Home Server Show Shirt Makes its Way into the Lincoln Marathon – Kind of…

Lincoln Marathon

The day has come (well, its really tomorrow!) and I thought it would be fun to post some quick pictures and thoughts going into tomorrow’s race.  (Some local news on the race)

CIMG0097I headed down to Lincoln to meet with my trainer, Ryan Wolf and a bunch of others from Gallup to pick up race packets and take part in the Pasta-thon.  In case you have never done a race like this before, race packets usually contain timing chips, bib numbers, race instructions, the coveted T-shirt (interesting choice of colors this year) and marketing material.  This race also provided a bag to use with your number on it for items that you want to drop off before the race.  It was all very well organized.

A group of us from Gallup then headed down the Champions Club for the traditional pasta meal.  The food was actually quite good and it was all you can eat!  Yum!

CIMG0090 After dinner, we took a few pictures (notice the Home Server Show T-Shirt?) and I headed back to Omaha to rest for the night.  It’s an early wake up call for tomorrow (something like [3:45]?), meeting with the car pool at [4:45], Gallup picture at [6:30] and the race starts at [7:00].  If all goes well, and I mean extremely well, I’ll in the gates of Memorial Stadium (where the Huskers play) and finish at the 50 yard line by 11:00 am or so.  If they don’t go well, all bets are off.  The human body was only made to go 20 miles at a shot.  This is pushing it!CIMG0095

More tomorrow afternoon and some play by play on how the race went down.