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Greg Nichols and Chance Irvine from Proxibid.com talk Connecting People to Auctions, Anywhere! Infotec 2014

  Jim Collison is an employee of Gallup Inc. in Omaha Nebraska. Find out more about Gallup Careers at http://careers.gallup.com, and start your strengths journey at http://gallupstrengthscenter.com. These videos were created in partnership with AIM, Gallup and http://theAverageGuy.tv Tech departments get tossed some unexpected and unusual projects. For example, connect 20,000 people online and in-person to a one-of-a-kind auto auction in a Pierce, Nebraska soybean field. That was the challenge presented to Proxibid’s tech team. Learn from their experiences – the tech, project management and business aspects of what worked and what didn’t – to prepare for your next unforeseen

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