Greg Nichols and Chance Irvine from talk Connecting People to Auctions, Anywhere! Infotec 2014


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Tech departments get tossed some unexpected and unusual projects. For example, connect 20,000 people online and in-person to a one-of-a-kind auto auction in a Pierce, Nebraska soybean field. That was the challenge presented to Proxibid’s tech team. Learn from their experiences – the tech, project management and business aspects of what worked and what didn’t – to prepare for your next unforeseen project.

As Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Proxibid, Greg Nichols is responsible for establishing, maintaining and developing the Company’s technical vision, technical operations and all aspects of the company’s technology development. Greg plays an integral role in the Company’s strategic direction, research, development, and future growth with regards to technology products and services. In this role, Greg is responsible for establishing technical standards and ensuring adherence to them for development and company operations. He anticipates and reacts to technology changes to ensure the maintenance of Company leadership in the competitive landscape. Greg works with his team to bring new features and functionality to market to ensure Proxibid’s role as an industry leader. Prior to joining Proxibid, Greg served as Vice President of Software Development at CSG Systems and Vice President of Product Development at ACI Worldwide. He brings with him more than 20 years of continuous achievement in aligning cross-functional teams to effectively deliver to the company’s strategic objectives.

Chance Irvine is the Director of IT Operations and Infrastructure at Proxibid and has been working in technology since 1998 filling roles in IS and IT from developer to senior management in both commercial and military spaces. Throughout Chance’s career, he has built a solid reputation for developing and leading top quality and efficiency focused teams. Ensuring operational excellence for the full life-cycle of an application or system through diligent scope definition, testing, monitoring and root cause analysis philosophies and execution. Chance has a BS in Geography with a Minor in Computer Science from Northwest Missouri State University. Chance has been a member of the Northwest Missouri State Computer Science Professional Advisory Team for 12 years and is a Past President of the Nebraska IT Leadership Forum. He supports the Teammates Mentoring program as a Ralston Schools Teammates board member and former mentor for 5+ years. He is currently the Director of IT Operations and Infrastructure at Proxibid, Inc located, in Omaha Nebraska.

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