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The Beta Show! Windows Live Essentials 2011, Skype, Blogger, WordPress, Dropbox – HT001

Welcome to the first ever Home Tech Podcast.  Brian Burgess and Christian Johnson join me, Jim Collison and special guest John Zajdler from the on a new podcast focused on Tech solutions for the Average Guy.  Got folks always asking you to help you with their new gadgets?  This is the podcast you want… Click for more / Podcast Player>

The Fitness Tech Podcast #1 Hints on Starting a Workout!

Jamie Eikmeier and Jim Collison talk in the first ever Fitness Tech Podcast on the Average Guy Network.  We talk about a recent article from the Gallup Management Journal on exercise, sleep and physical wellbeing.  Jamie gives some good tips on starting and maintaining a fitness program and what to eat to stay in top… Click for more / Podcast Player>

The Enterprise Tech Podcast #2 Oracle BI and Security

This week we meet with Shane James, Shad Syfert and Fred Richards, all from Oracle. We talk openly about what is hot in the Business Intelligence space as well as the security that needs to go around it. More info on Oracle products can be found at Listen Here Intro and Exit Music from “Motion” by Adelaide.  Hear more great tunes at

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