Titania Jordan from Bark Technologies with Digital Safety and Advanced Content Monitoring for All – HGG596

In the latest Home Gadget Geeks episode, I had the pleasure of hosting Titania Jordan the CPO (Chief Parent Officer) from Bark.us —a leading digital safety company. Titania delved into Bark’s cutting-edge solutions, discussing AI-driven content monitoring and advanced threat detection. This episode unveils the synergy of technology and security, offering a glimpse into digital safety’s future. Tune in for a tech-savvy discussion that matters! Thanks for listening!

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Parenting in a Tech World | Facebook

Show Segments

  • Protecting children online with bark.us.[0:00]
  • Parenting, tech, and marketing with a Chief Parenting Officer.[5:12]
    • Parenting expert and CMO at Barclays, bark helps keep kids safer online.
  • Protecting children online with AI-powered monitoring and filtering.[7:13]
    • Bark offers a smartphone and home device to detect and alert parents of problematic content and people, with over 40 categories of detection.
    • Titania discusses the importance of parental controls in protecting children and adults from online threats, including pornography and phishing schemes.
    • Titania highlights the misinformation surrounding internet safety, including the assumption that internet service providers offer built-in parental controls and the incorrect belief that the internet is inherently safe.
  • Parental control software for internet access.[12:17]
    • Jim Collison and Titania discuss a parental control app called Bark that provides real-time monitoring and filtering of internet activity for children’s devices.
    • Bark’s dashboard allows parents to set custom schedules, block access to specific apps and websites, and receive reports on their child’s online activity.
    • Titania mentions that the service they use is going to expire and suggests paying $6/month or $79 for a one-time fee.
    • Titania and Jim Collison discuss the importance of setting schedules and checking logs to ensure safety and protection for children online.
  • Smartphone safety for kids and parental controls.[18:16]
    • Bark offers a smartphone designed for kids, with features to monitor and manage screen time, content, and safety.
    • The Bark app can be used on existing phones for existing users, providing a subscription service to protect kids’ phones.
    • The bark app is more comprehensive than the bark phone for monitoring social media and other apps, due to limitations in Apple’s parental controls and social media platforms’ lack of proactive alerts.
    • Parents need education and support to navigate the complex task of choosing the right tech setup for their child’s unique needs and strengths.
  • AI and digital parenting tools.[24:07]
    • Titania emphasizes the importance of support and education for parents using the company’s products, highlighting the value of their support team and the resources they provide, such as case studies and guides.
    • The company is leveraging AI to create personalized content for parents, such as customized guides and tutorials, and to provide insights into the nuances of parenting in a tech-driven world.
    • Jim Collison acknowledges the complexity of analyzing digital communication, particularly when dealing with bad actors who are constantly evolving their tactics.
    • Titania highlights the benefits of AI and machine learning algorithms in automating and improving the analysis process, allowing for faster and more accurate detection of potential threats.
  • Parental control app for child safety.[29:09]
    • Parents express gratitude for Bark’s alerts on child self-harm and predator detection, while also requesting education on platform limitations.
    • Jim Collison and Unknown Speaker discuss the importance of open conversations between parents and children, particularly in the digital age.
    • Titania emphasizes the need for parents to be proactive and communicate with their children about online safety, rather than relying on secret monitoring or naively trusting the entire world wide web.
  • AI-powered speech recognition for child safety.[34:34]
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the potential of AI-powered tools to detect and alert parents to potentially harmful online activities, such as escalating, predatory, and grooming situations.
    • Titania highlights the unique language nuances of children and adults, which AI algorithms can detect and use to identify potentially dangerous situations.
  • Protecting children’s mental health in the digital age.[37:13]
    • Jim Collison and Titania discuss the importance of protecting children from the negative effects of social media, including the potential for addiction and the loss of face-to-face interactions.
    • They also mention the potential for enterprise-level systems to provide protection and security for intellectual property and against phishing attacks.
    • Titania is excited about the potential to reverse the decline in children’s mental and physical health by leveraging collective knowledge and awareness.
    • The company’s origin story involves a personal experience that led to the creation of a solution to address the harms of social media on children.
  • Keeping kids safer online with AI-powered parenting tools.[41:57]
    • Brian Bhasin, a dad of two, left Twitter to start Bark Technologies to keep kids safer online and in real life using AI.
    • Tanya Jordan, Chief Parenting Officer at Bark, encourages parents to give themselves grace and advocate for change in the tech industry to ensure tools are safe for children.
    • Jordan invites listeners to join the parenting and tech world Facebook group to share their experiences and connect with other parents.
  • Parental control software and monitoring internet activity.[46:24]
    • Jim Collison discusses his experience with a monitoring program for his children’s internet use, mentioning its limitations and potential for renewal.
    • Titania offers to connect with Jim offline to discuss further and provide additional insights.
    • Jim Collison discusses his experience setting up a $6 network router and configuring it for his home network.
    • Jim notes that the router is easy to set up but requires ongoing maintenance to deal with alerts and updates.
  • Parental control app for teenagers’ online safety.[52:04]
    • Jim Collison shares his struggles with monitoring his teenage children’s online activities, wishing he had more conversations with them about it.
    • Collison recommends the bark phone, a device that helps parents monitor their child’s online activities, but acknowledges its limitations.
    • Jim Collison interviews Tony and Brian about using AI to detect and prevent self-harm and bullying among children.
    • Stats from Bark.us show 6.9 million children covered, 1.9 million severe self-harm situations detected, and 3.8 million severe bullying situations detected.
  • Tech, health, and industry with The Average Guy.[57:21]
    • Jim Collison invites listeners to send feedback, join the Facebook group, and support the show on Amazon.
    • Ken reminisces about the old days of Home Tech and Home Gadget Geeks, and encourages listeners to join the Patreon team and discord group.
    • Jim Collison is recovering from an illness and is getting back into shape, with plans to join a podcast next week.
    • Tony Rayner will join the podcast in February, and Jim will share a funny story about Twitter on Saturday morning.
  • Jim Collison welcomes listeners to Home Gadget Geeks show #596 with guest Titania Jordan from bark.
  • Jim shares his experience of having a white Christmas in Nebraska and encourages listeners to check out the show notes and Patreon page for more content.
  • Titania Jordan is the Chief Parent Officer at https://bark.us in, where she oversees the company’s parental control products.
  • Jim Collison interviews Titania about her background and the role of Chief Parent Officer, discussing how she got the job and its unique nature.

More from Chat GPT

Here are some key aspects of Bark, based on my last update:

  1. Monitoring Social Media and Online Platforms:
    • Bark is known for its ability to monitor various social media platforms, messaging apps, and other online spaces where children may interact.
  2. Alerts for Potential Issues:
    • The platform uses advanced algorithms to analyze online interactions for signs of potential issues such as cyberbullying, explicit content, or indications of self-harm.
  3. Parental Controls:
    • Bark provides parents with tools to set up controls for their children’s devices, helping manage screen time, restrict access to inappropriate content, and enforce other safety measures.
  4. Communication with Parents:
    • One of Bark’s notable features is its alert system that notifies parents when potentially concerning content or activities are detected. This helps parents stay informed about their children’s online behavior.
  5. User-Friendly Interface:
    • The service typically offers a user-friendly interface for parents to navigate and understand the insights provided by the monitoring system.
  6. Cross-Platform Compatibility:
    • Bark is often designed to work across various platforms and devices, ensuring comprehensive monitoring regardless of the device or application being used.
  7. Privacy and Security Measures:
    • The company generally emphasizes the importance of privacy and employs secure methods for monitoring without compromising the personal data of users.
  8. Education and Resources:
    • In addition to monitoring tools, Bark may offer educational resources and guidance for parents on topics related to online safety, digital citizenship, and responsible internet use.

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