Nintendo Rolls Netflix Software Update to the Wii – The Disc is No Longer Needed

If you own a Nintendo Wii that had been collecting dust since the second week you bought it, now it the time to put it to good use.  The latest software upgrade for the Wii (did you know there are updates?) now allows you to install the Wii channel directly to the console and stream movies from Netflix just like you might have done from your XBOX 360 or PS3.  It’s not a blue-ray quality picture, but it’s easier than going to the video store or even RedBox! 

Go to your Wii menu, download and install the Netflix application from within the Wii Shop Channel, and follow the on screen instructions to connect your Wii to your Netflix account.  It’s that simple.

Have a Wii but don’t have a Netflix account?  Sign up for a free one at and try it out.  It will make a movie player out of the game console that you never use!