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Ken Coulter is the Interactive/ Visual Design Manager / Software and Systems Development at HDR in Omaha, Nebraska.

HDR is currently utilizing gaming technology to provide clients a virtual representation of their finished hospital, data center, or to virtually fly around a bridge before design decisions are completed or construction has begun. Pertinent design details can be adjusted and reviewed, providing immediate real-time updates that cannot be achieved with traditional, passively viewed animations. The gaming engine technology enables the software to be presented on multiple devices, including VR headsets like the Oculus Rift for a truly virtual experience.

In Ken’s session, attendees learned about real-time video game software development and how it compares to computer rendered image sequences that when combined in post-production become animations. They also learned how this technology is currently being used in architecture and engineering to work with clients at key points in the design process to make decisions and provide clients with intelligent, interactive models.


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