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Ask the Podcast Coach for Oct 11, 2014

This week on AtPC: Dave asks the question “What was one of the best presentations you’ve ever seen?”  Dave covers a few items that he is looking for when choosing a presentation for NMX and we have a discussion on Panels.  Jim commits to NOT submitting a presentation so Dave doesn’t have to make a difficult decision.  How do you build an audience when you don’t have a business?  We still continue to recommend http://meetup.com with it’s great SEO.  We have a discussion about Mixers.  Like money, while not required, they give you more options.  Addy was on Home Gadget

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Ask the Podcast Coach for Aug 9, 2014

This week on AtPC: Dave talks about troubleshooting your podcast as well as Skype issues with a Heil PR-40.  Dave talks some about Chit-chat at the beginning of your show as well as a callers question about Membership sites vs Patreon.  A caller asks the question, “Should I use Spreaker for RSS for iTunes?” and someone in chat asks the question, “How do you tell a friend to leave Blog Talk Radio?”  Stitcher has a new player that we cover and a caller asks how to get rid of a fan noise in a recording.  60 minutes of fun.  Listen

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