Erin Lawrence discusses the improvements made to Chromebooks, particularly the Chromebook Plus, which has doubled the memory, speed, and processing power compared to previous models.

Lawrence notes that Google has been listening to consumer feedback and making changes to create a faster and more valuable machine while keeping the price low, making Chromebooks more appealing to prosumers.

Erin Lawrence demonstrates the Chromebook Plus’s AI capabilities, including photo editing and video calling enhancements, and notes that these features are available on Zoom and other platforms.

Jim Collison asks if the Chromebook Plus integrates with other video conferencing apps like Teams, and Erin Lawrence confirms that it works with Zoom and Google Meet.

Chromebooks’ hardware and software durability, subscription costs, and ecosystem compatibility. ([21:55])

Chromebooks may have a longer software update cycle than hardware lifespan, according to Erin Lawrence.

Adobe software on Chromebook Plus is cloud-based, not full-featured Photoshop.

Tech upgrades and features on Google Pixel 8 and iPhone 15. ([25:40])

Erin Lawrence and Jim Collison discuss their spouses’ tech purchases, with Jim feeling cheated that his wife bought a Pixel 8 without consulting him.

They also discuss the transfer of data from Android to iOS and vice versa, with limited options available.

Jim Collison and Erin Lawrence discuss the latest iPhone models and their upgrades, with Jim considering upgrading his iPhone 12 to the newest model but ultimately deciding to wait.

Erin Lawrence agrees that the upgrades feel incremental and wonders if the next model will be the truly exciting one worth waiting for.

Apple Watch battery life and Google Pixel watch features. ([31:17])

Erin Lawrence wears Google Pixel watch despite its iPhone compatibility issues.

Erin Lawrence likes the Pixel Watch for its design, comfort, and Fitbit integration, finding it to be a better option than her Apple Watch due to its longer battery life (28 hours vs. 8-10 hours).

Jim Collison is skeptical of the Pixel Watch’s battery life, feeling that it’s not a significant improvement over the Apple Watch’s battery life (despite the Pixel Watch lasting longer than the Apple Watch).

Smartwatch battery life and charging routines. ([35:42])

Erin Lawrence wants a watch that lasts a week, but is currently using a charging routine of 20 minutes in the morning.

Erin Lawrence believes small, powerful batteries are possible for smartwatches, but screen size and always-on displays may be limiting their potential.

Erin Lawrence finds the Apple Watch and Pixel Watch comfortable to wear to bed, even though some people might find it annoying.

Jim Collison prefers using a Fitbit for sleep tracking, as it’s better than the iPhone or Apple Watch, according to his experience.

Fitness trackers, emergency features, and battery life. ([41:41])

Erin finds blood oxygen monitor helpful during COVID, reassures husband with high readings.

Emergency features on Apple Watches can call emergency contacts or 911 after a certain time without user response.

Smartwatch battery life and alternative options. ([44:45])

Erin Lawrence expresses disappointment with the battery life of her Fitbit, desiring a watch that lasts a full week.

Jim and Erin discuss their experiences with smart home devices, including GoV sensors and lights.

Erin Lawrence reviews two Govi products: the Coviz Floor Lamp/Corner Lamp/Lira, and the Govi Curtain Light.

The Coviz Floor Lamp is a versatile light that can be used for various tasks, while the Govi Curtain Light is a unique and fun lighting option that can be hung in a window, wall, or doorway.

Halloween lights and their features. ([50:52])

Erin Lawrence demonstrates how to use the Lumina app to create custom light patterns on a blanket of lights, using a grid system to draw shapes and colors.

Jim Collison is impressed by the app’s ease of use and potential for creative expression, likening it to a “dot matrix kind of” experience with more color options.

The speaker, Erin Lawrence, discusses a Christmas light project that can be hung in a window or outside, despite being outdoor rated, the controller box should be kept indoors to protect it from weather.

The speaker, Jim Collison, shares his experience of hanging Christmas lights for the first time in 20 years, using a new approach of stapling them to the deck instead of the eaves, and jokes about going to Menards to get a tree to put in the flag.

Holiday lighting options and vacuum cleaner reviews. ([56:37])

Jim Collison is considering purchasing a flagpole holder and additional accessories for his home, possibly for a Christmas display.

Erin Lawrence recommends permanent outdoor lights, such as Goby, which are designed to be installed under the eaves or soffits and provide bright, reflective light for the whole house.

Erin Lawrence highlights recent advancements in robot floor cleaner technology, particularly the “freakishly good” performance of two models she recommends.

Jim Collison agrees, mentioning the improved mopping feature and the current phase of robot vacuum technology, which he believes is the best it’s been in the last 18 months to 2 years.

Erin Lawrence praises the Ecovacs D bought x two Omni for its strong suction power (1000 Pascals) and innovative features such as scrubbing mop and self-emptying tank.

Erin finds it to be her top pick among floor cleaners due to its effectiveness and ease of use, despite being pricier at $1499.

Robot vacuum cleaners and their capabilities. ([1:04:32])

Jim Collison and Erin Lawrence discuss the latest robot vacuum cleaner model, which has improved features such as voice localization and the ability to send it to specific areas of the house.

The robot can localize the user’s voice and come to clean the requested area, but it’s not perfect and can sometimes go to the wrong room.

IRobot’s Roomba vacuums are improving in their ability to handle dense carpet and pet accidents.

Robot vacuum reviews and preferences. ([1:08:41])

Jim Collison is considering purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner for his basement, preferring one in the $300-$500 range that can handle carpets and hard floors.

Erin Lawrence has been testing various robot vacuum cleaners and has found the iRobot s nine plus to be effective and efficient, with decent section and excellent navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Erin Lawrence discusses her experience reviewing robot vacuums, mentioning the challenges of maintaining fairness and balance in her reviews.

Jim Collison praises Erin’s video quality and support of the channel, finding her reviews enjoyable to watch.

Tech gadgets and deals during Black Friday. ([1:14:18])

Erin Lawrence recommends buying headphones and speakers during Black Friday sales, especially smart lights which are on sale quite often.

Erin Lawrence also suggests considering a robot vacuum if you have the budget, as it can be scheduled to do the job for you without needing to be used.

Erin Lawrence and Jim Collison discuss tech gadgets and AI, with Erin sharing her experience with the Ring doorbell and Jim mentioning a post on their site about using the ring doorbell for holiday songs.

Jim thanks Aaron for coming on the show and encourages listeners to check out Aaron’s post on using the ring doorbell for holiday songs.

Upcoming tech shows and a special guest. ([1:19:16])

Jim Collison mentions a special guest for the week of November 30th and reflects on 13 years of Home Gadget Geeks, marking a milestone.

Jim Collison reschedules Christian Myers for an update on Bit Wardens and LastPass in January, following a request from a listener.

Jim Collison discusses upcoming shows and thanks sponsors, including Christian.

John plans to grill an 18-pound turkey for Thanksgiving, with beef jerky on the smoker.


Is Temu a scam? I bought a bunch of tech from them to find out:

Google Chromebook PLUS – a new class of Chromebook with access to lots of AI help:

Google Pixel Watch 2

Govee Curtain Light and Govee Floor Lamps : FUN! (And useful for the holidays!)


Vacuums galore… I just reviewed the Ecovacs X2 OMNI, one of the most expensive bot-vac-mops out there, but I think it’s also the best. What have you learned?

And ahead pf the holidays, did you know you can get your Ring doorbell to play holiday sounds??? Gobble gobble! Jingle bells and waaaay more!

More from Chat GPT

In the ever-evolving landscape of online marketplaces, emerges as a noteworthy player, promising a diverse range of tech products and trends. As a tech enthusiast who values both innovation and authenticity, I embarked on a journey to explore and share my experiences, insights, and recommendations.

The Temu Experience:

Upon entering, I was greeted by a clean and user-friendly interface. The website boasts a modern design that reflects a commitment to a seamless user experience. The product categories were well-organized, ranging from gadgets and electronics to smart home devices and cutting-edge accessories.

Navigating through the site was a breeze, thanks to intuitive menus and an efficient search function. The product pages were informative, providing detailed specifications, customer reviews, and high-quality images. This attention to detail contributes to a positive first impression, suggesting a platform dedicated to transparency and customer satisfaction.

The Temu Product Lineup:

One of the standout features of is its diverse product lineup. From state-of-the-art gadgets to innovative smart home solutions, caters to a wide range of tech enthusiasts. I decided to put this to the test by exploring their selection of gadgets, intrigued by the promise of cutting-edge technology.

The variety of products on is impressive, featuring items that align with the latest tech trends. From smartwatches to home automation devices, appears to be a one-stop-shop for tech aficionados seeking both convenience and innovation.

The Temu Promise: Is it Legit?

As the podcast host of Home Gadget Geeks, my audience is accustomed to my thorough scrutiny of tech products. Naturally, I approached with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially considering the prevalence of online scams in the tech industry.

To address the elephant in the room: Is a scam? The answer, based on my experience, is a resounding no. I made several purchases, including the ones I highlighted in the latest podcast episode, and the transactions were smooth. The products arrived promptly, well-packaged, and in line with the specifications listed on the website.

However, it’s crucial to note that individual experiences may vary, and caution should always be exercised when dealing with online platforms. I recommend potential buyers to thoroughly research products, read customer reviews, and verify the legitimacy of the sellers on

Tech Highlights: Chromebooks, Pixel Watches, and More

Beyond the scrutiny of’s legitimacy, the podcast episode touched upon some exciting tech highlights, including the Google Chromebook PLUS and the Google Pixel Watch 2. These products showcase the platform’s commitment to offering the latest and most sought-after tech gadgets.

The Google Chromebook PLUS, a new class of Chromebook with access to AI help, left a lasting impression. Its seamless integration of artificial intelligence into daily tasks sets it apart in the competitive laptop market. As for the Google Pixel Watch 2, despite its limited compatibility with iPhones, its functionality and design make it a standout accessory for Android users.

Govee Gadgets: Adding Fun to Functionality

The Govee Curtain Lights and Floor Lamps, as featured in the podcast, bring a touch of festivity and practicality to the tech lineup. The dynamic lighting options and smart features make these gadgets not only enjoyable for holiday decorations but also functional additions to any smart home setup.

The Ecovacs X2 OMNI: Redefining Vacuum Standards

In the realm of vacuums, the Ecovacs X2 OMNI takes center stage. As one of the most expensive bot-vac-mops on the market, this device promises to redefine cleaning standards. My hands-on experience with the Ecovacs X2 OMNI revealed its efficiency and advanced features, making it a noteworthy investment for those seeking top-tier cleaning solutions.

Conclusion:, with its expansive product lineup and commitment to user experience, emerges as a credible platform for tech enthusiasts. While the legitimacy question has been answered positively based on my experience, it’s essential for users to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before making purchases.

As technology continues to advance, platforms like play a crucial role in providing access to the latest innovations. From gadgets and smartwatches to home automation devices, appears poised to meet the demands of the ever-evolving tech landscape. As always, stay informed, stay curious, and happy tech exploring!

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