Sammie Collison with Updates on the Bellevue Library, New Additions and Reading Recommendations for the Season – HGG592

In this week’s podcast, I had the Sammie Collison. We delved into the exciting developments surrounding her new role at the library, providing listeners with an update on various aspects. From the progress on the new building to the intriguing addition of a new fish tank, we covered it all. Moreover, Sammie shared insights into fresh meeting spaces and offered some compelling recommendations for seasonal reads. See the show notes for a curated list of Sammie’s recommendations. Additionally, I’m thrilled to announce that I recently established a new affiliate account at Amazon, ensuring that our audience can easily support the show with your Amazon purchase. Thanks for listening.

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Show Segments

Tech gadgets and library job experience with guest Sammy Collison. ([0:00])

Jim Collison welcomes Sammy Collison to the show, catching up on his new job at the library after their previous conversation in March.

Sammy shares his experience working at the library, discussing changes and updates since their last conversation.

Library renovation, technology updates, and pass changes. ([2:22])

Sammie Collison started as a circulation clerk at their local library 10 months ago and has since passed their performance evaluation with flying colors.

The library is moving to a new building in the next year, which will have a better layout and more amenities than their current building.

Jim and Sammie discuss the new library’s maker space, which will be custom-built for its current use.

The library will have self-checkout machines, which they are currently fundraising for.

Sammie Collison explains how the library’s leisure passes have changed from physical to digital, making it easier for patrons to reserve and use them.

Jim Collison asks questions and provides additional context, highlighting the challenges and improvements of the new system.

Library passes and new facilities. ([9:05])

Jim and Sammie discuss digital library passes for local attractions and meetups.

Jim and Sammie discuss the new library’s meeting rooms and study spaces, including individual and group rooms, and the benefits of having more space for patrons.

Sammie shares her experience using the library’s passes for the zoo and aquarium, and how the passes are a great way to encourage people to visit these destinations.

Library work, personal growth, and helping others. ([13:30])

Collison reflects on growth since starting job in March, feeling less ashamed of not knowing things.

Sammie Collison learned to embrace asking for help at work, which improved their self-esteem and ability to explain technical concepts to others.

Collison and colleagues provided multi-day support to a patron needing to withdraw money from a retirement account, demonstrating the community aspect of their library’s help desk.

Library programming and events. ([17:58])

Librarians in Bellevue, Nebraska discuss their work, including telescope kits and yoga classes.

Sammie Collison and Jim Collison discuss various programs and events happening at the library, including a stringed instrument from China, humanities talks, and school groups doing caroling.

They mention a program where a gal comes in to play a stringed instrument and teach children about solfege, and another program where Nebraska comes in to talk about history and connect it to current events.

Personal connections and community building at a library. ([21:58])

Jim and Sammie Collison discuss the benefits of in-person interactions at the library, including personal connections and intergenerational interactions.

They mention specific programs at the library, such as storytime and senior storytime, that promote social skills and community building.

Jim and Sammie discuss the importance of the fish tank at their new library branch, which will be four times larger than their current one.

Sammie explains that people love interacting with the fish tank and that it’s a calming experience, with negative ions and running water.

Library services and interlibrary loans. ([26:32])

Sammie Collison discusses waterfalls for brain relaxation, while Jim Collison shares experiences with fish tanks and library systems in the Omaha metro area.

Sammie Collison explains how interlibrary loans work, including the cost of $3 per item and the process of shipping books from other libraries.

Jim Collison expresses surprise at the cost of interlibrary loans and wonders if they should promote cravings boxes instead.

Sammie Collison relies on the Taco Bell app for ordering and customizing the cravings box, which can change frequently.

Jim Collison prefers to pick up orders himself rather than paying for delivery or tipping.

Sammie Collison’s delivery driver waved and smiled at Jim through the window before dropping off the food.

Taco Bell app, 3D printers in libraries, and movie streaming services. ([34:29])

Jim and Sammie discuss the Taco Bell app and its benefits, with Jim suggesting they go out for Taco Bell after the show.

Sammie suggests encouraging the library to get a 3D printer by donating one and gathering support from others who want one.

Jim and Sammie discuss the benefits of donating items to the library, including specialty cake pans and puzzles, and how some people prefer to use their library card for digital books and movies.

Sammie mentions that she prefers to check out DVDs from the library and watch them on her laptop, rather than using streaming services, and Jim agrees that there are too many movies available on streaming platforms.

Library operations, book donations, and volunteering. ([39:27])

Jim and Sammie discuss ways to donate books to the library, including teaming up with retired engineers to create a 3D printer donation program.

Sammie explains that the library sells donated books in a book sale room, with proceeds going to the library, and that volunteers are essential for running the book sale and training people on library equipment.

Sammie Collison is looking forward to learning more about Dewey decimals and improving her ability to find books for patrons.

Sammie Collison wants to get better at recommending books faster and more accurately, as she is asked for book recommendations frequently.

Library resources, book recommendations, and Dracula daily. ([44:51])

Libraries offer free access to databases, language learning software, and craft kits with a library card.

Sammie Collison recommends reading “Dracula Daily” for a fun and unexpectedly hilarious take on the classic novel.

Sammie also suggests “Cersei” by Madeline Miller for a fresh take on mythology without feeling dry or like reading the Iliad.

Genealogy, language learning, and craft kits. ([48:42])

Jim Collison is cautious about Icarus, mentioning language learning resources like Rosetta and Duolingo.

Sammie Collison recommends craft kits for various ages, including a hobbit door-themed wreath made with a laser cutter.

Sammie Collison shares a family history story about an ancestor who jumped ship in Monterey, California and married a Native American woman.

Sammie also talks about a new water cup he got called a “brew mate” that seals when you drink from it and doesn’t leak.

Amazon affiliate links and Black Friday deals. ([54:10])

Sammie Collison mentions a product called “brew mate” that keeps drinks cold, and Jim Collison mentions that he will include a link to it in the show notes for their podcast.

Jim Collison also mentions that he has restarted his Amazon affiliate relationship and will include affiliate links in some of his posts again, starting with the Brumate product.

Jim and Sammie are over Black Friday, finding most deals to be unimpressive and overhyped.

Sammie only made a few low-stakes purchases, such as a tape measure and sewing machine needles, during Black Tuesday.

Black Friday deals and subscription services. ([58:52])

Black Friday ads are still prominent, but specials may not be as special.

Jim and Sammie discuss subscription deals and discounts, with Jim sharing his recent cigar purchase and Sammie highlighting the importance of finding deals on things you already need.

Jim thanks the chat room for listening and Sammie for coming on the show, with Jim mentioning upcoming shows and surgery.

Jim and Sammie discuss upcoming guests on their podcast, including Mike Wieger and TJ from

More from Chat GPT

I asked Chat-GPT to make some marketing content for the library. Here is what I got:

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Nestled in the vibrant city of Bellevue, Nebraska, our library stands as a beacon of intellectual exploration and community connection. Whether you’re a lifelong learner, a voracious reader, or someone seeking a quiet haven for study and reflection, Bellevue Public Library has something extraordinary to offer.

?️ Explore Our State-of-the-Art Facilities

Step into a space designed for innovation and inspiration. Our modern facilities boast cutting-edge technology, comfortable reading nooks, and dynamic meeting spaces. The library is not just a repository of books; it’s a dynamic hub where ideas flourish and connections are forged.

? Extensive Collection: Immerse yourself in our vast collection of books spanning various genres and topics. From classic literature to the latest bestsellers, we have something for every reading taste.

? Tech Hub: Stay ahead in the digital age with our tech resources. Access high-speed internet, engage with e-books, and participate in workshops to enhance your digital skills.

? Community Events: Be part of our thriving community. Join book clubs, attend author talks, and participate in events that celebrate the diversity of knowledge and interests.

? A Space for Everyone

Bellevue Public Library is more than just a building with books; it’s a welcoming space for all. Whether you’re a student, professional, parent, or simply an avid learner, we have tailored resources and programs to cater to your needs.

? Children’s Corner: Fostering a love for reading starts early. Our dedicated children’s section provides a safe and exciting environment for young minds to explore the magic of storytelling.

?‍? Study Spaces: Need a quiet place to study or work? Our library offers a range of study areas equipped with the essentials for a productive session.

? Online Resources: Can’t make it to the library? No problem! Explore our extensive online resources, including e-books, audiobooks, and virtual events, bringing the library experience to your fingertips.

? Enrich Your Mind, Enrich Your Community

Bellevue Public Library is not just a place for personal growth; it’s a cornerstone of community development. By supporting the library, you contribute to a thriving community where knowledge is valued, shared, and celebrated.

? Volunteer Opportunities: Get involved and give back! Explore volunteer opportunities that allow you to contribute to the library’s success and make a positive impact on the community.

? Spread the Word: Help us grow our community of learners. Share your positive experiences, recommend books, and let your friends and family know about the incredible resources available at Bellevue Public Library.

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Embark on a journey of discovery at Bellevue Public Library. Whether you seek enlightenment, entertainment, or a sense of belonging, our doors are open, and our shelves are filled with endless possibilities.

Visit us today and be part of a community where knowledge knows no bounds. Bellevue Public Library—where curiosity meets community. ?✨

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