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GDPR – What You Need to Know, RSA Conference Recap and Crypto Mining Update – CF044

We’re back! This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim catch up on the avalanche of GDPR and separate fact from hype. We also take a dive into where we are with cryptocurrency security, weighing in on the recent Crypto Currency hack in South Korea and the overall maturity of the technology. We also relate… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Podcast Guest – Preparation Guide

In order to help guest coming on the podcast prepare for their appearance, make the experience as enjoyable as possible and ensure a quality podcast, we have prepared the following guide. (Special Thanks to Mike Howard from for assembling this list) Basic items you will need: ● The Webcam – webcam’s that are built into older laptops generally are not of the best quality, but newer ones are.  If you have an older laptop or PC, using a Logitec C920 is the best option.  Its best if the camera is place at an angle that is horizontal to your

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