Microsoft Finally Announces the Windows 7 Family Pack – $149

Window 7 Family Pack Giving into consumer pressure (my opinion), Microsoft announced on Friday, July 31st, that it was going to offer a 3 PC Family Pack for Window 7 Home Premium.

Priced at $149.99, the Family Pack would save the buyer $210 over three separate Home Premium Upgrades. The $50 per license price tag for Windows 7 is a 38% savings compared to the $80 per license that Microsoft charged for a two-license family pack for Vista back in 2007.

The family Pack should be available to preorder starting October 18th and in most retail outlets by the OS launch on October 22nd. 

I ordered 3 copies of Window 7 Home Premium when they were offering it for $50 last month.  Looks like I didn’t get screwed.  I was worried about that as rumors leaked early in July.  Good thinking Microsoft.

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