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Mini Keyboards, Blockchain and Coin Mining Explained and Virtual Reality Headsets – HGG324

Dewain Robinson joins as we talk Bitcoin mining, the Blockchain and how to use both to upgrade and afford your tech purchasing habits. ¬† ¬†Show #324 of Home Gadget Geeks is brought to you by the Average Guy Network. The Show really starts - Mini Keyboard Review What has Dewain been up to? Dewain talks… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Ken Coulter from HDR Engineering talks Applications that Enable Interactive Design Decisions, Oculus Rift and Unity – Infotec 2014

  Jim Collison is an employee of Gallup Inc. in Omaha Nebraska. Find out more about Gallup Careers at http://careers.gallup.com, and start your strengths journey at http://gallupstrengthscenter.com. These videos were created in partnership with AIM, Gallup and http://theAverageGuy.tv Ken Coulter is the Interactive/ Visual Design Manager / Software and Systems Development at HDR in Omaha, Nebraska. HDR is currently utilizing gaming technology to provide clients a virtual representation of their finished hospital, data center, or to virtually fly around a bridge before design decisions are completed or construction has begun. Pertinent design details can be adjusted and reviewed, providing immediate

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