Ask the Podcast Coach for Oct 11, 2014

This week on AtPC: Dave asks the question “What was one of the best presentations you’ve ever seen?”  Dave covers a few items that he is looking for when choosing a presentation for NMX and we have a discussion on Panels.  Jim commits to NOT submitting a presentation so Dave doesn’t have to make a difficult decision.  How do you build an audience when you don’t have a business?  We still continue to recommend with it’s great SEO.  We have a discussion about Mixers.  Like money, while not required, they give you more options.  Addy was on Home Gadget Geeks

Dave also says that people shouldn’t have to hunt you down to find you. You can find me at  Soundcloud still finds away into the show.  Jim is going to be moving Gallup’s live feed from Spreaker to Mixlr in the coming weeks.  We rap up the show with a storage discussion.  One again, came up in the discussion as well as insuring that all your files are backed up.  You can find our interview of MediaFire at

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