Bellevue Runway Run Recap and Official Race Results: May 9, 2010

If waking up late (like 45 minutes before the race) because you sleep through your alarm, is a new formula for running fast, I’ll be late for every race (thanks for the phone call Sara and Michelle).  Despite cooler than normal temps and an early start (7:00 am), I had the race of my life today.  At one point I thought I was still in bed dreaming.  More on that in a second.

This Bellevue Runway run may be the best kept secret in Nebraska running.  This is the third year now for the event, and it is still only drawing a couple hundred people at best.  It should be thousands!  All the details are covered.  Packets are available days before the event to make the morning of a bit less crazy (great in my case!)  The Lied Center is open for runner early to get out of the cold.  The food was great!  Shirts were nice.  After race awards fantastic.  A DJ.  Plenty of bathrooms.  They had it all!  Nice job race director!  Can I register for next year yet?

The race takes place through an active Air Force Base.  That’s right, guys and gals with guns guarding stuff that blows other stuff up.  A good half mile of the race is also across a normally active runway, skid marks and everything.  If you are a military geek, this should be the race you don’t ever miss.  Even if you are not a runner, train next year like you are one so you can do this run!  Good stuff!  (Security was good too.  Runners were checked in and off the base with very little problems)

After the runway, you wind through the remainder of the base.  The old SAC headquarters, Generals row, the parade field and flag gate.  You really do get to see the best of it!  Like most courses in eastern Nebraska, it is mostly flat with gentle hits sprinkled here and there.  A real delight.

Now, as far as my time?  I even shocked myself.  7 miles – [53:13].  That’s a [7:36] average per mile!  Crazy.  I have never run that fast, ever.  For the record, here are the splits:


Guess I have lost any excuses to get that sub 42 minute 10K this summer.  I ran 49 at Eagle two weeks ago.  Guess I just need a fast start.

Next week is the Papillion Half Marathon.  This is another race that is in its third year and seems to be getting better as well.  A sub [1:50] finish would be awesome, baring any meltdowns.  Time…will tell!

BTW, there are still open slots if you want to run this weekend.

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