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Laptops, Microsoft Surface RT, Surface Pro, Lenovo Yoga, Laptop Drive Encryption, Leap Motion, VGo at NASA – HT117

Jim (@jcollison) is joined this week by Christian Johnson, Mike Howard from jpeg2RAW.com and Eddie Ramirez (@pceddienc) for Show 117. This show is part three of three in a series where we look at Laptops.  You can catch the first two at http://theaverageguy.tv/ht114 and http://theaverageguy.tv/ht115. Mike Howard joined me last week as we talked his Google+ Hangoutasaurus on show 116 – http://theaverageguy.tv/ht116 We also have a very popular topic on the VGo robotic telepresence solution for healthcare, education and the workplace.  Christian uses this device at NASA when he is working from home.  Go to minute 56 of either the

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Hangoutasaurus with Mike Howard from jpeg2RAW.com and Drobo Meetup Interviews in Omaha – HT116

Jim (@jcollison) is joined this week by Mike Howard from jpeg2RAW.com for Show 116.  Mike recently spent sometime working on his podcasting studio at home and created what he now calls a Hangoutasaurus for his weekly shows on photography.  Using 5 PCs, a mixer and a mic, Mike is able to broadcast and record his podcast in a very unique way.  You will be surprised to hear how he did it.  Have a listen. Jim was also able to spend time at the Cali Lewis / Drobo meet up in Omaha recently.  He recorded several interviews from that event and

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