Dustin Tauer from Easel Solutions talk Choosing the Right JavaScript Framework for Web Development – Infotec 2014


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Choosing the right JavaScript framework can make front-end web application development easier and more efficient. Most frameworks help organize HTML, CSS, and JavaScript source code and provide APIs for templating, web services, URL routing, data binding, etc. In this session, you’ll learn what to look for when selecting a JavaScript framework for your web application and we’ll build a simple web application using AngularJS. This will help you understand how programming concepts like services, controllers, scope, and MVC architecture fit into front-end development.

Dustin is the VP of Training & Development at Easel Solutions. As an Adobe Master Instructor, he specializes in teaching the latest technologies around web, desktop, mobile and eLearning development. When Dustin isn’t in the classroom, he’s developing solutions for clients, writing certification exams, and presenting at events around the country.

Session Files – https://github.com/dtauer/infotec-2014

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