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#29 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Special Guest Ryan Feagan and More Bike Talk!

Jim and Jamie sat down with Ryan Feagan to cover his passion around biking.  Ryan shares with us how he got started with the sport as well as what it takes to keep him fueled and ready to ride.  It’s a great interview and one you will not want to miss!  You can follow Ryan… Click for more / Podcast Player>

The 50 Mile Trek! Oh, What Fun It Is To Ride…

The idea originally started as a 10 mile run followed by a 30 mile bike ride to help me celebrate the last day of my 40th year.  It was an idea that Ryan (my Gallup trainer) and I concocted one day after a really good work out.  Sounded good at the time! The half marathon that I completed the weekend before did a number on my left knee.  Running 10 miles didn’t seem like the best thing to do for it.  So we reduced the event to a short 50 mile ride instead.  (Needless to say, never been that far

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