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Kansas City Marathon 2009 Recap – That’s A Long Way to Go!

It’s a day later and I was able to get out of bed this morning, so things are good after completing the longest race of my life!  It was really the story of two races.  The first 16 miles and the last 10. I went into the race with about as much prep as I could handle.  I ran progressively longer runs each weekend as suggested and finished a 20 miles run just 3 weeks ago.  On Saturday morning, I felt ready and I felt good.  A 4 hour time didn’t seem impossible with the right things going my way. 

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KC Marathon – October 16th No Turning Back Now!

My trainer at Gallup, Ryan Wolf, posted his official entry into the Kansas City Marathon (to his Running with Ryan Blog) on Monday.  I had registered back in July, but couldn’t be out done by him.  Here is mine. Bib #: 1020    FULL MARATHON~Individual Entry – $80.00  Jim Collison  Gender: Male  Age On Race Day: 41  Mailing Address:    Bellevue, NE  68005-3337    US T-Shirt: Adult Extra LargeHave you run the KC Marathon previously?: NoIs this your first marathon?: YesHow many marathons have you completed?: 0Is this your first half marathon?: NoHow many half marathons have you completed?: 1Why are you running

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