Jeff Sieh with the Apple Vision Pro Hands on Review – HGG602

Jeff Sieh from and joins me this week as we get to know Jeff for the first time and spend some time talking about the new Apple Vision Pro. There’s lots of conversation, a hands-on review, and lots of commentary. Thanks for listening.

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #602 of Home Gadget Geeks, brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Show Segments

  • Tech, video editing, and podcasting with Jeff C.[0:00]
    • Jeff joins Home Gadget Geeks via Ask the Podcast Coach, where he discusses tech and Apple vision Pro.
    • Jeff’s podcast, Home Gadget Geeks, covers tech news, reviews, and product updates for the average tech guy.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss their experiences in the tech industry, including video editing, multimedia, and live streaming.
    • Jeff started a blog and live show on Google Plus, interviewing notable figures like Guy Kawasaki, and gained popularity in the Wild West of live video.
  • AI’s role in content creation and its potential to enhance creativity.[4:05]
    • Jeff started a blog and podcast as a joke, but it took off and led to them working for Social Media Examiner and creating their own show, Social Media News Live.
    • Jeff and Jim Collison discuss social media, creativity, and AI, and how it’s changing the way they approach their podcast and content creation.
    • Speaker 2 highlights the benefits of AI in automating tasks they don’t want to do, such as writing emails and social posts, and creating original images.
    • Jeff believes AI is still in the “trough of disillusionment” phase of the Gartner Hype Cycle, with people becoming increasingly skeptical of AI-generated content.
    • Jeff predicts more companies will turn to content creators who can produce high-quality, authentic content using AI, as it becomes easier to fake short-form content but harder to replicate long-form content with AI.
  • AI-generated content, VR, and trust in media.[9:19]
    • Jim and Jeff discuss the use of AI in content creation, with Collison expressing skepticism towards AI-generated content and speaker 2 sharing their experience of identifying AI-generated content.
    • Jim Collison and Jeff discuss the potential of AI and VR, with Jim questioning why VR has struggled to gain traction despite initial hype.
  • Apple’s new VR headset and its features.[12:46]
    • Jim Collison is interested in the Apple Vision Pro, but isn’t sure if it’s worth it for Generation X.
    • The speaker has had experience with VR and finds it fascinating, but believes it’s hard to explain its awesomeness until people try it on.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the Apple Watch and its features, particularly the camera and video capabilities, which they find impressive and potentially game-changing.
    • They also mention the high cost of the watch and how it may not be accessible to everyone, but for those who can afford it, it could be a valuable tool for reliving memories and experiencing immersive technology.
  • Apple Glasses and their features.[17:19]
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the cost and features of a new smartwatch, with Speaker 2 expressing concerns about its price and durability.
    • Jeff demonstrates how the smartwatch fits and functions, highlighting its face recognition technology and customizable bands.
    • Jeff discusses the Apple AirPods Pro, highlighting their spatial computing capabilities and high resolution display.
    • Jeff compares the AirPods Pro to previous augmented reality (AR) technology, such as Google Glass, and notes that the AirPods Pro offer a more immersive experience.
  • 3D TVs, Apple Vision Pro, and virtual reality.[21:53]
    • Jeff discusses their experience with 3D movies and glasses, mentioning the quality of the glasses they purchased from Apple.
    • The speaker discusses the immersive experience of watching movies in virtual reality with the ability to dial in different environments and interact with real-world objects.
    • The speaker highlights the unique feature of being able to have conversations with real-world people while fully immersed in virtual reality.
    • Jeff discusses the spatial audio and uncanny valley effects of the new Apple AirPods Pro, finding them impressive but not yet suitable for business settings.
    • Jeff mentions an app called Juno that works like YouTube, which they may use for watching live videos and sending them to others.
  • Video conferencing technology and avatars.[28:20]
    • Jim Collison and Jeff discuss the quality of audio and video on Zoom, with Speaker 2 praising the spatial audio and animations.
    • Speaker 2 expresses hope that Apple will improve their avatars and eye tracking technology in the future.
  • VR technology and its capabilities.[30:12]
    • Jeff discusses the Meta Quest headset, which uses infrared cameras to track the user’s hands and eyes, allowing for precise eye tracking and hand selection.
    • The headset has improved battery life, with two hours of use, and can be plugged in for longer use.
    • Jeff discusses the benefits of Windows Mixed Reality, including the ability to walk around and interact with virtual objects without feeling disconnected or losing focus.
    • Jeff also mentions that the technology can be used with a mouse and keyboard, allowing for more immersive experiences without the need for a boundary.
  • Apple Vision Pro and its features.[34:53]
    • Jeff shares their experience using the iPad Pro for work, finding it to be a productive tool with a large screen and virtual keyboard.
    • Jeff mentions the benefits of using the iPad Pro for those with limited space, such as living in an apartment, as it provides a portable and convenient alternative to a traditional computer screen.
    • Jeff discusses their experience with VR gaming and the importance of customization, mentioning they’ve watched a 4-hour movie in two shots and have gotten more used to the technology with time.
    • Jeff also mentions the potential for AI imagery to solve the Avatar problem, citing the ability to feed AI pictures of oneself and have it generate new images.
  • Virtual reality headsets and their capabilities.[39:40]
    • Jeff discusses the potential of augmented reality (AR) headsets for air travel, mentioning their ability to hold a huge video and stabilize it, as well as their eerie “eyesight” feature that tracks eye movement and blinks.
    • Jeff also shares their personal experience with the latest update of the AR headset, which they find gimmicky but could potentially improve the viewing experience for their wife.
    • Jeff expresses skepticism about the usefulness of the “eye cam” feature in the Medic Quest, questioning its purpose and functionality.
    • Jim Collison agrees, noting that the feature is more of a gimmick than a practical use case, and suggests that it may be the first thing to be cut in future versions.
  • Apple’s new VR headset and its features.[44:42]
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the new Apple AirPods Max, with Speaker 2 expressing mixed opinions on the product’s quality and potential impact on the market.
    • Jeff mentions the product’s spatial audio feature, which they find useful for watching movies, and notes that the AirPods Max have the potential to be a big hit or a flop.
    • Jeff discusses the potential of VR technology for fitness, mentioning the need for specialized hardware and apps ([46:56]-[47:16])
    • Jeff also shares their experience with a cheap VR headset and notes the limitations of current VR technology ([47:16]-[48:16])
  • VR headset comfort and functionality.[49:01]
    • Collison and speaker discuss the limitations of VR headsets, including comfort and visibility issues.
    • Jim Collison and Jeff discuss the idea of wearing a helmet with speakers and cameras to enhance spatial audio and vision during VR experiences.
    • Jeff shares that there are already plans online for 3D printing a double-layered version of the headband to enhance the VR experience further.
    • Jeff mentions that they have custom-fitted glasses with no light leakage around their nose, which they find valuable.
    • Jeff also expresses skepticism about the potential for augmented reality technology to become invasive or intrusive in everyday life.
  • Virtual reality technology and its potential uses.[54:57]
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the potential benefits of using a 40-inch monitor for productivity, including more screen real estate and the ability to have a virtual avatar represent them during conference calls.
    • Jim expresses interest in using such a monitor for podcast recording, with the ability to show his avatar in a good light, despite the challenges of lighting and camera angles.
    • Jeff is excited about the potential of VR technology, especially for watching movies and experiencing immersive content.
    • Jeff and Jim Collison discuss the possibility of VR becoming more mainstream and integrated into daily life, with potential applications beyond entertainment.
    • Jeff discusses the potential for augmented reality (AR) to replace traditional screens, citing the ability to project images and text on contexts and the loss of attention spans due to excessive screen time.
    • Jeff also mentions the appeal of AR for entertainment and productivity, but notes that people are already glued to their phones for longer periods of time, leading to concerns about attention spans and the impact of excessive screen time on society.
  • AR technology for learning and work.[1:02:09]
    • Jim Collison expresses a desire for a more tactile experience in virtual reality, suggesting that gloves with built-in controls could provide a better response.
    • Jeff agrees, noting that haptic feedback can be used to simulate the sensation of clicking or touching in VR, but acknowledges that it may not be the same as actual tactile feedback.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the potential of augmented reality (AR) in cars, with Speaker 2 expressing interest in using AR for learning and teaching.
    • Jeff mentions that the Meta Quest Pro has been moved to industrial platforms for education, government agencies, and other applications.
  • Apple VR headset features and limitations.[1:07:11]
    • Jeff suggests Apple could improve the Vision Pro by rethinking the band design, making it more affordable and user-friendly.
    • Jim Collison agrees, mentioning the high cost of replacing the band and expressing skepticism about Elon Musk’s vision implant technology.
    • Jim Collison and Speaker 2 discuss the cost of producing the Oculus Rift and the potential for it to become a “killer app” for VR technology.
    • Jeff expresses their enthusiasm for having the first version of the Oculus Rift, despite the high cost and limited availability of apps.
  • VR, AI, and their potential impact.[1:12:24]
    • Jim Collison and Jeff discuss the development of virtual reality (VR) technology and its potential for future advancements, including the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the user experience.
    • Jeff believes that VR has a lot of runway ahead, with AI being a key factor in its growth and development.
    • Jim Collison and Jeff Sieh discuss the potential of virtual reality (VR) for podcasting, with Jeff expressing interest in using VR for live shows and interviews.
    • Jeff also shares his upcoming podcast guests, including Mike Walton, and invites listeners to tune in on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms.
    • Jim Collison invites listeners to join the conversation on the Discord group and leave a message for the show.
    • Jeff is unsure of his schedule for the next show and encourages listeners to check out Aaron Lawrence’s upcoming podcast.

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